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Fluttershy plushies

So many Fluttershy.!
12 inch tall to the head.

If you want to see more process or behind the scenes, you can come here.… 
I will update frequently.

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These are adorable! What a cute head shape, especially from the front. She's charming!
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Thank you. I wish that the plushies are Attractive in every angle. ^^
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my goodness!! So much cuteness!! How many are there in that photo alone? :O really nicely crafted plushies ^^ 
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Thank you! There are ten Fluttershy plushies.
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yay!! :D they are amazing as always ^^ 
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Will you join BronyCon?
PlushieHut's avatar
Unfortunately no, I live in Canada and it is a little far away from me ;-;.  I do hope you have a great convention though! ^^ 
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Oh my. I never visit America. It is too far for me either. >w<
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Fluttershy Army: ASSEMBLE!!
SiamchuchusPlushies's avatar
The cute army rises!
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Fluttershy found the mirror pool. :P
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The Army Of Cute! 

May Royal Sisters help us all.
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*swipes one Fluttershy plush* I'm sure you won't miss one. *runs away with stolen Fluttershy plush*
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I mean...i already got one more couldn't hurt
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I want to scoop them all up in my arms. So cute omg.
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The Fluttershy army! 
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Nom, go unleash your adorable army upon the world. 
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