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Flutter Shy and Rainbow Dash

By nekokevin
What happen to them?

I choose one [link]
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"Gosh there is that time when I flew faster than I ever did before. You remember that? I realized that when you fly down gravity does all the hard work. And then you gotta do the harder way and I flew so fast that BOOM!"

"You hit the ground."

"But before that, though. Remember? There was an explosion!"

"I remember that .. the doctor said you hit your head really hard."
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rainbow dash started to get a mind grane from the hooded man being inside her head. she fell and then fluttershy caught rainbow as her brain adapted to having another voice in her mind
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What happened?

Lazy Dash is so lazy(HOW LAZY IS SHE?) that she started taking a nap in midair, and then Fluttershy had to save her from plummeting to her death.
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Dropped Dash. 0w0
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"Hang on, big sis! I've got you!"
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Dash has heard the Wonderbolts are breaking up and she has lost the will to live. :)
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That's made Fluttershy shocked.
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Did Rainbow Dash have too much Cider? Is Fluttershy the designated flyer?
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I think that Dash injured her wing, possible sprain, and Fluttershy is taking her back to her house to be treated.  Dash is obviously feeling pretty low right now!
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This is quite reasonable.
Low fly.
i tough it was Go to bed Dash your drunk
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Oh god i laughed so hard when i saw this.
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Its, just... HNNNNNNNNG!
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The morning after hangover may be what Rainbow Dash is suffering from
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I'm guessin Fluttershy's adorableness claims another victim.
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I get it!! RD is trying to help Fluttershy to not be afraid of flying. So she's either pretending to be lazy or something is wrong with her. She's done all of that to help Fluttershy with her 'issues' of flying.
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