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Derpy plush open mouth

Derpy plush 3 by nekokevin Derpy plush 4 by nekokevin one more Derpy by nekokevin Derpy plush making process Time-lapse photography by nekokevin

I had try this kind of lay down Derpy for many times since Sep 2016.
It is fimily done in Jan 2017. It was sell in 魔都 Brony Only. (Thanks  for "KLP" and "Yan Toy Design" assist foundry.)
Untitled by nekokevin
And it also will appear in BABSCon. I had send 11 plush to US. 
By the way. I am going to 
participate BABSCon.
I am so exciting because this is my first time go to USA.
And I will bring them too.
PC Luna TS plush by nekokevin
Will you go?
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The Mail Mare that can even deliver herself to your door.

I swear, if I ever open a postal box and Derpy pops out with that smile of hers, I could die smiling.

It could be the only bucket list you need.
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This reminds me of the "Ponies in a box" video on YouTube.

It's so cute and so is this Derpy plush!!!! >w<
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Awww! That is very cute! You make me want to make that video in the plush way. XD
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Hey, that'd be a good challenge to practice your skills! XD
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sooooooooo cute! Derpy Emote icon 
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So much adorbs /)>w<(\
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:o She's just perfect, I so have to comission you if I ever get the money.
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Thank you! Welcome!
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awwww sooo cute!
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Silly Derpy! Very cute.
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She looks so happy! Love it.
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