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Comic- Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle

What will Twilight Say? Leave you thought in comment.

If you want to see more process or behind the scenes, you can come here.… 
I will update frequently.
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I am getting Forgalorga vibes

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"Well...crud" immediately jumps to mind.
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:rofl: Poor Twilight! :thumbsup:
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"Errr..... are you planning to have some friendship lessons with your own clones?"
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The cutest comic :happybounce: :happybounce: La la la la 
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You're welcome! Pinkie Pie #3 
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What an adorable comic! Meow :3 Heart 
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In Soviet Equestria the spell casts you!

Whose plushies are these? The production quality is top notch
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Thank you. I made them.
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Really good plushies. Would recommend.
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Thank you. ^-^
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Plushies' comic? I think I didn't see one before xD

Also, so many Glimglams <3
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Twilight will say "'s pinkie pie and the lake all over again.....!?"
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Twilight : GREAT ! More students !
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Oh my god... i just want to hug them all ! Hug all of the glimmy ! <3
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So starlight wants to cast spells on herself? XD 
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