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Hello followers... and fellowers... or whoever still check my DA! XD 
How are you all? I hope fine!:bademoticon: 

I got busy a lot due to my work and IRL, however I didn't missed to practice and produce new arts, even if I have hard time sharing them around DA cause of the few time. But you can find them on my other socials like Tumblr and Twitter with my work in progress and the projects I work in! ;) 
For example, right now I'm working as assistant for the comic UNNATURAL (recently released by Image Comics) , made by the awesome Mirka Andolfo. It's an exciting experience even if, by now, I worked on this comic as assistant by 3 years, one for each volume! :3 (Kinda a veteran...?) 

I'm a lot into Boku no Hero Academia right now, mostly All Might I've to say, even if here you can see an Izuku wip I'm preparing to support Horikoshi sensei! So I'm always glad to talk with other fellow and polite fans of this show! 5 

A couple of things: I've finally open a Commission chart. So whoever is willing to ask for a commission is free to check it and see my prices. You're free to compose your own kind of commission by selecting what you would like it to be and describing it! :) 

Click the chart for a better view! :) 

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Left) I'll be waiting for new commissioners and commissions! F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Right)  
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Submitted on
July 20, 2018