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Hello followers... and fellowers... or whoever still check my DA! XD 
How are you all? I hope fine!:bademoticon: 

I got busy a lot due to my work and IRL, however I didn't missed to practice and produce new arts, even if I have hard time sharing them around DA cause of the few time. But you can find them on my other socials like Tumblr and Twitter with my work in progress and the projects I work in! ;) 
For example, right now I'm working as assistant for the comic UNNATURAL (recently released by Image Comics) , made by the awesome Mirka Andolfo. It's an exciting experience even if, by now, I worked on this comic as assistant by 3 years, one for each volume! :3 (Kinda a veteran...?) 

I'm a lot into Boku no Hero Academia right now, mostly All Might I've to say, even if here you can see an Izuku wip I'm preparing to support Horikoshi sensei! So I'm always glad to talk with other fellow and polite fans of this show! 5 

A couple of things: I've finally open a Commission chart. So whoever is willing to ask for a commission is free to check it and see my prices. You're free to compose your own kind of commission by selecting what you would like it to be and describing it! :) 

Click the chart for a better view! :) 

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Left) I'll be waiting for new commissioners and commissions! F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Right)  
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Hi everybody! :heart: rvmp 

I hope you're doing nice! It's time for a small update over here, mostly of changes in my socials and plans for the future! 

Don't worry, it's no big deal! This will also make clear some things to some of you (who kept asking for free artworks when I am not doing free arts requests  then for special  occasions:perplexed: ) and will give you also the chance to interact more with me and ask me questions!  :heart: rvmp 
Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2UMusic Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  
First of all I had a change of nickname Lets bounce, yo. , I'm using a new one that match my real life name and surname (SinG = part of surname + initial of my name). This way I might be recognized better for my works.
Don't get me wrong, I love the nickname I used for one decade, but it's time to move on; even because it's not easy to remind, neither professional.. so sooner or later I will change it also over here in DA! :) 

Tumblr Icon 
Another news, I opened a  tumblr dedicated wholly to my artworks!  I'll post there sometimes even some of my work in progress but I'll be glad to do also other artists' tumblr spotlights! So if you've a tumblr feel free to follow me over there and like and reshare my posts as much you like, if you have also something you want to ASK i might reply to you with a quick sketch depending on the question and if I have the time, the mood and the idea (be polite and nice and make an ASK doesn't mean having free art request, ok?)! :) 
You might have recognized but I'm doing recently plenty of pokèmon art, this isn't cause I choice to leave ponies and other stuffs aside, but I've decided for now to try improving myself doing artworks of mostly videogames, call it nostalgy or what.. 
This DOESN'T mean I will only draw them, I'll experiment all I feel is good for my improvement as artist.
For example: right now I'm doing both Overwatch and Pokemon arts but also 2 Marvel character ones! If you are curious to see the wips.. just follow my tumblr and fb page for further wips! :)

youtube Icon 
I have open a Youtube channel were I'll put some speedpaints here and there, however there is still one video only to watch so for now it's just no big news. But it exist and it will come to life as well! :) 

Last, but not for importance, my FB page! It gave me plenty of satisfaction until now and I'm so glad it's growing on.
I'm so sorry I had to be absent for a very long time, but as you know, real life issues might take you more time then you expect.
I'm about to finish the free art requests of the winners of the past mileston of 500+ likes to the page. (5 art requests from 5 different people)
Now the next milestone is planned to be 750 + likes! 
Reminding you that I'm ALWAYS open for COMMISSIONS (which are not free), if you want to get a chance to win a free art request from me, like and follow my facebook page! Once reached the milestone I'll start a new giveaway! So the more you are, the sooner it will be! 

Tips: I might open a Patreon account soon, so stay tuned! :) 
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Hi followers!

Would you like to get a chance winning one free art request from me?

I basically do only commissions but since my Facebook page reached 500+ likes, I'm doing a special giveaway!

Like my fb page and follow the following rules step by step and try to win 1 among 5 free art requests

I'll use a randomizer to pick the winners! Due date 06 November 2015. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This special Give Aways is only available for FACEBOOK.  So don't do the step by step rules in DA.
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Hi again!

Another live tutorial will be aired tonight on 21:30 italian hour (aka 1 and half hour since this post will be shared), you can look it live on Picarto! I'll make a chibi Vegeta art by 0!…

Unfortunately Picarto doesn't save the live, so if you miss the chance, you won't be able to see it late! :)

It will be voiceless but I'll answer you via chat! 

I wait you there!! 

** Edit** 

About to start! :) 
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Hello hello

I'm here to introduce the Equestria Elements Project, this is dedicated to the production of small gadgets and stuffs dedicated to the heroine of the saga that, as you can see, are pretty and appealing. I've in program to realize, for now, full ponies and a respective dedication to their elements. Of course it includes the princesses and the main 6.

All of them (small size) 

Equestria Elements serie  Princess Cadence  Love by Nekoi-Echizen  Equestria Elements serie - Princess Celestia - Sun by Nekoi-Echizen  Equestria Elements serie - Princess Luna - Moon by Nekoi-Echizen  Equestria Elements serie-Princess Twilight - Magic by Nekoi-Echizen  Equestria Elements serie - Rainbow Dash - Loyalty by Nekoi-Echizen

Work in Progress:

Available WIP on my FACEbook page

Available selling goodies on Red Bubble

Goodies samples


Edit 16/July/14:   So even the first of the elements of harmony is ready! With Rainbow Dash I proudly announce that the Red Bubble shop with various goodies with the Equestria Elements are available for selling! Check the shop to see which one you might like to have or wear! :)  Next pony is Fluttershy! 

Click "Like" to my FACEbook page for more WIP and works (even pony related of course)! If you're interested asking for commissions are always open (NOT FREE)!
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Facebook LOL Giveaway by Nekoi-Echizen
Sorry to be late on posting this but I started a Give Away in my FB page! It will finish on 31st January and one lucky of you will be able to pick the next champion + skin that I will draw! :) 

The most you are the more the prizes will be! So if you are interested I invite you to join! 
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Lil Kitsune - Name wip by Nekoi-Echizen
Hi guys, it's being a while! 
I was a bit on rage mood on in my past post, hopefully it worked for something.
By the way I'm way productive in this period but, sometimes, I skip my arts to move on (for work or commissions)
I'm frequently updating my Facebook page with sketches and WIP if you want to see them I invite you to like it! ;) Worry not! The page might seem mainly in italian but it's double language: EN + ITA! YAAY! So you can also lean my language someway if you want! 

 Nekoi's artworks

I expect lot of you there even because I periodically do giveaways and pick random follower for free arts commissions! :D 

I wait you over there! 
Now my question:
What would you like to see next as art or fanart from me? :) I'll place all the purpose in one hat and will pick one to be one 500x500 art! 
K card samples with OCs by Nekoi-Echizen
For the rest my commissions are always open, feel free to contact me if you have one! 
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Don't steal sketches and arts - sign the petition by Nekoi-Echizen
Hi everyone
As you can notice from my art I'm not very amused today. Unfortunately..
Since when I belong in DA what I know is that any art you place on the web can be stolen. Don't get me wrong, it may be a honor however, there are some educational policy that should be respected. First of all: ASK THE ARTIST.
This basic policy is frequently unrespected. I'm aware that not everyone are able to draw, this doesn't mean you might not understand that one artist need:
1) time
2) inspiration
3) love
4) effort
I got pointed about a site named which take with no respect sketches arts from all the artists of the web. Just to get popular among the web. THIS IS LAME. 
There is a petition opened Color out Consent to close the site or at least change their policy.

I invite you all to look over there, there might be your sketches in there. Just put your nickname or artist name and check.

I was able to find thanks to a friend one of my old sketches. And the fact that it's old, doesn't mean that I didn't put time, effort, love and inspiration in it.

I remind yu all to click "Like" on my FB artwork page to get a chance for a free artrequest! Once it reach 250 you'll be one of the 3 lucky winner! ;)

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Hello hello~!
Long time no updating over here! <3 As you had noticed from my latest arts, I've opened a facebook page for my artworks were I take commissions, I share work in progress and much more.
I've purposed myself, to grant a token of gratitude, to choice each milestone step, random lucky winner among the followers that will be allowed to ask a free artwork too me.
How you can win? It's simple:

- Join the page…
- Share the page, if you like
- once reached 250 members (then 500 and more 750 etc..) 3 lucky random followers (in 500 there will be 5 and they'll grow in each mileston) will win a free artrequest for a 500x500px artwork.
- They'll be contacted by me privately once reached the 250 milestone and they'll be allowed to ask ANYTHING they like.

If you want a chance to win, join!

Also, soon there will be a giveaway, curious to know and want a chance to win? ;)

Updates in my page are italian & english! <3

Join and get a chance!

100 followers lucky winner free art request:
100 likes hit by Nekoi-Echizen
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It's being a while since my last entry over here. First Happy New Year to you all!
However I start this year in such a bad manner, the nice :iconquantum-witch: sent me a private message with a link, the following.…
This dude, had the brilliant idea to stole my art of Sam and Dean to sell it in ebay without any permission and gain moneys from it. Now it's nice to know that someone would love to buy my art and, I swear, that I can sell them as well if you require me directly. However he is gaining moneys from stuffs I spent hours to do, the thing is pretty frustrating.
So from now on all my art will be watermarked with DA marks.


I'll sell the images of my artworks you'd love to have/buy with very cheap prizes on card size 4x3 inches.
So please don't buy counterfeiter of my arts. You just improve thieve-ring and doesn't help the artist who make them.
Just advice me if you see more of my arts stolen for any reason.

[b]edit[/b]: so it seem this boy/girl bought the cards from another seller.. wow what a big trip! Well I'm glad to inform you and the sells man that I'll be glad to sell them MYSELF to you all from now on. Stole them again and you get big issues. I'll be sure to put my trademark on the originals from now on. I'll go more deep in this situation and will contact the other seller.

However I have to spend a good word on the one in the link: he/she was very glad to cooperate with me, I'm glad to find people nice enough to admit their guilt.
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So hello hello everyone!

It's being a while since I made my last post here! How have you being? I'm fine! Super busy IRL with various works (which include art works) and also with my RL friends! For this I apologize for the various commissions and friends I couldn't talk the past months here! I'm really really sorry!
Well there a lot of things happened while I was away! Well first the payed period of time in DA decays *sad face here* and then I started a new road with new friends and new passions! I've done lot of travels and met lot of people.
The main place where I belong for now is facebook, yeah the facial book that it's so despicable and that it's making most of the blog and blogger die.
It's incredibly useful however to chat and make in touch with friends, especially if you've to come out on Saturday or other days!
Since I noticed that some (almost more then I could ever think) of my artworks get stolen over there and sometimes even edited with no mercy, I thought it was about time for me to open a page there and remark my propriety on them!

So for the most of you that want to follow me and even my gradual W.I.P., if you keep a facebook account you can follow my page over here:…
Cute hu? It will be in both my favorite languages: Italian and English. However since most of the follower are from my mother country maybe it will stay a bit more italian. Thing that can intrigue the most of you since you can ask me to translate what I type and learn more about that language! X) Cool ne?
I hope to see you over there! There is a special prize, when the page will reach 100 fans I'll make a draw among the fans and the winner will ask..well a draw! XD *silly play of words*
I won't leave however this place, I'll try to post more pictures I can, so don't be sad! I really wish to talk with all of you again! I love read your comments and love, it's my fuel to improve! :D
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A bit embarassing but I did it..

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 6:41 AM
I'm not usually comfortable using or showing my pictures but since I received today my Lala Satalin Deviluk cosplay costume and did some piccy I've added one in "my webcam"!XD Urm.. so yeah that it's my fave! I'm sorry for the quality but the cam was with low batteries so I had to use my mobile!
I hope to do better quality one soon!

Now I felt so hot wearing that dress because it's summer here!x_x'' But this mean that I'll be able using it for winter comicons! X3

Anyway I see that you voted to make me draw chibi TMNT for my personalized journal here, I'll try doing them quick! :) I get busy doing a friend request which is Tifa Lockheart!XD

Btw I miss shellforbrains! ;_;

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Much better now!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 7:29 AM
I did some clean with my gallery, I erased some very old arts that really sucked in my advice!=_=; But now I get how much I've improved and this was really pleasent because now I'm sure that if I had to re-do those arts, I'll to them totally better!

Btw I've managed to end finally Sailor Neptune, so only few missing Sailor to do and I'll complete the whole set! However i'm seriously thinking to re-do some of them whic I don't like at all how they came out.

I know I should focus on the chibi TMNT art to personalize the journal, but due to the hot weather i'm working on two beach arts with Yoko Littner as the main subject! ;)  I should also do one graphic! OTL I should stop following my inspiration but I can't! When I want draw something even if I've other stuffs to do it always end with me drawing the thng I'm inspired.

I've start to read Ao no Exorcist. It's nothing special for me until now but I find it less boring of when I read the first scans online (I bought the first volume in my mother language). Rin isn't my favourite but I like the character designe. Now I get why lot of ppl draw him! I'm tempted as well to do a chibi! X3

By the way I want thank all who watched me, it's an true honor for me that you get interested in my humble arts! _(_)_  I hope I won't disappoint you with them!

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Livestreaming off

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 3:41 PM
Finally since I registered my channel and it was approved I was able to run a whole 2 hour livestream without interruptions.
It's in italian and about manga studio on how make a manga from zero. My 2 days and half marathon was helpful on this, in fact since i can do it with calm it came way better now!

Stupid manga studio..

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 4:48 PM
Ok I end up in a rush the fanlisting for Nimphadora Tonks today (hopefully that the previous owner won't kick me cause it suck! OTL I couldn't end the art I wanted to use for the graphic!) and did the second page of the Zelda comic.

I can't get usual to halftones, more of all because applicate them is HARD! I can't select the part as I want and the rubber size is TOO SMALL!T___T I don't even know how I did the first page!DX I know that I'll do next the art first and THEN the halftones, I need to be quick doing it!>_<
Anyone know a good tutorial for manga studio's halftones?T__T

I saw the moon eclipse today! It was wonderful and ... red!! :heart: (Oh Raph you were my moon.. and moonie...XD *Raph kicks her*)

On a fa-comic

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2011, 3:14 PM
Yesterday was such a busy day. but in the end we reached ther quorum and it makes me feel useful in something very unique for my country.

By the way today I've finally installed successfully manga studio and installed the materials! It's awesome as his original (comic studio) and the partner illust studio!
So I started the Zelda comic for a contest. 6 pages which I've the "names" ready and I did 2 pages today, I'm about to complete the second! x_x I've just 6 days left, I wonder if I'll end it in time! D:
Wish me luck!

For those of you who ignore it, one of my hobby is make websites (expecially fanlisting) and I own the Raphael (TMNT) only and unique fanlisting which I wanted to transform also in a shrine (lol, not a case that I've a domain named will become the site for my future fan-comic on the tmnt.  
I should revamp my Raphael fanlisting and fill the shrine part! >_> I should do the same for Kamina's fanlisting & shrine..>_>;;;;  And also add the members fr the TMNT 2007 movie! >_<; I've a very long "to do" list!

Btw here the fanlist if yo would eventually love to join (the lay is pretty old! OTL must revamp it!)

I love my baby a lo! :heart:  I should add some Raph arts when I'll revamp it..(and maybe use one for the new grafic).

Btw once I'll end the fancomic and an upcoming fanlisting I have I promise I'll personalize the journal! :x If you still wish to vote go on and do it! ;)

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I hate bugs and busy days

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2011, 7:52 AM
...Well actually I don't hate busy days as much as bugs!XD  
Today I woke up with two points and they burtned and I felt to scratch them!T_T All cause of a damn mosquito!=A=

Btw I want thank who joined the poll about how I can personalize this journal (I changed again skin!XD)) and it seem that there is a major that wants chibis with all the tmnt for it! The poll is still open expecially because from tomorrow afternoon until late monday I'll be in hiatus due to real life business (this won't stop me bring with me my notebook and pencil and draw-draw-draw-draw-draw!!).

Poll link:…

I want thank :iconhkepoetry: for her donation! That was so unexpected! This make me start the first "greetings" art!
Donations greetings - 1 by Nekoi-Echizen
It picture tots art, I still suck drawing them!== They still look as chibis... Ok I did it in around 15 minutes since when I saw the donation..(i wanted to do it faster I could!!) but I must improve drawing turtles!!

You won't believe it..but I end my coloration! YAY FOR ME! I can go on with my other projects!*__*

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I LUV YOU TURTLEPLEASE!!!3 (in need of advice

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 7, 2011, 6:36 AM
I'll never..ever..ever ever... EVER thank you enought for this sweetie! *_* The awesome shellforbrains (:iconshellforbrains: oh love! :heart:) gifted me today with one month premium membership of DA! ;______; You've no idea my shock when I saw the email in my inbox!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE! ;___;  You made my day and you didn't know that I had a bad day today (was pretty pissed off)!! :heart:
Now I don't get well yet how it work, how add piccy and all over here but I suppose that someone will teach me, ne? 8D *puppy eyes*
I'll make my own journal soon, for now this is a provvisory one (Vocaloid! I couldn't avoid using it when I saw it around)!

Now some updates: I've lot of coming projects, a lot of them, but I would really love to use something sweet for the journal style.  TMNT RELEATED IN HONOR OF TURTLE-CHAN!!!!!!!

Now what you would like to see as personalized blog?

1) one chibi with all the human TMNT my style
2) chibi with all the TMNT my style
3) Raphael human style non chibi and chibi on the bottom
4)Chibi Raph & Mona

Pick your choice and tell me why! 8D

Thanks again! :heart:

ps: me will add lot of stamps and banners once I get how do it!*______*

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Itìs over!:D Thanks to all who came and see the Leonardo realization! :D Damn I should do again Raph and Donny and make them in live because each time I do them live they came better!XD

Livestreaming link:…
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Well I'm not usual make personal blog entry over here but this really sting in my head by some months.
I happen to come across sometimes and while I was checking some tags I met some one of my art. Just for curiosity I checked more tag where my arts could belong and I found them. The last one was Stockings and I was caterized under "artist request" tag..
Now one of the basical rule of gelbooru is to have up images of japanese artists only (really lame rule since they has also manwa's arts.. but let's skip about this".
I get that they took them from my pixiv account (…)  and it's always a certain Furio who upload them. Now I'm very flattered that he likes my art like most of gelbooru's fellows but they shouldn't belong there.
Now I wonder if I should contact the admin about it or not because this user, which only guilt is likes my arts, risk to get banned..
I had nothing in countraty to have them there, but with proper credits. But since I'm not japanese, to avoid to have them removed he avoid even credit me. I don't really like have my works put around the web without a credit. Maybe  i should start add some links of DA or just end my arts website and add it on them to avoid the thievering... :/
What do you think?
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