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When she woke up, the air was chilly. Sleepily she rubbed her eyes and blinked in the morning light. As her vision sharpened, she could see something white falling through the window. Snow.
Snow! At once she was wide awake, a bright smile lighting up her face. SNOW!
Quickly she scrambled out of bed and ran unto the balcony. The snow felt cold and soft under her bare feet. Amazed she stared at the silently falling white flakes. A giggle rose in her chest and suddenly she squealed, threw her arms up in the air and did a little dance, laughing. Then she dashed back into the room and jumped unto Loki's bed, shaking the sleeping man to wake him up.
"Snow!" she exclaimed, excited.
But Loki only grumbled and pulled his pillow up over his head. "Lemme sleeeeep..."
Yet the girl's joy couldn't be deadened. She hopped down from the bed and ran back outside, taking a deep breath and laughed anew. Then an idea popped up in her mind and a mischievous smile settled on her face as she looked back into the room.
Quietly she collected as much snow as she could carry and carefully walked back to her sleeping brother. There she stretched as high as she could and with a giggle dumped the snow unto Loki's bared neck that peeked out between blanket and pillow.
With a shriek Loki jolted up, eyes wide, his heart pounding.
"Coldcoldcoldcold! What on... Little ONE!"
He tried to get hold of the girl, but she already danced away, laughing merrily. Loki was angry.
"Oh just wait until I get you...!"
He slipped out of bed and took his blanket with him, trying to dry his neck with it while chasing the girl through the room. But he couldn't catch her. Once he slipped on the wet footprints she had left, once he almost stumbled over the blanket. All the while his little sister was having the time of her life. And soon he couldn't be angry with her anymore.
When he finally caught her, he shoved her into the rest of the snow left on the balcony. The girl shrieked from the cold and fun until Loki pulled her out again.
"Now we're even," he grinned and ruffled her wet hair.
She only laughed and hugged him.

The next day found them both buried under piled up blankets and furs, while Freya could only shake her head over how thoughtless youth could be, to catch a cold on the only day it snowed.
A little winter story for you - I'm still alive ;)
Yes, Loki has a sister! And this actually is a snippet of a story I'm writing for myself at the moment - once in a while when a new scene pops up. Not as huge as Mixedblood is going to be. Which I'm still working on and hope to upload a new chapter in... eh... a few months. So sorry. >.<

Take care everyone and always have a fun winter time! <3

Snowflake stock by :iconinadesign-stock: :heart:

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:D Sounds like the best Thing to so, when it Snows.
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for sure! :D
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