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Sweet boy

My OC Pearl, with short hair this time.
I wanna draw my other OCs too, but for some reason i always end up drawing the same characters ;;;
Still, I hope you'll like him~! (,, ・v ・,,)/

Art © Nekogirl
Character © Nekogirl
Please do not use, copy, edit or repost my art without my permission.
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© 2016 - 2021 nekogirl-san
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FUN FACT: light blue and teal are my two favorite colors Stars

1+ watch

Fluffy boi is the best
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Omg omg omg, this.. IS SO GLITTERSCINTICANT!! AAAAAAA I JUST LOVE THIS! His beautiful outfit, his wonderful hair, his star-filled eyess

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aww thank you, i'm really glad you like it! (,,;~;,,)/♡
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You are so very welcomee!!
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...i would adopt this child if i met him in real life. I'd stroke his hair and are my favorite child no matter what...unless you murder people...then your my 2nd favorite
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dies from cute attack 
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oh my gosh! he's so adorable and looks so fluffy warm and cutely soft!! totally can't resist those sparkling eyes and I wish I can take that little fluffy bear or have one for myself~~~ Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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aww thank you! <33 I plan to make some small plushies of that little teddy bear, one day! bear hearts emoji 
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so adorable!! love his little bear >u<
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aa thankies~! >v<
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Too cute.

My heart!
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Quite welcome.
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Ahh he's too cuuute *Q* You draw such adorable eyess!
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ahh thanks a lot~! >v<
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This is WAY TOO CUTE. I love the pink and blue and they just look so fluffy ~~ Fuwa fuwa !
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How did that took you?
Its fantastic!
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Thank you! Did you mean how long? It took me around 1-2 weeks, i think!~
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Really? Oh my, mines the same. XD
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