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Peerless Food Fighters Character Sketches



Ages ago I did a mini-RPG called Peerless Food Fighters, inspired by Noodle Fighter Miki, where you play competing martial arts waitresses. I'm currently working on a new version as an experiment in making an RPG with more board game style presentation, and part of that is having a set of six pre-made characters. This is my attempt at doing designs for them.

Xiao Mei, of Panda Ramen, who uses Twisted Noodle Kung Fu
Miki Hasegawa, of Star Books Coffee, who uses Barista Savate
Midori Sasahara, of Sasahara Bento, who uses Bento Kempo
Emiko Fujiwara, of Fenny's Family Restaurant, who uses Family Style Karate
Kumiko Miyahara, of the Miyahara Bakery, who uses Portuguese Panjusu
Setsuna, of The Sakura Tree, who uses Teppanyaki-jutsu

Update (1/4/13): I posted up the printable first draft of the game here:
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nice to see your style again :D