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Nekomimi Land Excerpt: An Interview With Michael
A Different Kind of Angel: An Interview with Michael
By Claire Schumer
Michael was the second Transformed person to become a public sensation. The existence of Kaylee, a “catgirl” straight out of a Japanese cartoon, brought out the worst in a lot of anime fans, but Michael’s symbolism is the sort that isn’t lost on people who aren’t into a niche hobby. There’s no getting around the fact that he looks like an angel. Sitting across from me in a quiet café, he looks out of place even with a caramel macchiato in front of him. He is such a perfect specimen of a beautiful man, with these great white bird wings, that I can’t help but think that aesthetically he’d be more at home somewhere with marble columns, or perhaps inside a Michelangelo painting.
His posture is confident, but in a rehearsed kind of way. He isn’t wearing a shirt; he says he gave up on trying to modify them to accommodate his wings. Below his perfe
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Nekomimi Land Cover by nekoewen Nekomimi Land Cover :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 9 6
Lesser-Known Fandoms
You are very likely aware of the larger fandoms, the Trekkies, the Warsies, the otaku, the Pokemans, and the Homestuckies. There are however many smaller fandoms out there.
Friends of Joe
Joe Redding is a pretty ordinary geek, with a love of D&D and science fiction. He does however have a certain amount of charisma and a devious mind, and got his friends to start referring themselves as “Friends of Joe.” The term has spread around various forms of social media, and people have been using the #friendsofjoe hashtag even in South Korea and Japan.
He realized that he may have made a mistake when he discovered a Joe Redding/Chris Hardwick slashfic on DeviantArt. He finally snapped when he found out about the yaoi doujinshi. He changed his name and moved to another country, but the fandom itself lives on.
“Madokianity” is a radical sect of fans of the anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As the name suggests, they have
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Yaruki Zero Cover Sketch by nekoewen Yaruki Zero Cover Sketch :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 1 0 Peerless Food Fighters Character Sketches by nekoewen Peerless Food Fighters Character Sketches :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 8 2
The Vampire Life
I didn't plan to become a vampire. I mean, the whole not dying thing sounds nice and all, but I wasn't about to go hang around the "blood light district" or anything.  It happened in the Safeway downtown of all places. Downtown San Jose varies between nice and scary over short distances, but over by the Paseo de San Antonio light rail station it usually tends more towards the college student/downtown professional side of things.
I saw him wandering around the supermarket in a daze. He was handsome in that weird, porcelain way some vampires are, which doesn't translate to photographs because it's partly some weird pheromone thing. He was carrying a six-pack of that blood substitute stuff, which was the only thing a vampire could possibly need from Safeway apart from, like, light bulbs I guess. However much the vampire rights advocates on TV say they're perfectly safe, I can't help feeling uneasy around them. That's a rational reaction in some ways. If you saw a guy who was 8 f
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Raspberry Heaven Character Sketches by nekoewen Raspberry Heaven Character Sketches :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 5 4
700 Catgirl Names
I am a huge fan of John Hodgman, especially his trilogy of Complete World Knowledge (Areas, More, and All). Each of these books has a list of 700 names of something (Hoboes, Mole-Men, and Ancient and Unspeakable Ones respectively), and I thought it would be fun to write a list of 700 catgirl names. I was wrong. Writing this list was a terrible idea that took several months and left my brain feeling as though someone had grabbed it and scraped out every last bit of goop they could possibly get out, and then just kept on scraping. And then I was at around 500 names. Since I actually did this thing, I have no choice but to share it with you, because that's just how things work.
Cat people (or homo felis) are one of many types of variant humans found all over the world, though female cat people, colloquially known as "catgirls," have a distinct mystique about them. (Dog-girls especially tend to resent this. The bitches.) This is in part
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UFO Girl - Christmas Memory
Usually when alien/sci-fi stuff shows up in my life it's a source of aggravation. It might not reflect well on me, but my friends have learned that they can tell when I've spotted something alien by how I groan and rub my temples.
But on Christmas Eve, when I was 17, my cynicism turned out to be misplaced.
A package came in the mail, addressed to "Janet Q. Smith" (and no, I'm not telling you what my middle name is), without a return address. Though my "alien senses" were already tingling, I figured it was better to open the package and find out what I was dealing with rather than leave it be and let it do god-knows-what on its own.
About 95% of the box turned out to be wadded-up newspapers for padding, but in the midst of it all was a blue crystal that glowed faintly from within. There was something vaguely familiar about it, but I just couldn't place it. That drove me crazy. I held it up to the light, looked at it from different angles, and so on.
I let out a sigh. "So, what the hell
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Otaku vs. Zombies
Bryce woke to the sound of pounding on his door. He rolled over in bed and hoped it would go away. It didn't. He picked himself up and shuffled to the door. Something fell over in the apartment. When he opened the door, Julie slipped inside and slammed the door.
"Zombies!" she cried.
"Morning," he mumbled.
"Zombies!" she repeated.
"You broke your paddle thing." He pointed at her wooden paddle, which had at one point said seme on it. It was broken, splintered, and splattered with red.
Julie looked at it, then up at him. "Bryce! Zombies!"
He stared at her.
She rolled her eyes. "Ugh! Coffee."
Bryce shuffled back to bed, and didn't stir until a pleasantly caffeinated smell drew him to the kitchen table. She handed him a large mug of life-giving brown liquid.
Julie was sitting across from him with her arms folded.
She took a deep breath. "ZOMBIES!"
Bryce jerked backwards and spilled coffee on his chest and hands. "You don't have to shout!"
She thumped the remnants of her padd
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Fairy Summoning 102
There are those who believe that life operates according to some kind of plan or purpose. Reality is random and pernicious, and it is only the anthropocentric ability to formulate a narrative after the fact that keeps reality from appearing to be a maddening void of chaos. Or at least that's one theory. One that ran through Cecil's mind as, having gotten up early to lecture Melanie in the hopes of her behaving while he was at school, his mother told him that there was no school that day.
When he got back to his room, he found that Melanie had managed to spread most of the contents of his bookshelf on the floor.
"What're you doing?" he managed. It would take him an hour or more to get everything shelved and sorted again.
Melanie didn't answer. Instead she was holding a DVD-ROM, presumably pulled from a computer game, and was staring at its shiny surface. A moment later she took notice of him. Rather than granting him any kind of greeting, she scurried under the bed and then retur
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Time Bunny
I don't think I can properly explain this whole mess without explaining about my mom, and about how I was born. My mother is a metahuman, and she has two powers. She can make copies of herself, and she (and her copies) can shapeshift into any human or mostly-human form. You would think she'd become some kind of superspy or superhero or something else with "super" in it, but she's a writer, and doesn't like to fight. Most days she wakes up way too early, drinks a lot of tea, and spends the rest of the day alternately writing and napping.
Some metahumans have this thing about how their powers should only be used for the common good, but my mom just uses her powers whenever she feels like it. When I was in elementary school she'd have one of her copies walk me to and from school, and if she was pressed for time she'd send a second copy to buy groceries.
The thing about her is that she's not very good with people. She loves me a lot, and she has a bunch of really good friends, but if you f
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How I Learned to Hate the Bomb
When I was little my mom had a friend named Annie who lived down the street. She was kind of weird. She wore lots of gaudy jewelry, and had lots of dumb books on astrology and stuff. She also had a son, a boy about my age named Brad. Our moms would talk and stuff for hours, and Brad turned out to be fun to play with. He had a lot more and more interesting toys and games than I had, and for the most part he was happy to share them. We would play ball, play video games, play hide and seek, and sometimes just sort of run around and do random stuff.
We didn't really think about what we were doing or why we were together. Once in a while Brad would get mad at me for accidentally breaking something of his, and now and then I'd get mad at him for squishing a butterfly or chasing off a cat, but we always seemed to forget that kind of thing by the next day.
A few times my antennas came out on their own. Mom had drilled into me that I had to keep them a secret, and being so young I wound up hidi
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RPG Influence Map by nekoewen RPG Influence Map :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 2 3 Influence Map by nekoewen Influence Map :iconnekoewen:nekoewen 3 1
Fairy Summoning 101
For Suichi
Cecil was not happy. Granted, teenagers are not known for being at peace with the world, but Cecil had his own particular reasons for being unhappy. His last close friend, Baxter, had just moved away. For a while he and the other nerds at school had had a sort of enclave, and found strength in numbers. Now he was alone, and exposed to the brunt of the anti-nerd sentiment in the school.
Case in point: Cliff.
Cecil's path home was blocked by a wall of muscle that was mostly devoid of hair.
"Well, well, well! If it isn't nerdy little Cecil!"
Cecil carefully took off his glasses and put them into his shirt pocket. "Come on. Do we have to do this? I mean, do you like reenacting an overdone 80s cliché week after week? Surely you can come up with something more original to do, even within the realm of-" Cliff's fist went into Cecil's gut, and knocked the air out of him.
"Stop sayin' stuff! Give me your lunch money!"
"It's after school!" Cecil wheezed. "I spent it
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Ages ago I started writing a story called Nekomimi Land, about a guy who gets transformed into a catgirl and then abducted and taken to the dystopian land of catgirls. I got inspired to finally make a serious push to finish it, and now it's finally come to fruition. It's currently up on DriveThruFiction and the Kindle store, and I'm working on getting POD books ready. I'm not even sure how to feel about being here, but it's thank in part to the feedback of people who read earlier drafts of the story here on DA that I was able to do it, so thank you.…


Ewen Cluney
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United States
I dream heavy metal, but I live whiny punk rock.


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