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Melissa, at about 8 years old by nekochannyaa Melissa, at about 8 years old :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 2 Sketch of Before the Chase:) by nekochannyaa Sketch of Before the Chase:) :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 8 Character sketch: Yuki ko by nekochannyaa Character sketch: Yuki ko :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 1 0 Character sketch: Angel ko by nekochannyaa Character sketch: Angel ko :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 0 0 Motherboard bride by nekochannyaa Motherboard bride :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 3 Character sketch: Hope by nekochannyaa Character sketch: Hope :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 0 0 Snowy Night by nekochannyaa Snowy Night :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 1 2 Maddie, from portals!! by nekochannyaa Maddie, from portals!! :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 1 0 Iggy, from portals!!!! by nekochannyaa Iggy, from portals!!!! :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 1 0 Happy birthday twin!!! by nekochannyaa Happy birthday twin!!! :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 2 Mei, from Portals!! by nekochannyaa Mei, from Portals!! :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 3 15 Digit, from Portals. by nekochannyaa Digit, from Portals. :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 3 Motherboard-cyber chase by nekochannyaa Motherboard-cyber chase :iconnekochannyaa:nekochannyaa 2 2


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Losing his Marbles(Cyberchase Rebirth segment) :iconlunalacrevan:LunalaCrevan 2 19
ImagineFX Muses by Clockwork7 ImagineFX Muses :iconclockwork7:Clockwork7 614 89



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Melissa, at about 8 years old
This got messed up, so I cut out the background, and put the drawing on a sheet of white paper:::/ I may redraw this with a better background, I'm not sure://

I do like this version though::)
Sketch of Before the Chase:)
A sketch i plan on coloring in the near future!!!!! I hope you like it, took me about hour and a half!! Lol!!! It Will look much better once its colored and completed!!!
Character sketch: Angel ko
Just a rough sketch af Angel ko, a girl from my story, Reapers:)

Very rough!!
Character sketch: Yuki ko
A Rough character sketch of Yuki ko, a character from Reapers, one of my stories:)

Yuki(Japanese)= snow:) P.S, idk if this is the right category, if not, someone olease let me know!!
Motherboard bride
I wanted to draw Motherboard in her actaul dress fron the story, but i couldnt so I drew this one:)
The eyes are a little messed up, but i like it:)

From singertobe 's story, Rebirth, a cyber chase fanfiction:)
Tagged by: Singertobe

1. Is there anything i should,be doing,right now?

2.which French disney princess is my,favorite?

3.BATB, '17, or '91?
im not sure:(

4. Cinderella '15 or '50
I'm not sure again!!:(

5.Maleficent or sleeping beauty?
Sleeping Beauty

6.GLaDOS or Wheatly?

7.willing to go vegan,for a week?

8. A wall, with a box on it, thathas spools or ribbon in it:)

9.if. You could meet Walt Disney, which. New Disney film would you. Show him?

10. Favorite type of YTP?
Not sure this Sparta?

12.fadoms I'm,currwntly obbsesd with?
Black butler
Painc! At The Disco.
Creepypasta/Slender man:)
Numerous Lol

My questions!!!

1. Do you like anime? If so, whats your favorite anime?

2.  Part 1.Sebastian Michaelis, or Claude faustus?
Part 2. Grell or  Undertaker?
(From Black Butler. If you dont know who they are, just look them up!!

3. Can soap get dirty?

4.what book do you wish was turned into a movie?

5. Part1. Do you like Panic! At the Disco
Part 2. Black Parade by My Chemical Romance, or I Write Sins not Tragedies, by Panic! At the Disco?

6. If you met God, what would you ask him?

7. Puppies or kittens?

8. How many siblings Do you have?

9. Any languages you can speak?

10.Ciel or  Alois?
(Another Black butler question!!

11. Whould you rather

Luck you enemy for 1.0000000000000000000000000.6 dollars,

Lick you hand for 10.00 dollars?

12.starbucks, or Tim Horton's?

Bonus question, fir Lunala Crevan, and anyone else who wants,to answer it.

What is youre favorite Black Butler arc?

Okay. Im going to tag the people I know on here, and anyone else what wants to do it, go ahead!!:)



  • Listening to: Dying in LA, by Panic! At the Disco
  • Reading: Fan fiction, but writing more than I read
  • Watching: Black butler, but not much:(
  • Playing: Nothing currently. Im writing though!!
  • Eating: Chocolate.
  • Drinking: Brisk iced tea


nekochannyaa's Profile Picture
United States
Im a otaku who loves cats. I also love writing stories!!:)


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Thank you#!!!:):)
singertobe Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2018
Don't know if you got my PM on so I'll say again here. You are definitely free to make oneshots of Motherboard and Antoine and I very much look forward to reading them.
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Yay!!!! I have not been in a day or so!!! Thanks!!!:):):)
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Oh,Hiya!Heard you were a Black Butler fan~:iconundertakerloveplz:
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Yessssssss!!! And ,anime and Creepypasta. Lololol
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Hey, I remember you said you liked my Cyberchase fanfic. So I thought I'd let you know that I just posted chapter 45 a few days ago, in case you're still interested.
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