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Fiore di Primavera

By NekoCapsule
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I'm just gonna put this out there and brag- I did this on a whiteboard.
Yeap I sure did! it took be atleast 30 minutes to finish it and try to get the little crumbs off from the expo marker. 

Anyway, this is Fiore di Primavera (ITALIAN, english: Spring Blossom), a new OC i've been drawing for a while and I finally decided to make her an actual OC XD she's a tree girl if you couldn't tell. She summons water, has trees coming out of her head... can you guess the last thing??

no you couldn't. notice how stiff her hair is? that's because her hair is just a pile of really long leaves XD

You could call her "Spring" if you want too-- she only knows a select few words, but she could write up poetic sentences easily~

Tools used: Jumbo expo marker(blue), Mechanical Pencil

thoughts? Critique please???
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You really used your only color the best way possible with the flow.
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thank you so much <3 I appreciate the compliment!
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Women why you make my eyeballs explode from amazingness! <(`^´)>
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omg, wwww

thank you ahahaha!
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thank youuuuuuu!
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This is so beautiful..

I'm like envious of how awesome you are....
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thank you very much, I appreciate the praise so much <3

don't be envious, you gotta keep trying and someday I'll be envious of you XD 
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I doubt that..I don't do digital..and I'm only doing traditional so that's like a huge handicap for me..all I have is a scanner and myself..;n;
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but this isn't digital at all... this was done on a student whiteboard ;; I didn't even scan this either-- added an opaque filter and then a blue lens on my phone XD

try drawing on a whiteboard and show me, okay??
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If I can find one since I'm virtual school...^^;
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aight~ I can't wait to see if you find one
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You're so awesome Asper...////u////
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I... ADORE this. I love how neat and fluid the lineart work, as well as the overall composition. If you ever have a ref of her in color, I'd love to draw her with my boy Jack Fauste ;u;
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haaaaa <3 thank you so much, I appreciate it <3
The thing is that she's like a deerling, she changes color depending on the season-- but I could get the full body of her out soon 

omfg yes please yessssssssss I'd love that too gterfdgg
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