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Whelp, Rook. He is the character I created just for the nifty contest that :iconevo-obsessed-club: is holding. I kind of...fell head over heels for a number of the other OCs and couldn't resist the chance to interact with them. -fiddles thumbs- It, um, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Comic over here: Page 1: [link] Page 2: [link] Page 3: [link]

Phase 2 Comic:
[link] (...nifty next options provided on each page. Too worn out to go through and offer individual links to every page here.)

Let's see. Notes!

Laundry Lad is the name his little sister bestowed upon him. Rook is not thrilled with it and is planning to just go by his nickname if he can get away with it.

As for his first name, Brooklyn's one of those unlucky kids who got saddled with the name of the place they were born/conceived. Double-whammy for him.

His powers have the potential of being handy, if he ever thinks of using them for things other than mundane chores. For now though, he doesn't have all that much control over them. I mean, he has to want something for them to kick in, but it doesn't really distinguish between intentional use and an offhanded "Oh, I wish blahblahblah." Luckily, they don't seem to work on people or animals. (As not working for Rook himself, he might not be quite as lucky. Since...he knows himself pretty well.)

Let's see, he's a bit of an awkward turtle. And will probably be homesick. (Y'know, cause at home, he could be doing the dishes and letting his sister saw him in half. Who wouldn't miss all that.) And he bats for the other team.

On a slightly random note, I definitely had a minor oh-god-I-hate-this-picture moment for the original profile picture I had done. This led to a panic-laced art frenzy, which has replaced the old image. Which no one shall see. Except for the couple of friends I have shown it too, BUT, other than them, it shall be scorned and hidden away.

Yep, and I purposely designed a character that I thought would be easy for me to draw over and over and over again. ...This way I can focus my energy on getting everyone else's characters right?
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Rok hates women too. >>
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Oh, this is good to know! (Especially since there are two girls on the team.) Thanks for pointing that out.
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One last thing: He has a tendancy to let out a few Spanish phrases.
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So he can't restore a skeleton back to a human form?
nekobecki's avatar
Nope. That would be way beyond his powers currently. If you showed him a skeleton and then broke it, he could put it back together. His powers do have the potential of working on himself, in that he is pretty familiar with his own body.
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Ok, would you mind if he fell into an open coffin? By the prompt, he seems to be scared easily, correct me if I'm wrong.
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Rook's simply sane. Sane people find giant, killer robots to be absolutely terrifying. Which is to say, yes, he definitely scares easily when it comes to such cases. And I would be fine with him falling into an open coffin. (He, on the other hand, might not be as happy.)
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Ok, I'm just planning it out in my head.
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The group is just lucky that everyone else has way more obviously useful powers. This is a case where being destructive is totally better for beating the killer robot as opposed to be able to restore stuff.
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Think about it: What if the robot was originally recycled material? :D
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...then, I'd have to feel an inkling of respect for the creepy people who made it. At least they care about the environment!

Rook needs to know what it looked like before though. Like, if someone played him a film of the robot being built or at least showed him pictures, then he could probably do it. Unfortunately, he isn't an expert on giant machines of doom.
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Well, we can make that a weakness for the big robot. How is the real question.
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Congratulations for making the third round! I can't believe I made it too, I thought the drawings were so terrible i'd be out for sure! I'm really surprised JunkRoom got out though, I thought her comic was hilarious.
nekobecki's avatar
Congrats on making it too! Looks like the judges thought differently.

I'm so sad about her getting bumped. I guess someone had to, but still. D:
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Coolio, looks like we're teammates in this phase =3
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We are! I'm totally noting you and..and...I can't remember usernames, but Faux's creator, with questions once I get a chance.
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Hello teammate! Both our characters are with Prof. X.
So when I first saw your character and thought about how they would interact with my character I totally thought of the Laundry Day song from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog! I don't know if you've seen it but its pretty much awesome.

"Laundry day. See you there.
Underthings, tumbling.
Wanna say, "love your hair"
Here I go: mumbling.
With my freeze ray I will STOP...the world...."

Haha because your character is "laundry lad" and my character can stop time. XD Sorry but I got such a kick out of that.
nekobecki's avatar
No, seriously, that is an awesome connection you made there with the lyrics. Grinning like a moron. (And I loooove Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!) Now that song's probably going to wind up the theme that plays in my head whenever I think of Natalie and Rook.

Sooo excited about this. -clasps hands- Would it bug you if I asked if I'm drawing Natalie all right? I've been trying to get our teammates done right in my style.
dizzydazzle's avatar
No it wouldn't bug me at all! Ask away! ^_^
Would it bug you if Natalie had a crush on Rook? I swear I've been dying to draw a musical comic (is this allowed I wonder? songfic comics?) of that scene with these two ever since I read your characters bio... (But since it doesn't apply to the first challenge it would probably have to wait. Ooo or it could be in the intro...muahaha.)
Anyways not asking for anything mutual, and I totally won't be offended if you say no. :)
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Yay! Okay, um, am I getting her hair length right, at all? Same goes for the shape of her nose. I tried basing it off of the profile picture you did in the third box of the file. [link]

I think I'd find it all kinds of adorable if Natalie had a crush on Rook. But, um, are you okay with the fact with how Rook is gay? He's not out, but it would mean that it won't be mutual. (And now, the English major section of my brain has gone off track thinking about LAYERS and NPH is gay while Dr. Horrible is straight, and I am sorry for my wandering mind.)

A musical comic sounds ridiculously awesome. Especially if it uses "Laundry Day."
dizzydazzle's avatar
:poke: Hey. Guess what I did. [link]
dizzydazzle's avatar
Awwww why do the cute ones have to be gay! I was upset when I found out Neil Patrick Harris was gay too! A tad disappointed, but this new information could push the story in a more interesting direction. (Besides, Dr. Horrible's love for Penny wasn't mutual either. DAMN YOU CAPTAIN HAMMER!! :shakefist: )Maybe that will help him come out? Maybe if she has a crush on him for a little while and when she tells him (I don't know how she'd go about this, but whatever) he can be like: ohhhhh, yeah... about that.... I'm sorta...yeah....


Did you say he was gay in the profile? Because I totally missed that if you did.

Also, the hair length is fine. Hitting just at the shoulders should be good. (Like the bolder pic in the group drawing you did) I know I drew it shorter or longer sometimes in the comic, but that is due to my inability to draw consistently. :XD:
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I have no idea! That's just how the world runs, tragically. My brother wanted to grow up to be NPH until recently. I asked a few months ago if he still wanted to, and he was all, NO, HE IS GAY, BECKY. (...Making a tragic face at how Captain Hammer ruined their potential love. And suddenly, I am craving frozen yogurt.)

I didn't want it to be his defining feature, sooo..I didn't include it in the main profile. It's down below in an offhand comment. (Bats for the other team~) I am telling his roomies, since he is going to be a bundle of awkward if they change clothes in their room (which they have every right to, but, Rook will be all Do Not Want).

But yeah, that could encourage him to come out. Especially since he wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.

And there are many other fish...mutants in the pond! So later on, she could come to like someone who is both cute and straight (or bi). And it'll help since she will probably have become more comfortable as herself interacting with people in person rather than the internet?

Score for the bolder picture being closest. That was my third attempt, so...improving is good.
dizzydazzle's avatar
Yes, I suppose Nat could always find herself another mutant fish. Maybe one that glows in the dark or something...
Also, read all that, totally didn't put together that "bats for the other team" meant gay. I feel kind of stupid about it now, LOL.
So I'll go along with that storyline if thats OK with you and if it even comes up at all. (She won't be mean to him when she finds out, she has a few gay friends on the internet. Although she has mixed views from her military parents about 'dont ask dont tell')
Any more personality tips about Rook that would like to bestow upon me?
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