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Older Rook

Rook grows be slightly scruffier. Alas, he is still as lame as ever, even though he has been trained to at least start the battle with a proper heroic challenge-y line. (Ignore how he immediately ruins this.) He also managed to incorporate a hoodie and stripes into his uniform. Skiiiills.

Ho'snap. Everyone else is getting older too. And they all grow up to have such awesome uniforms. It does the X-Men proud~ (Well, and the Hoodlings too. But X-Men like to fight well-dressed villains, right?)

Amy: [link]
Beck: [link]
AU!Beck: [link]
Evelyn: [link]
Russell: [link]
Muno: [link]
Nina: [link]
Lee: [link]
Natalie: [link]
Gunner: [link]
Curtis & Amy (aka, Bad Ass Boot Society): [link]
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Aww, I hadn't seen it since today! Poor Rook! Still huggable :3