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Tobias Wallpaper

This is for tobyf because I was a long time I promised to draw something or him, and also because I admire his works.

I’m very proud of this wallpaper, because I spent a lot of time to make it ^ ^

Contrary to my other arts, I wanted to avoid adding too many details in this one. My goal was to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. I managed to make it thanks to the white and pastel pink color and the font used. I was inspired by Tobias’ site, which is simple, small but pleasant to visit. However I also added some colored rectangles, I couldn’t help it ^^;

As for the character … I’m sure you adore this little furry like I love it #^^# The lines look very smooth with beautiful curves because I used Adobe Illustrator, a vector program, to draw the character. The colors were made with The Gimp and I used the same gradient technique than my previous art “Amisay W.04”. Contrary to my thoughts it was very easy to draw Tobias like this… and I got more experience with the gradient technique after drawing him.

…he looks like a little chocolate seal! Yum yum n_n

This is a 800x600 wallpaper; I have also a bigger resolution version but I will not submit it cuz this current one suits very well for users who have a 1024x768 screen resolution (choose the “centred” option and add a white border when you choose the wallpaper of your desktop) Please try it! I’m sure you’ll not regret it!
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Awww, what a little cutie!!!
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Waaaah c'est trop mimi ! :3 J'adore le fond, tu l'as fais ? Le choix des couleurs est grandiose
NekoAmine's avatar
merci ^^ je voulais créer l'impression de légèreté dans l'image. le fond je l'ai chopé sur le net: c'était un gros bloc bleu d'iceberg bien massif fait en 3D, et moi j'ai appliqué un petite colorisation en rose et j'ai augmenté la transparence.
pinkraven's avatar
Oh mais ya pas de copyright sur le font ? T'as pas peur que le dessin soit supprimé ??
NekoAmine's avatar
mince...j'avais pas pensé à ça...
je vais demander l'auteur...
pinkraven's avatar
Ouep ! Parce que des deviations supprimées, j'en ai eu ! :shakefist:
NekoAmine's avatar
j'ai envoyé un mail à l'auteur, et si il veut pas, ben ça fait rien, je prendrai une image d'iceberg libre de droit.
pinkraven's avatar
De toute façon je ne vois pas pourquoi l'auteur refuserais... :)
Mais si il refuse, ça veut dire que tu vas supprimer l'image ou juste la changer ?
NekoAmine's avatar
pas question de supprimer l'image!!! non je remplacerai simplement le fond pour un fond libre de droit

de toute façons je viens de recevois la réponse de l'auteur, et il a accepté!

ouf! :)
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Wow great coloring and I like the lay out.
NekoAmine's avatar
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My pleasure.
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That's one beautiful wallpaper Amisay! ^^ J'adore petit Toby! Hehehe ^^' Je vais 'fave' this one :3 (I don't know how you'd say that)...but it means :+fav:

:giggle: I like the combination of bright colours on toby, and the pastel background :3 It's a good contrast! This also happens to be one of the nicest wallpaper's I've seen in a long while :)
lisatails's avatar
Ah ^_^ The second one must mean "I put it in my faves?" (if translated directly). So... "ajouter" is "to add" ^^; ? Sorry I ask too many questions :3 :giggle: ...but those pronouns are evil! *points at them* :rofl:

Awww a little plushie for me!! :heart: ^^ He's so cute!
NekoAmine's avatar
(damn, i forgot to reply to that post >< !!!)
indeed, "ajouter" means "to add"! but ton't be sorry to ask question, it would be a pleasure to teach you some things in French ^^

*gives u the fish plushie that come with the seal plushie*
lisatails's avatar
Hehe, that's ok ^^ thanks!
NekoAmine's avatar
thank you for your nice comment and the fave #^^# *blush and gives you a toby plushie*

to reply to your question we usually say in french "Je l'ajoute dans mes favoris" ("I add it to my faves") or "Je le mets dans mes faves". Yes we use some English words sometimes.
Aristo's avatar
OH tu connais ce merveilleux artiste!!

(j'adore ton dessin il est trop super!!!!)
gospel's avatar
You sucessed in creation the perfect atmosphere you were trying to achieve. I am.. amazed with how you were able to make the background seem so calming with a single ice block picture. [Or an iceburg. I think that is what they are called..]

how you made a purple color bar for his name was... amazing! It makes this wall paper seem so professional! I happen to also enjoy how you colored in Toby here [To let you know, he looks more like a Caramel seal than a chocolate one. xP]

Still, every color works together here so elegantly because they are light pastel colors [Like purple, and light lavender!] I am just... well... WOW. Great job on this!!
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super zoli ^^
ThePandamis's avatar
Il est tres beau ^^
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