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Christmas Friends 2004


, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,Vlad the Vampire, Max Andershi, Crystal Tail, Black Gatomon, Pocket Wisp, Elea, Valentin, Crazy Pocky, Lucie, Brock, Santa Claus, Nights, Chocobo, Kwetsch, Chao, the ChuChus, the Cotons, the Evil Wizard, my birdie, the Graffiti Soul, the Grand Condor, the Spiny Shell…would love to catch the last present available after the Christmas celebration…

But don’t dream too much, pals!! That present belongs to , , , , and only !!!!!


Finally, I’m happy that I’ve finished the giant Christmas group pic I’ve promised! I know that it’s a little late (3 months? Is that what you call “a little” Amine?!?). But I think that there was no need to post this art exactly at the period of Christmas: indeed, the main interesting subject represented here is more “Yoohoo! Let’s have fun pals!” than “Merry Christmas everyone!”. At least I’ve made it just before the end of Winter! For the first time, I don’t feel really sad of my late, what is a good thing ^^ This is the biggest art I’ve ever made, but I don’t think I’d be able to make this kind of work everyday ^^;

This group pic contains 63 different characters. Most of the featured characters are my friends from Deviant Art, but there are also some pals from, some fans that sent me some nice fan arts by mail, some friends I knew on other circumstances, some friends of my friends, some friends that are in my comic course, and some characters that exists only in cartoons or video games. This art is a tribute to everyone that supported me during five years by enjoying my arts, sending me fan arts, and making me happy. I wanted to show them that I’m grateful to their kindness. Now I hope that I haven’t forgotten one or two friends to draw o.o

Enjoy ^^


-Indian ink for the lines,
-water-soluble color pencils,
-a brush to wet the colors, so as to obtain the smooth gradients,
-paper: 220g/m², 30x42 cm,
-computer, for the sky and the stars,
-some craziness in the brain!


[link] <--- a “map” with the names of all of the characters.
[link] <--- the art in its real size, about 1Mb
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Visitor257's avatar
This looks like an all Sega, no Nintendo allowed chrismas party.
NekoAmine's avatar
lol that wasn't the intention!
Frankyding's avatar
OMG! That is SO adorable!! I LOVE all the details!! :love: :dance:
NekoAmine's avatar
Thanks! But four years later it's more the faults on drawings I see now ^^;
NotHereAnyMor's avatar
Man..that's CRAZY!!!
NekoAmine's avatar
Yep! I'm krazy =p
Thanks for the fave :)
firelancess78's avatar
BTW,whats the username of the one with the uzi in the pic?
firelancess78's avatar
i think i faved this age's ago,but i never commented on it.........
oh well,it mayjor league rock's,and definetly must have taken quite a while to draw all of those charecters.
i especily like the one with the uzi ^^
NekoAmine's avatar
I thank you for taking interest to my drawing and faving it even after its long time of most on dA n.n
To reply to your question, I don't know what's the exact meaning of an uzi, so I'll say the yellow character with her red dress and the gun at the left side of the pic is named Lakki ([link]) and the black cat with the bazooka is Darkdoomer ([link]). Anyway, you'll surely find your answer with this art map I'de made: [link]
firelancess78's avatar
yeah,i did mean the yellow one.what she is holding looks like an UZI to me.........
thank you for the help ^^
SoniaHedge's avatar
hey je savais pas que j'avais été mise sur un autre dessin! lol c cool il est full mimi ton dessin^^
NekoAmine's avatar
Merci Sonia ^^
En fait j’avais su un peu tard que tu étais sur dA, et j’ai un p’tit peu oublié de t’envoyer un message ^^ ; (un tout p’tit peu)
SoniaHedge's avatar
lol pas grave je suis flatté d'y être pareil^^^^^^^^
tutun's avatar
wow c'est super ce dessins la j'aurais aimer etre dedans.... en tk continue comme sa
NekoAmine's avatar
Merci ^^ Je pense qu’il y a moyen de faire un petit montage…
kittykt's avatar
*hugs* sorry i've been away a lot, but thankyou heaps for that :) Made me happy today when I saw this ^^
NekoAmine's avatar
no worries, you're welcome ^^
i hope you site will be up soon!
lugiayoshi's avatar
Is that Hinky in the huge snowball.
NekoAmine's avatar
The pink char in the snowball? No, it's Kwetsch, one of my creations.
Who is Hinky?
lugiayoshi's avatar
The green pickle with the red eyes.
NekoAmine's avatar
Oh, it's a watermelon, because a friend of mine have the name of this fruit as a last name XD
CrypticVensy's avatar
Oops. XD I wasn't sure if I faved I faved it to see it was removed. X.X *added again* Sorries~

:heart: This picture still rawks.
NekoAmine's avatar
Thank you ^^
Is there any problems with deviantART? I always think sometimes it doesn't validate our choice when we fave an art or when we add a friend on our devwatch...
appletrees's avatar
Hey, I found Myself XD
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