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Yahoo in Fashion

By Neko-Vi
If Yahoo was a gown ~
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Thank you for every comment and fave ^.^
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I love the design^^
animeartist8315's avatar
O.O.......... The worlds biggest neck tie! XD Beautiful!
Cerashekus's avatar
  • Somebody uploaded it on their account.. :I [link]
TheHalfBEAST's avatar
i remember when yahoo was red XD

but this dress is beautiful purple <3333

oh mio Dio, ho appena realizzato che si vive in Italia!
sting-wolf-2000's avatar
your yahoo,msn and youtube are the best. i actually NEED the msn one <3<3
Oshawott0077's avatar
I love the colors!!! X3 so beautiful!! I don't even like dresses but I love these!!
angeliIy's avatar
Pheonix-Of-The-West's avatar
Hmmm...I don't quite the sash, something more edgy or elegant? I love it still!
Fluttershyiscute's avatar
It's supposed to look like a Y.
werekitty13's avatar
It's a giant tie.
Pheonix-Of-The-West's avatar
I actually meant like. Lol!
SerenadingLove's avatar
MiharuShiro's avatar
Ma tu sei un genio! ma seriamente!!! Hai una grandissima fantasia! Ti auguro davvero di portare sempre avanti il tuo talento =)
TheEmeraldMasquerade's avatar
Love the design and the pattern on the fabric.
bettylane's avatar
that .. sash thing is basically a huge vagina. does anyone else not notice this? anyone?
starxchan's avatar
i think it looks more like a rather large tie, actually.
bettylane's avatar
sorry, that's what I see :shrug:
Melissas-randomness's avatar
I can't unsee it now.
Thanks D;
ShioriSky's avatar
U should make a Bing one
Sweet-N-Freak's avatar
It's so purple xD.
FallenMonster's avatar
Hell yea I am going to wear that for prom!
shaunafaye's avatar
I have an idea! Do AOL! Do it,do it!
mobyfufu's avatar
AWSM! Have you ever considered making a Skype dress? It would be so great! LUVZ UR ART!!!
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