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Swan Lake Loli Collection

The brand new Lolita collection is finished <3 I hope you liked the theme and my coming back to lolita fashion.
Now... tell me what's your favorite one! =)

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Desysketch's avatar
Beautiful and elegant design.Greetings from me
TeamRocketOtaku's avatar
Love it!! The second black swan and the fourth white swan are my favorites!!
marumaru17's avatar
This is so pretty :love:
shaktikannon's avatar
you a great artist
Kainoa-Kain's avatar
The first and second black ones are some thing I would want.
Ellohra's avatar
I would totally wear the black one on the far right omg
Hyikate's avatar
Honestly the 5th black one, on the right and the 2nd black one looks like a perfect design for someone who use a fencing sword like Amy from Soul Caliber 4
Frills-Of-Justice's avatar
wow! I love the ones with the rainbow patterns the most <3
ShadowDrake666's avatar
very elegant! second white and fourth black are favs.
Hell-is-a-56's avatar
I love the first Odette and the last Odile the most. :nod:
DarkHeianPrincess's avatar
The first two black, the first two white, and the last black one...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chey4ever's avatar
AliciaJewel's avatar
I really like the fifth black one!
Dokine's avatar
These are just astounding! I would actually like to see a kodona collection of the forest animals, the prince, and Rothbart from Swan Lake!!!
Gothic-Romantic99's avatar
They all look pretty. The fourth and sixth white ones and the second, third, and fifth black ones are my favorites. Lovely work with this collection.
MidnightErza's avatar
Those details.... oldretardedblueC.C 
breezeblocks's avatar
oooh, i want to make one of these, though i don't know if you'd be okay with that :)
DMSignature's avatar
Looks like a lot of hard work, time and skill went in to this. To be honest it's a little bit over my head, the whole fashion thing, so I probably can't appreciate this at the level I should; but it still looks great so keep it up!
rukiaans91's avatar
I can't pick a favorite! I want them all!!! Gorgeous! <3
Darkbloodstar's avatar
Maripon's avatar
MuteStyle's avatar
Love the black swans colours! Nice job!
BubblyBunnyBash's avatar
Woah! Adorable and beautiful! Love it! Nice job, Vi!
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