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Pinterest in Fashion

If Pinterest was a gown~
First piece of WEB IN VOGUE: part 2!

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Queen-of-Ashes's avatar
so pretty! such a nice colour
VampirateLycan's avatar
This. I want this. :D
You should of made it glittery and rainbow barf witch is the definition of pintrest.Basicly it is glitter and rainbow barf.
fsg384's avatar
my second favorite *-* (one is wikipedia)
suzymc's avatar
I love it! it's like a candy cane! <3
deviant-Eunice's avatar
What a great idea! Love the dresses :)
Jamzybunny's avatar
This would look great on a Summer runway... :heart:
schrod1ng3r's avatar
i am so tempted to make this omg <3
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
This dress really fits the site! Awesome!
NatariSaru's avatar
I love your Pinterest dress! Call me crazy, but it reminds me of a Christmas gown ^_^
Sweet-N-Freak's avatar
God it's so cute. I love the red and white, this dress is beautiful.
lilmsdestiny's avatar
adorable kinda reminds me of strawberries and whipped cream
rubygloom73's avatar
wow this one is awesome
the-Modest-Godess's avatar
I've never heard of Pinterest, but this is beautiful!
unicornomics's avatar
This is adorable
Yoko-tan's avatar
Really cute, I would totally wear this, I love the poofed sleeves plus the little ribbon around the waist is an added bonus :iconiloveitmoreplz:
f-a-i-t-h-l-e-s-s's avatar
Can I pin this? They will love it there!
ZuhGiggler's avatar
I could actually see myself wearing this one! It would be super cute, too bad it's not real :(
Hayazaki-Iroke's avatar
As a big fan of Pinterest, I must say that you've managed to capture it quite well! plus, it's a simply beautiful gown ♥
angeliIy's avatar
Aeidhryn's avatar
*goggles* pretty
icerose05's avatar
Pinterest? What's that?
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