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Military Loli Winter Dress

☆ Military Loli ☆

<<Roger Roger, here is Loliworld Air Force, F-15 Strike Eagle. We're going to attack the enemy's headquarters by high speed blue ribbon bullets. Target locked.>>

Second piece of my second Loli Dresses Winter Collection <3
If you don't know what Lolita style is, look and read this [link]

Featured with the Military Loli Summer Dress [link] :3

Thank you for every comment and fave!
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Looks like a Ballgown and dress uniform had a kid. :|

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Cute! I especially like the plane on the skirt. Very cute!
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Both dresses look great! There's one small detail though, women in the armed forces wear necktabs rather than neckties
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...This might sound stupid, but shouldn't the aiguillette be on the other shoulder?
Because if it's like that in your picture, doesn't that mean it's being worn at a military funeral?
(or did I just remember wrong?)
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It depends on the chord being worn. A funeral has nothing to do with it either. Most chords are word on the right shoulder.
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Loliworld Airforce, I love that.
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i like these military dresses!!
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This one is very classy *.*
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This is simply gorgeous! I'd be less intimidated by the drill sergeant and the warden if she wore this or if he made us wear this XD
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Yes I'd like to be made to wear this. As a trans woman.

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Wow, it's so... pretty! The character in my story is actually wearing a dress like this... though i'm having difficulties describing it. ^-^' But it's great, really! :}
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Loliworld Air Force! XD
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Hahaha this one is great!! Haha!!! I would wear it! ;DDD
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OMFFFGGGGGGG I CAN MAKE THIS?! (Sorry, my english sucks, really e-e...) I LOVE IT!! soon there will be a masquerade, and this suit is perfect * - *!
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wow...this looks amazing.
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I'm actually in the US Air Force. I love this dress! I would wear it as my uniform if I had the option to do so. :D
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Absolutely Stunning!!
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I see you thar hetalia person :D
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