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Megaupload in Fashion

By Neko-Vi
If Megaupload was a gown ~
I made this design in "memory" of Megaupload, closed days ago. Now I'm going to start a new project design, make a dress-version of every big web communities and programs like Facebook, YouTube, Google or Yahoo!

Follow me on facebook: [link]

Thank you for every comment and fave ^.^
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Omg I love this one so much! haha hahahah so clever Miss you megaupload !

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we should all make this and go wear it at Quantico's door ^-^
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your making me miss MU even more ;___; ♥
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Megaupload didn't go anywhere! It was made into a gown! :XD:
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Wooow, from all I saw, THIS one is awesome and full of dynamism!!!!!

... and nostalgic.... . _ .
I must not forget Megaupload...
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R.I.P. Megaupload. We will never forget you~
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Megaupload has been laid to rest. No matter how mad people are or harsh feelings are held against, it's not the way to do.
For now, it shall rest in peace. Till someone finally bring it back somehow.

It's simply in loving memory of a lost paradise.
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If Megaupload had an open casket funeral, it would be wearing this dress...
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This is awesome! Try memebase :D
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R.I.P. meagaupload you make a beautiful dress
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i miss megaupload TT-TT
FearlessLullaby's avatar
:C If only megaupload was still up...
1st-Recon-Lylith's avatar
R.I.P. MegaUpload.

I MISS YOU. :iconcryforeverplz:
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rip megaupload
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{since megaupload got shut down}
a true peice that is almost to sinful to wear
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This is going in my favorites for postpartum respect.
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you are soooooooo creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooo Jealous
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