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outer senshi 2

And finally we did it!
Dawn, the roof of the house, Koenigsberg church in the background, outer senshi.
Me as Uranus
[link] as Pluto
Haruhi as Neptune

Special thank to Marico for photos

more photo our sailor moon cosplay

and more, more, more ....
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awesome you should create a movie or a short vid perhaps!
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Thank you! Maybe sometime
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very cool(ó㉨ò)ノ♡
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Whoa there!
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Amazing photo!
I'm a fan!
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Very nice. I believe that this turned out rather well if you ask me.
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Three beauties in revealing Miniskirts.
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wow your pose is amazing <333
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nice you 3 should try the Starlights too.
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Glad you were able to get a shot like really suits the characters. ^^
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SUGOIIII!! <3 <3
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This is one of the better Uranus, Pluto, Neptune cosplays.
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Ahh so epic!!!
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