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Shiva sisters

Costume inspired by Shiva sisters

Nix and Stiria are the most vivid characters in the game and I let my imagination run with them. I incorporated a lot of steampunk and mechanical elements :3 It was a real challenge, I redrew leg armor several times to make it more anatomical so Lightning would be able to move in it! 

In third-person games we're watching character's back 80% of the time, so I consider Lightning's behind one of the most important part. That's why I made a low back and a tattoo ;)
I don't usually submit my drawings on DeviantArt, because I don't have much time to draw for myself and not for work Т_Т But as soon as I heard about customization contest, I couldn't help but draw several nights in a row still working at daytime.  So now I look like a zombie and all of my sketches don't fit in one collage, but I'm ready to do more just to receive an autograph from Nomura-san!

I know my watchers and fans of my Lightning cosplay will understand my passion and wish me luck)

P.S. I'm not going to sleep another night and draw a second costume for Lightning XD

My second concept - Ifrit Lightning
Ifrit version by neko-tin
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I like how you've experimented with the Shiva Sisters 
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Something different other than Odin that's what I like.
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очень эффектно
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The mechanical elements on her shield and tattoo are really nice touches; it adds a slight Steampunk element, almost as if she were a clockwork knight. I think choosing Shiva as inspiration for this outfit was a good choice, as it makes the costume very visually interesting. Like I mentioned on another design submission, if I were a woman and had the body for it, I would cosplay this outfit in a heartbeat!
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Thank you so much for your coment!
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And thank you for the great artwork! I hope that someone sees your design and cosplays it in real life for you sometime!
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MY FAvorite one  i hope this one wins!
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Thank you so much!
I like your guardian force themed costume :D i hope i could be as creative as you XD
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You're welcome~~
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beautiful as picture, not bad
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wow I'll let this win... a good presentation for illustrating customization of lightning.
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this is amazing and intense! wow
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really great work. I can see this going far
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You are definitely a winner. Everything is detailed and laid out down to the bone. You're amazing, my friend. Keep doin' what you do. :D
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Thank you so much for your words!
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