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Hypnotic Zatanna

I really like this character. Zatanna is unusual comic book character, She has elements of vintage and pin-up. I saw her in the DC comics and illustrations adamhughes . His art-works inspired me for cosplay.

Photo by Pavel Tarbaev
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You make a great Zatanna, I would love to see you update her, to the way she looks in her last solo series, before DC started the 52 series. Cause you have such sexy legs, I think the adding of the shiny leather thigh high boots with 3" to 6" high heels, would made them legs, even SEXYER. Hope you don't get mad for me saying so! Can we be friends? I hope so, cause you can never get too many of them, enemy's if you have one, that five to many.
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EEP! You are a wonderful Zatanna and your expression is VERY HYPNOTIC! Could you possibly upload a closeup of your face from this one?
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ну как это, у правого глаза злые. Можно конечно предположить, что и у левого тоже злые, но оно по крайней мере улыбается) в общем у тебя одна нога злая, другая чуть подобрее
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за то я как Оззии Осборн, могу говорить с коленками, когда скучно)
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ну что ж, вот и отличненько, нашли применение твоим коленкам. Косплей ещё и полезен, как мы видим
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))) я понимаю это глупо, но у тебя левое колено улыбается, а правое злится) ну вообще классная фотка
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А я что-то не вижу разницы))
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I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled...but those legs just didn´t end :D

Wonderful picture, I don´t know the character, but I will have to take a look because it seems to be a very beautiful and sey one =)
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Astoundingly hypnotic

I love your eyes

In fact your whole presence is hypnotic...almost like your putting a spell on me ;)

Brilliant work once again, your Zatanna cosplays are amazing :thumbsup:
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Gorgeous. Very commanding attitude, too.
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very lovely, great cosplay
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I´m yours, neko-chan... <3 <3 <3
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