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Xmas Annie event 2018

Sat Dec 1, 2018, 8:40 AM

Hey guys!
I'm excited to tell you Annielender is here for another year!
We hope all of you like the incoming babies we've prepared this season ♥

What's Annielender?

Annielender is a Christmas Calendar event for Annies that begins on December 1st and ends on Christmas Eve!

A total of 24 Annies will be released, one per each day.
All of them will be submitted to Yamio gallery and the official Anniverse group.

Annielender2018 [EVENT] OPENS 8PM CET FTO 9PM FFA by Yamio

Each Annie has a base price and they will be released each day at 8pm CET

Each design is hidden behind a color palette preview so they're all a surprise!
You can purchase any day once the event starts or wait until they are released (if they haven't been bought yet).

For more info please check out the official journal here:

♥ Annielender 2018 


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:iconstarlipop: :iconmintae-chii: :icon01nu: :icondenaemoon: :iconhen-tie:
:iconvalyriana: :iconsueweetie: :iconbabypippo: :iconshushia: :iconlanahx3: :iconneko-rina:

New to the species? Check out the official Anniverse group to get to know their amazing world and stories ~

♥ Lore of Annies ♥


Halloween Annie Event

Sun Oct 28, 2018, 1:04 PM
Hallowannie has finally started! Yay!
I'm so happy to have taken part on this event and be able to do something for the spooky month for once ♥

This Event will run from October 27th to October 31st

A total of 13 Annies will be released.

3 Annie will be released per day and for the last day 1 will be released. All of them will be submitted to Yamio gallery and the Anniverse group.

Please check out all the info about the event here:



New to the species? Check out the official Anniverse group to get to know their amazing world and stories ~

♥ Lore of Annies ♥


A guide about referencing

Sat Oct 7, 2017, 11:48 AM


Hi everyone!
Few weeks ago me and a lot of talented artist gathered to talk about something important. We've all noticed there's a wide misconception and confusion about about the limits and ethics of referencing in the art community, so we have decided to help by clearing up the idea of what referencing is through a collaborative journal we wrote all together!
We really hope this will be the first steps in creating a saner community for everyone, from professional to amateur artists.

(I know this is a very long text but trust me, it's worth the read for anyone)

-- You can also watch a video about it, just click here

If you wish to give us or the community some more feedback or simply join in the discussion, please do so on Hyan's journal, as we want to keep the discussion centered in only one place (hence I'll proceed disabling comments here):

A guide about referencingWe are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here
What is referencing?
When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.
In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more t

Also if you find this helpful feel free to share it with your friends, family and on all your social media. This way you'll also be helping us and the community!

And now onto the point ~

What is referencing?

When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.

In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more than what you did at the start. By expanding your knowledge, you can draw things your own way thanks to the information you gained from your previous search.

And you can do this as much as you want. This does not make your art worse, and it doesn’t make you any less of an artist; it actually means you are aware of your current limits and that you wish to overcome them and improve.

Why should I reference?

Studying from real life or professional works of others helps build a memory of how objects are shaped, observe how they move, and perceive depth (seeing things in “3D”). Over time, your mind builds a library of shapes, forms, and ideas. But memory isn't always accurate, so having references also helps refresh those ideas and can possibly bring inspiration to an artist as well!

Sagiri references! So should you!

Why is referencing important?

To put it simply, referencing gives you an opportunity to improve by offering a collection of real life and professional resources to study and recreate in your own way.

By referencing, you are also observing things captured in nature and life. Drawing blindly shuts you away from reality, and you will not be able to grasp the form and shape of things as easily because you're not observing anything. You're not learning of the things around you that fuel your brain to become creative and inspired.

Referencing also allows you to pick up on techniques other artists use. You can find ways to replicate another artist’s style in portions, then adapt those techniques to your own style. It’s a good way to develop your skillset as an artist.

Sometimes you might get stuck in same-face syndrome or same-pose syndrome, or even same-lighting or same-composition syndrome. Referencing someone else’s work can help you break the cycle and experience different feelings and aesthetics! It refreshes your brain and your sense of beauty. Artists who don’t reference will often get stuck in “style ruts” and get bored doing the same things over and over again. If you feel the boredom or feel you’re not improving as quickly, maybe it’s time to reference something challenging!

How do I reference?

Grab an image, observe and absorb how everything works there, study the object/part you are going to draw, ask questions to yourself, such as “why does the light bend that way in this part?”. Look at the small details, think about them, and then try drawing it.

Remember to supplement referencing 2D images/photos and graphics with observing real, 3D space. The reason for this is that doing 2D art is actually creating optical illusions of depth, and you can’t capture the sense of real depth if you don’t look at real depth in real life.

What is the difference between referencing and copying a style?

While referencing means gathering information to draw things on your own way based on that info, copying a style means you found some info and you are going to use it exactly as it is, without changing or putting your own artistic touch to it.

Copying a style may eventually lead you to a dead end because you are only relying on the artistic sense of another person. It makes you look like you have no opinion on your own. What if the artist you are copying ever stops improving or drawing at all? You’ll then have no way to move forward because you won’t know how to draw things by yourself.

But people say that referencing is wrong and it’s stealing?

Referencing is not stealing. It is mounting your vision onto the framework of another artist’s vision. It would be stealing if you take the vision of the other artist, didn’t alter it at all, replicated everything as exactly as possible, then passed it off as your own idea. But if it has your own style on it, your own take on it, then the closest it might be called is an “homage,” especially when it’s done with admiration for the referenced piece in your heart.

Professional artists reference all the time. Some pros will use reference boards, pin up images all over them, and continuously go back to them throughout their work process. This helps them stay grounded to their vision and not lose their way! Some artists will call this collection a “concept bible” or an “inspiration map” and collecting references for these is an indispensable skill for any art director. Professionals also reference for technical details because trying to memorize everything might not always be as efficient as looking things up! Books for posing, color, anatomy and architecture are published for artists to use for this purpose.

Collecting references, not only from other artists but through real life, helps expand an artist’s “visual library”. Observation is a key aspect in understanding how the world we visualize functions because of these characteristics. Referencing helps our memory on the subject in order for us to more quickly and accurately draw said subject in future works. It is important that what we translate from real life is understood by the audience as well. While we stay true to life, it is also our goal to emulate it in our own tastes.

Referencing only becomes a problem when an artist too heavily relies on a certain aspect that it is near identical to what is being referenced. Aside from losing the uniqueness of your own creativity, you are not quite honing in on the skill or comprehension. It is fine to trace or heavily reference, only in the interest of improvement and studying, so long as it is either not shared publically, or credit is given to the artist you are heavily referencing from.

If you’re really uncertain whether your referenced image is too close to the original, you can still upload it as long as you make it clear in your description that this is a “study” and don’t make money off of it, or if you have an agreement with the artist of the original for another arrangement. Otherwise, if you’re still too nervous, you don’t have to share it… but you should still reference because it’ll help you improve!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should reference from a wide range of sources and artists rather than limit yourself to one or two. Variety is always good, and it makes sure that you aren’t referencing one artist too closely for comfort!


Where do you find your references and how do you store/organize them?

:iconvipop: I generally keep organized folders of references for different things such as lighting, poses, colors, etc. My references come from multiple sources such as pixiv, instagram, and twitter ! It's important to try a variety of reference materials (anime style, photographed, etc) to develop a wide base knowledge. Learning how to observe, how to interpret those observations, how to put them on paper (or a digital application), and eventually how to add your own twist or spin become valuable tools for improving!

:iconmatomiki: My sources online are mostly pixiv and twitter (sometimes facebook too), because there’s a diverse range of applied techniques and sometimes you just see something and it occurs to you that you’ve never treated the reference object in that light! I’m nowhere near as organised as Vi though haha, thankfully since I tend to browse twitter via my phone and there’s a handy save function, my twitter gallery folder is mostly filled with reference material or really pretty compositions I may look back on. However, just as often I like to go on google images and use stock images. I also take reference pictures (gardens, interesting forms, lighting) with a compact Canon when I go out, no matter what occasion you’re bound to find something of inspiration outside. That being said, even if you don’t go outside you can still get some good reference pics (selfies!!!). I like to indulge myself with selfies when there’s strong 3pm sunlight or softer, coloured sunset light but I’ve actually found they’re a great way to study how light falls onto the face, clothing and surroundings!

:iconkanekiru: I have some references saved on dA, but most of the time, I remember what artists I’d like to revisit and their typical drawing subject. If it’s for more of a general idea, such as palette or anatomy, I’ll usually just search it up on google. There are some good free-to-use photography image-providing websites that are very helpful, and along those lines, palette/color-providing websites. I personally haven’t used them myself, but I would definitely recommend searching a bit if you’re interested. I also often retweet artwork that aesthetic pages share for artists who are old or already deceased. These are very inspirational, and I would definitely recommend seeing the beauty in old artworks as well. I’ll now and then sift through my twitter timeline or my favorites for recently shared artwork. Discord is also an amazing website for storing and sharing resources amongst other artists. It is also interesting to see how artists of different styles will also reference from resources that would not generally fall within their style. But that’s how you learn to understand the fundamentals, and how these elements and principles can be applied differently.

:iconneko-rina: it’s basically the same for me. I sometimes go to whatever artist gallery to get inspiration/reference for compositions, poses, colors… Others I just save the pictures that I find interesting on my computer or gallery favs, but I also find many references on my daily life. I usually find myself staring at people or objects, I feel fascinated about how some things are shaped in life and I try to remember details that can help me draw these things later at home.

I also own dolls that I use sometimes as anatomy references. I like to play with the poses and look at them from different angles until I find something that can make an interesting composition.

:iconberrysquid: If I’m browsing Twitter or Instagram, and I see something I like or might use, I save it on my computer/phone for future reference and note which account I found it on in case I want to revisit that page. This applies to anything, whether it be art style, anatomy, composition/flow, color combinations, poses, photographs etc. If I’m looking for a specific image, like a pose or a certain object, the easiest way is Google Images. I’ve also noticed that you can find a lot more than you think on Pinterest, since that’s where I usually go nowadays for photo references of people, or certain styles of outfits. On top of that it helps to take photos on your own -- if I’m referencing a certain part of the body I just use a mirror and/or my phone, and if I see something pretty (this especially applies to scenery and food) while I’m out and about I’ll usually take a photo of it. And finally, for random inspiration, I just scroll through the feeds of artists I like, OR my own and/or others’ Favorites folders on DA; sometimes you’ll notice things there that you forgot about before and it can help you make something completely new~!

:iconnovareeee: My main sources are image boards like danbooru, which have a neat tagging system if you're looking for specific body movements or outfits. With an account there, I can favorite artwork I like and visit back without endless searching (eventually I save them all and organize them locally on my desktop). Other sources are artists from Twitter and Pixiv. For bodies, I also use DesignDoll, which has proven to be a very neat program for posing 3D models, and occasionally I'll play with physical mannequins to study a pose from various angles. For clothes, I browse Pinterest or google. I also happen to work in the apparel section in retail, so I get the opportunity to see all sorts of clothes as well as observe customers (how they're shaped, how they move, etc.).

:iconhyanna-natsu: I get references from everywhere, Pixiv, Twitter, DA, Danbooru, Pinterest, free-stock-photos sites, search engine. If I need something, I search for it no matter where; internet is endless and amazing, and lucky enough, most of the images are tagged. As as soon as I see an useful tutorial I save it on “how to” folder, inside “references” folder, which has another ones to most necessary things to me, like faces, anatomy, shading, night lighting, and so on, all of these are a folder filled with references related to only that topic, so it is easy to find. Basically, if I see it, it is good, I save!

 :iconvanilla-cherie: I find references from everywhere! Usually pieces of artwork, photography, and movies give me inspiration for my artwork and I often use that initial inspo piece as part of my references. I use Pinterest to store my references, but I usually just have a ton of tabs open with references when working on a certain piece. Pinterest is my favorite reference organizer though~ I especially like that the Pinterest feed will also recommend similar pins which makes it easier to find new references! When trying to get a certain pose I often use myself as a reference with my mirror. Sometimes it hard to find the exact reference I’m looking for so making my own references is really helpful~ I find references really help with setting the ‘mood’ you are trying to achieve with your artwork as well and creating a ‘mood board’ of references can really help with achieving the theme you are going for~!

:iconvalyriana: I find references often by googling what I want to draw. As example, I often google specific scenarios, expressions or poses. It's pretty easy to find something what I was looking for in the ever expanding internet full of sources! I use anime pics, real life photos and even figurines to study anatomy and poses. For coloring references I often look at pictures and try to find a way to draw something similar but with my own twist! Sometimes I use guides to learn how to color certain things and they all have helped me tons to improve my art over the years. I have a lot of dA favorites of references and other useful drawing technique tips and sometimes I just collect pose ideas etc. to my pc. I use sometimes design doll program and real life objects as well. Mirrors come also handy and I reference my own hands for poses too!

:iconnyanfood: I usually get my references from twitter, pixiv, deviant art and pinterest for general digital illustrations --  I gather a mix of materials, from illustrations to sketches to photos to guides, and I save them in an organized folder on my computer. I also have materials from Patreon -- in my case, it’s from Kawacy and Shilin -- as I tend to pay for additional study materials from artists that use techniques I have trouble replicating. Finally, I have a stash of artbooks and photobooks on my shelf to reference for analog work if I decide to work at high resolution for the possibility of printing. For poses, I use Designdoll to get a framework and a perspective, then use anatomy illustrations and diagrams to fill in the necessary details. For the most part, I tend to keep a mental bank of what artists are known to me for what techniques and I visit their work as needed. However, if I’m doing exercises and warm-ups, I almost always prefer to draw from real life and will put together random objects from the kitchen to do lifestudy from. I will people-watch and draw reference from the city when I feel particularly constrained. Places like the gym, sports meets, dance studios are all great for studying dynamics and gesture.

:iconfawnbun:  Most of my referenced images are divided into two main folders, one for inspiring styles/compositions, and one for color palettes! I have a few extra folders that are used for when attempting a specific style; such as anime, digital paintings, copic art etc. I find my references everywhere, from dA and Twitter to color schemes on people's profiles or photography. Because I save so many unique things, I have a wide variety of references to pick from. For a challenge, it's fun to go through and pick a random image to try drawing elements from, I find it’s an interesting way to learn certain skills that you may not be actively seeking out!

:iconpemiin: Originally, I didn’t use other’s art for reference very much, as it would make me feel bad due to believing it was wrong! (I know better now though) But I do have a huge folder with beautiful art that have inspired me through the years! I often find inspiration through other people’s favorites, likes and tags on DA, twitter, Instagram, Pixiv and other websites I’ve come across. Sometimes I did reference for style practice though and studied how others did their art by looking carefully at their artwork. I also used a lot of references on naked models for anatomy practice, that I found through tumblr and DA. There’s also a website called posemaniacs that use realistic 3D models with visible muscles. I got into naked model referencing after attending a croquis session in school a few years ago. I would definitely recommend croquis it as it taught me A LOT in just an hour!

 :iconyamio: Just like Pemiin above, we grew up with the stigma that referencing was wrong! (It isn’t). I’m so happy to share my newfound knowledge! I like to collect references from dA, Pixiv, Twitter and Tumblr. I mostly collect pictures of cool lightning and colour schemes or neat poses! Sometimes if I struggle with a pose, I use the 3D modeling system provided by Clip Studio paint. It is not the most accurate but it can give a good “basic” view how the perspective works, and foreshortening. Collecting artbooks from well established artists with tutorials always helps me. Each artist has an individual way of drawing, and there is always something new to learn from each person you come across. I like to use my newfound knowledge as references as well, hence my art and colouring can change quite a bit depending on who inspired me. Which I think is great. Reference away and find your own aesthetics! ♥

Samples of referencing:

You can click on the thumbnails to see the full size!

[Click here to check more from other artists + sources ]

 Liev References + Inspirations by berrysquidRefrence.pngreferenceinspiration_by_valyriana-dboq93l.png

A big "Thank you" to all the contributing artists!

 :iconvipop: :iconneko-rina: :iconnovareeee: :iconnyanfood: :iconhyanna-natsu: :iconpemiin: :iconsueweetie: :iconvalyriana: :iconfawnbun:
 :iconvanilla-cherie: :icontashea: :iconnaomochi: :iconfreegels: :iconberrysquid: :iconpenguinkissus: :iconmatomiki: :iconkanekiru: :iconyamio: :iconrosuuri: :iconkaidachu: 

Once again remember to browse over Hyan's journal to join in the discussion or adding any feedback ~


Hola a todos!
Semanas atrás me reuní con muchos artistas muy talentosos para hablar de algo muy importante. Hemos notado que hay una gran confusión sobre los límites y de usar referencias en la comunidad artística, así que hemos decidido ayudar aclarando el concepto de qué significa usar referencias a través de un journal colaborativo que hemos escrito entre todos.
Esperamos de corazón que éste sea uno de los primeros pasos que nos lleven a crear una comunidad más sana para todos, desde profesionales hasta artistas noveles.

(Y sé que éste texto es muy largo, pero creedme, merece la pena leerlo)

Si queréis dejar vuestra opinión o hablar sobre el tema podéis hacerlo en el mismo journal de Hyan, nos gustaría mantener el debate centrado en un único sitio (por lo que los comentarios del mío estarán deshabilitados):

A guide about referencingWe are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here
What is referencing?
When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.
In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more t

Y se éste artículo te parece útil no dudes en compartirlo con tu familia, amigos y en todas tus redes sociales. De éste modo tú también nos puedes ayudar a mejorar la comunidad!

Y ahora vamos al meollo de la cuestión ~

¿Qué es usar referencias?

Cuando hablamos de "usar referencias / referenciar" también podríamos hablar de "buscar información". Imagina que tienes que escribir una redacción para la escuela sobre plantas, animales, planetas... En otras palabras; de un tema del que no tienes ni idea. ¿Qué es lo primero que harás antes de empezar a escribir? Buscar información sobre el tema, ya sea en internet, libros, preguntándole a gente que conoces...

En el mundo del arte, referencias es exactamente lo mismo. Es reconocer tu falta de conocimiento sobre un tema específico e ir en busca de él. A base de expandir tu conocimiento puedes dibujar cosas que antes no podías, gracias a toda la información que has recogido en tu búsqueda.

Y ésto lo puedes hacer tanto como quieras. Referenciar no devalúa tu arte ni te hace peor artista, sino todo lo contrario. Significa que eres consciente de tus límites y que intentas sobrepasarlos para mejorar.

¿Por qué debo referenciar?

Estudiar de objetos reales o ilustraciones de otros artistas te ayudará a construir una memoria visual de la forma que tienen los objetos, de cómo se mueven, te ayudará además a percibir la profunidad (ver cosas en "3D"). Con el tiempo, tu cerebro se construye una biblioteca de formas, colores, ideas... Pero la memoria a veces no siempre es precisa, por éso usar referencias te ayudará a refrescar las ideas ¡además de traerte inspiración también!

Sagiri usa referencias! Tú también deberías!

¿Por qué es importante usar referencias?

Las referencias te ofrecen una colección de recursos que puedes usar para estudiar y recrear luego las cosas a tu manera, dando así la oportunidad de mejorar.

Al tiempo que referencias también observas cómo son las cosas. Dibujar a ciegas te cierra la puerta a la realidad. Si no observas el objeto que quieres dibujar, no puedes recoger toda su esencia en tu mente. No aprendes sobre las cosas que te rodean y que pueden activar tu cerebro para ser creativo.

Usar referencias también te permite captar técnicas de otros artistas. Puedes encontrar maneras de reproducir el estilo de otro artista y entonces adaptar esas técnicas a tu propio estilo. Es una buena manera de desarrollar tus habilidades artísticas.

A veces puede que te quedes atascado con el síndrome de la misma cara, o la misma pose, misma iluminación, misma composición... ¡Referenciar el estilo de otro artista te puede ayudar a romper ese ciclo y experimentar diferentes sentimientos y estéticas!  Te ayuda a refrescar tu cerebro y tu sentido de la belleza. Los artistas que no usan referencias se atascan a menudo por culpa de la rutina y se aburren de hacer siempre lo mismo una y otra vez. Si te sientes aburrido o te parece que no estás mejorando mucho, ¡tal vez es momento de referenciar algo que te suponga un reto!

¿Cómo uso las referencias?

Coge cualquier imagen, observa y absorbe cómo las líneas y manchas funcionan en ella, estudia el objeto o la parte que vas a dibujar, hazte preguntas como "¿por qué la luz cae de ésta manera sobre ésta parte?". Fíjate en todos los detalles pequeños, piensa en ellos, y luego intenta redibujarlos.

Recuerda además complementar las referencias en 2D con observar de objetos reales en 3D. El motivo es que realizar ilustraciones en 2D es en realidad recrear ilusiones ópticas sobre la profunidad que tienen los objetos, y nunca podrás plasmar ésa sensación de profundidad si no la observas primero al natual.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre referenciar y copiar un estilo?

Mientras referenciar significa buscar información para dibujar las cosas a tu manera, copiar un estilo significa que encontraste una información y la vas a usar exactamente como ya está, sin cambiarle nada ni poner tu toque personal en ella.

Además copiar un estilo te puede llevar a punto muerto ya que te estás apoyando únicamente en el sentido artístico de otra persona. Por un lado de hace parecer como que no tienes opinión propia. Y por el otro ¿qué pasará si el artista al que copias deja de dibujar? ¿o deja de mejorar por completo porque se estanca? No tendrás manera de seguir avanzando porque nunca habrás intentado dibujar las cosas a tu manera según tu propio criterio.

Pero la gente dice que usar referencias está mal y que es lo mismo que robar

Referenciar NO es robar. Es montar tu propia obra encima del marco de la visión de otro artista. Sería robar si cogieses la visión del artista, reproducieses exactamente todos sus elementos, sin alterar nada y luego lo hicieses pasar como tu propia idea. Pero si le añades tu propio toque, en un tu propio estilo, entonces como mucho lo podríamos llamar "homenaje", especialmente si lo has hecho con admiración hacia la obra que has referenciado.

Los artistas profesionales usan referencias todo el tiempo. Algunos se preparan tableros de referencias, donde cuelgan un montón de imágenes y así pueden recurrir a ellas continuamente mientras están trabajando. Esto les ayuda a estar centrados en la visión que quieren reproducir y así no perder el hilo. Algunos artistas lo llaman "La Bilbia de conceptos" o "Mapa de inspiraciones" y recolectar referencias para éste fin es algo indispensable para cualquier director de arte. Los artistas profesionales también referencian para detalles más técnicos, porque intentar memorizarlo todo no siempre es tan eficaz como simplemente mirar una imagen. Los libros sobre poses, colores, anatomía, arquitectura... se publican por éste mismo motivo, para que los usemos.
Recolectar referencias, no solo de otros artistas sino también a través de la vida real, nos ayuda a expandir nuestra "biblioteca visual". La observación es la clave para entender cómo es el mundo que ven nuestros ojos. Usar referencias nos ayuda a reforzar la memoria sobre el objeto en cuestión para así en el futuro dibujarlo más fielmente. También es imporante que lo que emulamos en  2D pueda ser reconocido y entendido por nuestra audiencia. Podemos hacerlo todo lo realista que queramos sin tener que renunciar a nuestro propio toque artístico.

Usar referencias sólo se convierte en un problema cuando el artista se apoya demasiado en aquello que está referenciando. Así pierdes parte de lo que te hace único, parte de tu creatividad, además de que te pierdes parte del concepto de asimilación y comprensión. Copiar y trazar está bien simpre y cuando se haga con el único propósito de estudiar y mejorar a través de ese estudio, y por supuesto no compartido públicamente, o que al menos le des crédito al artista u obra que estás copiando / trazando.

Si no estás seguro de si tu dibujo es demasiado parecido al original o no, puedes compartirlo igualmente siempre que dejes bien claro en la descripción que se trata de un "estudio" y que no hagas dinero a través de ello, o que tengas un tipo de acuerdo especial con el artista en cuestión. En cualquier caso si estás muy nervioso y no te fías no es necesario que lo compartas... ¡pero deberías seguir usando referencias porque éso te ayudará a mejorar!

Otra cosa a tener en cuenta es que deberías usar una gran variedad de referencias para así no limitarte. La variedad siempre viene bien y así te aseguras de no estar referenciando demasiado a un sólo artista.


¿De dónde sacas tus referencias y como las guardas/organizas?

:iconvipop: Generalmente las organizo en carpetas de diferentes cosas: luces, colores, poses, etc. Mis referencias vienen de muchos sitios: Pixiv, instagram y Twitter. Es importante tener una gran variedad de materiales que puedas referenciar (anime, fotografías, etc.) así puedes adquirir una buena base para el conocimiento. Hay que aprender cómo observar, cómo interpretar esas observaciones, cómo pasarlas al papel (o en aplicaciones digitales), y poco a poco también a aprender cómo añadirle tu toque personal y darle giros personales. ¡Todo ésto son herramientas muy buenas para mejorar!

:iconmatomiki: Mis recuros online vienen sobretodo de Pixiv y Twitter (a veces de Facebook también), porque hay infinidad de maneras de cómo aplicar las técnicas y a veces pasa que ves algo y nunca se te había ocurrido probar a dibujar ése objeto con ésa luz en concreto.
Yo no lo llevo de manera tan organizada como Vi, ¡jajaja! Por suerte como tiendo a pasear por Twitter desde el teléfono y hay una opción de guardar muy práctica, mi carpeta de Twitter está llena de materiales de referencia o de composiciones bonitas para poder repasarlas luego. Pero también me gusta pasar a menudo por Google y buscar stock de imágenes. También saco muchas fotos (jardines, formas interesantes, luces) con una cámara Canon compacta cuando salgo. Nunca sabes cuándo te encontrarás con una fuente de inspiración cuando estás fuera de casa.  Y aún sin salir de casa también puedes conseguir buenas referencias (¡como los selfies!). A mí me gusta hacerme selfies cuando hay luces fuertes, suaves, puesta de sol, y he descubierto que ésto es una manera genial de estudiar cómo la luz cae sobre la cara, la ropa, los alrededores...

:iconkanekiru: Tengo algunas referencias guardadas en dA pero la mayor parte del tiempo simplemente recuerdo a qué artista quiero referenciar así que me repaso su página y la manera en cómo dibujan ciertas cosas. Si es una idea más general como una paleta de colores o anatomía entonces lo suelo buscar en Google. Hay algunas páginas web gratuitas muy buenas donde encontrar fotos e imágenes para estudiarlas, igual que sitios donde puedes encontrar paletas de colores. Yo no las he usado de momento, pero recomiendo echarles un ojo si estás interesado. También retwiteo mucho de páginas de aesthetics que comparten imágenes para artistas mayores o que ya están retirados. Son muy inspiradoras y recomiendo mucho apreciar la belleza de obras antiguas. Discord es también un buen sitio donde encontrar material y compartirlo con otros artistas. Es muy interesante ver cómo artistas de estilos muy diferentes referencian de imágenes que usualmente no pegarían con su estilo. Pero así es como aprendes los fundamentos y a cómo aplicar cada elemento y técnica de manera diferente

:iconneko-rina:  Para mí es más o menos lo mismo que ya han mencionado mis compañeros arriba. De vez en cuando paso por la galería de ciertos artistas para recoger inspiración o referencias sobre composiciones, colores, poses... Otras vez simplemente guardo imágenes que me parecen interesantes ya sea en el ordenador, o en una carpeta de favoritos online, pero también encuentro muchas referencias en mi día a día. Muchas veces me quedo absorta observando la gente u objetos, me fascinan las formas que tienen algunos elementos e intento recordar detalles de ellos que me puedan ayudar a dibujarlos más tarde cuando llego a casa.
También colecciono unas muñecas que a veces utilizo como referencia para la anatomía. Me gusta jugar con ellas a probarles poses y mirarme cada parte del cuerpo desde diferentes ángulos hasta encontrar una composición interesante.

:iconberrysquid: Si estoy paseando por Twitter o Instagram y veo algo que me gusta o que podría usar, lo guardo en el teléfono/ordenador para futuras referencias y me fijo en la cuenta que lo ha subido en caso de que quiera volver a visitarla luego. Ésto lo haga para todo, ya sean estilos de dibujo, anatomía, composición, color, combinaciones, poses, fotos, etc. Si estoy buscando alguna en concreto como una pose o un objeto entonces lo más fácil es ir a Google. También he notado que se pueden encontrar muchas más cosas de las que creían en Pinterest, ya que actualmente es allí donde va la mayoría de la gente cuando busca fotos de referencia sobre gente, estilos y ropa. También ayuda sacarse fotos uno mismo --si necesito referenciar una cierta parte del cuerpo uso el espejo y/o el teléfono, y si veo algo bonito (en mi caso suelen ser paisajes o comida) mientras estoy fuera pues le echo una foto. Y finalmente, para inspirarse así porque sí, me paseo las galerías de los artistas que me gustan, o mis carpeta de favoritas o las de otra gente; a veces te das cuenta de que guardaste cosas de las que ya te habías olvidado y éso te puede ayudar a crear cosas nuevas!

:iconnovareeee: Mis fuentes son mayormente sitios como Danbooru que tienen un sistema de tags muy bueno sobretodo si estás buscando un movimiento del cuerpo en concreto o ropa. Con una cuenta ahí puedo hacerme una carpeta de favoritos para guardar las cosas y así no me hace falta volver a buscarlas otra vez (y de tanto en cuanto las guardo y me las organizo en el escritorio). Otras fuentes que uso son artistas de Pixiv y Twitter. Para los cuerpos también uso DesignDoll, un programa muy bueno para poses de modelos 3D, y de vez en cuando también juego con maniquíes físicos para estudiar una pose desde varios ángulos. Para la ropa paseo por Pinterest o Google. Además trabajo en la sector de venta de ropa al por menor, así que siempre tengo la oportunidad de ver muchos tipos de ropa, además de observar cómo les queda a los clientes, qué forma consigue la tela, cómo se mueve, etc.

:iconhyanna-natsu: Yo saco referencias de todos lados, Pixiv, Twitter, dA, Danbooru, Pinterest, páginas de stock, buscadores... Si necesito algo lo busco en donde sea. Internet es increible y no tiene fin, con un poco de suerte todas las imágenes llevan algún tipo de tag. Siempre que veo algún tutorial interesante lo guardo en una carpeta de "cómo dibuar...", o en una carpeta de "referencias", y ahí guardo todo lo que necesite para utilizarlo luego a la hora de dibujar caras, anatomía, sombreado, iluminación nocturna, y así... Cada referencia la guardo en carpetas de diferentes temas, así luego es fácil de encontrar. Básicamente si lo que veo me gusta, ¡lo guardo!

 :iconvanilla-cherie: ¡Yo encuentro referencias en cualquier lugar! Normalmente las fotos, ilustraciones, películas me dan inspiración para mis dibujos y suelo usar esa inspiración inicial como parte de mis referencias. Para guardar mis referencias utilizo Pinterest, pero normalmente tengo un montón de pestañas abiertas con referencias cuando trabajo en alguna ilustración concreta. Pero Pinterest es mi sitio favorito para organizarlo todo ~ Y me gusta que además ellos mismos te recomiendan pins similares, cosa que facilita el encontrar nuevas referencias. Cuando intento conseguir una pose en concreto entonces me uso a mi misma de referencia frente al espejo, ya que a veces es complicado encontrar la referencia exacta de lo que buscas. Yo creo que las referencias te ayudan a preparar el aire/ánimo/rollo que estás intentando plasmar en el dibujo, ¡por lo que también es conveniente recoger referencias que te sirvan para ésto!

:iconvalyriana: Muchas veces encuentro referencias simplemente googleando lo que quiero dibujar. Por ejemplo a menudo busco paisajes concretos, expresiones, poses... ¡Es muy fácil encontrar cosas en el mundo sín límites que es Internet! Uso ilustraciones de estilo anime, fotografías e incluso figuras para estudiar poses y anatomía. Para referencias sobre colorear suelo mirar dibujos e intento encontrar una manera de dibujar éso mismo pero con mi propio toque. A veces uso guías para aprender a colorear algo en particular, todo ésto me ha ayudado mucho a mejorar mis dibujos. Tengo muchos favoritos en dA con referencias y consejos muy útiles sobre dibujo, y a veces simplemente guardo ideas para poses, etc. en mi ordenador. A veces uso el programa DesignDoll y objetos reales también. ¡Los espejos son muy útiles y además referencio mucho mis propias manos para las poses!

:iconnyanfood: Yo suelo conseguir mis referencias por Twitter, Pixiv, DeviantArt y Pinterest para ilustraciones digitales en general. Recolecto una mezcla de materiales que van desde bocetos a fotos, a guías... y las guardo en una carpeta organizada en mi ordenador. También tengo materiales sacados de Patreon, --en mi caso en concreto son de Kawacy y Shilun -- ya que suelo pagar por materiales de estudio adicionales de artistas con los que tengo problemas a la hora de reproducir su técnica. Por último tengo un escondite de artbooks y libros de fotografías en mi escritorio para usar como referencia en trabajos análogos en el caso de que decida trabajar con resoluciones muy altas con posibilidad de imprimir la ilustración. Para las poses uso DesignDoll para conseguir un poco la idea y perspectiva, luego uso ilustraciones de anatomía y diagramas para rellenar el resto de detalles. En general intento tener como un banco mental de cosas por las que es conocido cada artista (en el sentido de las técnicas) y visito sus galerías cuando lo crea necesario. No obstante, si estoy haciendo sólo ejercicios de calentamiento entonces prefiero tirar de objetos reales. Me voy a la cocina, cojo cuatro objetos y hago un estudio de ellos. Cuando me siento muy estresada me gusta dibujar cosas que haya por la ciudad. Sitios como el gimnasio, quedadas deportivas  y estudios de baile son geniales para estudiar dinamismo y gestos.

:iconfawnbun:  La mayoría de mis imágenes de referencia las divido en dos carpetas; una para estilos y composiciones interesantes, y otra para paletas de colores. Tengo también otras pocas carpetas para cuando pruebo estilos específicos como anime, pintura, copics, etc. Encuentro referencias en todos lados, desde dA a Twitter,  a paletas de colores de los perfiles de la gente o de fotografías. Como guardo muchísimas imágenes luego tengo una gran variedad de referencias de donde escoger. Si busco un reto puede ser divertido coger una imagen cualquiera e intentar dibujar algunos elementos de ésta. Creo que es una forma interesante de aprender algunas habilidades que normalmente no buscas.

:iconpemiin: Al principio no utilizaba arte de otras personas a modo de referencia porque yo también pensaba que éso estaba mal (¡ahora soy más lista!). ¡Pero sí que tengo una carpeta enorme con ilustraciones preciosas que me han ido inspirando mucho a lo largo de los años! A menudo encuentro inspiración al pasar por los favoritos de la gente, los likes, los tags de dA, Twitter, Instagram, Pixiv y otras páginas. Otras veces he referenciado para practicar un estilo concreto y he estudiado cómo otros hacen sus ilustraciones, a base de poner mucha atención en sus obras. También he utilizado muchas referencias de modelos desnudos para practicar anatomía, algunas de las cuales se pueden encontrar mor Tumblr y dA. Y hay un sitio llamado posemaniacs que utiliza modelos 3D muy realísticos donde puedes ver sus músculos. Me aficioné mucho a referenciar de modelo al desnudo después de asistir a una clase de croquis en la escuela hace años. Recomiendo mucho éste tipo de sesiones, ¡a mí me enseñó muchísimo en sólo una hora!

 :iconyamio: Igual que Pemiin ha comentado anteriormente, nosotras crecimos con el estigma de que usar referencias estaba mal (¡y no es verdad!). Estoy muy contenta de poder compartir éste conocimiento. A mí me gusta coleccionar referencias de dA, Pixiv, Twitter y Tumblr. En su mayoría recojo imágenes de iluminaciones interesantes, paletas de colores ¡o poses chulas! A veces si tengo problemas con una pose utilizo el sistema de modelado 3D que tiene Clip Studio Paint. No es el más preciso, pero te puede dar una buena "base" de cómo va esa perspectiva o el escorzo. Coleccionar artbooks que incluyen tutoriales de artistas de renombre también me ayuda mucho. Cada artista tiene una manera diferente de dibujar y siempre hay algo nuevo que aprender de cada persona con la que te cruzas. Me gusta utilizar cualquier descubrimiento reciente como referencia también, por éso mi estilo y coloreado puede cambiar bastante dependiendo en quién me inspire. Cosa que pienso que está genial. ¡Referencia cuanto quieras y encutra tu propia estética! ♥

Ejemplos de referencias:

Clicka en las miniaturas para ver la imagen con más detalle.

[Haz click aquí para ver más ejemplos de otros artistas y sus fuentes ]

 Liev References + Inspirations by berrysquidRefrence.pngreferenceinspiration_by_valyriana-dboq93l.png

¡Muchísimas gracias a todos los artistas que han contribuido al journal!

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How to be popular

Sun Jul 30, 2017, 11:05 AM

Hi everyone!

I've been receiving many messages and comments on all my social media since several months ago asking me to give you some tips to gain popularity.

So due to popular demand here it is!

The ultimate "How to be Popular" guide by Rina-sama ~ ♥
Pay attention, guys!

1. Make a new account with a super cool name. 90% of your popularity will only come if you picked an awesome name.
2. Draw whatever shit in just 5 minutes and spam all the people in the world telling them how AMAZING your art is and why should EVERBODY follow you. If they ignore you, spam them until they block you. The more you get blocked the better!
3. Go to sleep, when you wake up the next day you'll be the most popular person of the world. Ta-da!


That's what you were expecting me to say, right?
Well, I'm sorry to deceive you but... that was a joke ~

But it is true that I have been asked a lot about popularity. I get many messages like this one:

"Hello, I'm new to this site and I want to be popular like you. Could you tell me how you did it?"

There are so many things that are wrong in that kind of reasoning >_<
I want you guys to understand that there is not a magic formula to become popular. This is not a perfect math equation where 2+2 will always be 4.

Sure, there are some "aproximated ways" to do it but what worked for me may not work for you and viceversa.

Now, let me make this crystal clear. If you're reading this journal in hope that I will give you the solution as to how you can become popular, I can give you just one tip:

Close this window right now

and dedicate your life to something else.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh but I have to be it for you to understand that pursuing anything (art, maths, biology, music, whatever) with the sole purpose of becoming popular through that action will not make you happy and will surely NOT make you popular.

I understand the feeling and need of popularity. The human being is born with that necessity, we all want to play the main character role in this adventure called Life as much time as possible. (And that's not wrong in fact, as I said it's a human necessity) but you can't live with this sole purpose, there are many more things worth your time.

First of all, people can feel when you are trying your best at something because that makes you happy, and they can also sense when you're just screaming for attention and you don't really care about the way you get that attention.

So basically, the procedure of:
"I want to be popular. What things can I do to become that?" will only lead you to failure.
Because popularity (in 99% of the cases) only comes after a loooong time of hard work and growing up as a person (and as an artist in our case).
People who wishes and asks tips to be popular are only looking for quick and easy fame so in most cases they will give up after a few weeks because "it's not worth so much trouble and time". Therefore, pursuing popularity will only lead them to fail and frustration.

Do you really want to be popular? Well, first forget about being it.

You should focuss on enjoying this journey, on being happy through the art you create, not just on the final result which would be "popularity".

"But Rina, I want to know how you became popular"

(I'm hoping at this point you shouldn't think such questions but since I've been asked this quite a lot too, here I go...)
May I be honest with you? I don't have a single clue.

I've worked hard on my art skills ever since the day I started taking this seriously. I haven't taken any special actions, I just... worked and tried to be happy through art, and eventually more and more people noticed me.
So why? If I've been doing the same for years, why did it not work right at the start?
Because... (what did I say earlier?) popularity only comes after a loooong time of hard work and growing up as a person.

That's it! Nothing else!

It sounds easy, right? Well, it is NOT! xD
Because we're not just talking about improving your skills, but also your social abilities, and in fact you get to learn a bit of marketing as well.

There are people who have amazing drawing skills, but then... they may be assholes who doesn't know how to speak to another human being without creating conflicts, or maybe they just don't know how to sell themselves well enough (they think just posting their awesome art online will magically attract tons of followers).

To put it one way: 50% of your success will depend on your art skills, and the other 50% on your social skills and other factors.

"Nobody told me I should have social skills to be popular!"

Oh, sorry, but it is to be expected since humans are made to socialize!

You cannot expect people to socialize with you (aka follow you, like you, support you...) if you aren't socializing with them too. It must be a reciprocal thing.
Do you want people to talk to you? Notice you? Like your art? Support you? Then practice what you preach.
Don't just post your art and sit in front of the screen waiting for popularity to come at you.
Don't treat people like they're just a number and treat them as what they are: persons just like you.

Lastly I would also like to point out that your so yearned Popularity is a double-edged sword in fact. (We could even say it's like a big poo decorated with glitter xD)

"Being popular" doesn't mean you will be loved by everyone, it doesn't mean you'll be rich from night to day, it doesn't mean you will be happy, it doesn't mean people will support you.
"Popular" is just another way to say that "Your name is familiar". (Ah, that doesn't sound so cool anymore, right? xD)  And when your name is familiar what may happen?

        ♦ People may love you because they feel attracted to you (because of your personality, art, etc...)

        ♦ People may love you just because others love you (and they just want to feel part of the same group).

        ♦ People may love you so much that they'll think you MUST love them back and they may become annoying or even dangerous stalkers.

        ♦ People may fake love and aproach you because you're famous (aka your name is familiar) hence they think they will become famous too (as if popularity could be spread like a virus x'D)

        ♦ People may hate you just because others love you (they want to be different).

        ♦ People may hate you just because others hate you too (they want to feel part of the same group).

        ♦ Haters will surely haunt you, bug you, throw shit at you for no reason. (They feel pleasure by disturbing another human being)

        ♦ Haters will pay attention to any small movement you make and search a way to turn it against you.

And maaaaany more options...

So is popularity good? No.
Is it bad? Neither. 
It is just a situation that is full of possibilites and different outcomes.

Therefore if it just a situation, a momentary thing, a complement... Why would you want to care so much about achieving it? There are other things much more important than this in your life.
That's why it is not healthy to focuss just on being famous or having a large amount of followers. People will come and go. You may be popular today, but not next week, and maybe be popular again 3 months later and so on...
But your artistic journey, all the experiences you gain, all the knowledge you gather (not only artistic but also social), the things you feel... All these things will stay with you and those are the things that will help to build yourself up.

*huff huf*
//gulps water

I didn't want to make such a long journal, sorry >w<
I tried to synthesize as much as I could but it was hard as this is a very complex and delicate theme and I'm sure I've probably left much stuff unwritten. My intention is just to remind you all to enjoy your art.

If you've come this far I also want to thank you for reading such a thick text. I hope my words may be helpful for you, guys ♥

(Oh, and I hope you didn't take the starting prank the wrong way xD)

See you soon! ~


¡Hola a todos!

Desde hace meses he recibido muchos mensajes de gente que me pregunta acerca de trucos para ganar popularidad.

¡Así que a petición popular, aquí lo tenéis!

La Super guía de "Cómo ser popular", por Rina-sama ~ ♥
Prestad mucha atención!

1. Creaos una cuenta nueva y ponedle un nombre super chulo, pues el 90% de vuestra popularidad se basará en la genialidad del nombre.
2. Dibujad cualquier mierda en 5 minutos y empezad a hacer spam diciéndole a todo el mundo lo guay que es vuestro dibujo y porqué todo el mundo debería amaros y seguiros ciegamente. Si os ignoran seguid con el spam hasta que os bloqueen. ¡Cuantos más blocks mejor!
3. Iros a dormir, a la mañana siguiente seréis la persona más famosa del mundo entero. ¡Ta-chán!


Esperábais algo así, ¿verdad?
Pues siento decepcionaros pero ésto... era una broma ~ xD

Pero es cierto que mucha gente me ha preguntado acerca de la popularidad. Recibo muchos mensajes de éste estilo:

"Hey, soy nuevo en ésta web y quiero ser popular como tú, ¿Puedes contarme cómo lo hiciste?"

Hay muchas cosas que están mal en éste tipo de razonamiento >_<
Quiero que entendáis que no hay una fórmula mágica para ser popular. Ésto no es una ecuación matemática donde 2+2 siempre será 4.

Sí, por supuesto que hay "maneras aproximadas" de hacerlo, pero lo que tal vez me funcione a mí no tiene porqué serviros a vosotros y viceversa.

Y ahora ya dejemos las cosas claras. Si estás leyendo este journal con la esperanza de que te dé una solución para cómo hacerte famoso/a, te daré un único consejo:

Cierra ésta ventana ahora mismo

y dedica tu vida a otra cosa.

Siento mucho si sueno muy borde diciéndolo así, pero necesito que entendáis que perseguir cualquier sueño (arte, matemáticas, biología, música, cualquier cosa) con el único fin de ser alguien popular a través de ésa acción NO te hará feliz y por supuesto NO te hará popular tampoco.

Comprendo la necesidad de sentirse popular. Al fin y al cabo los seres humanos hemos nacido con ésa necesidad, todos queremos ser los protagonistas en ésa aventura a la que llamamos Vida, y cuanto más tiempo podemos serlo mejor. (Y no hay nada de malo en éste hecho, como ya digo es una necesidad de los humanos) pero but NO puedes vivir con éste único propósito, hay muchas más cosas que valen la pena.

Para empezar, las personas somos capaces de sentir cuando alguien está dando lo mejor de sí en algo porque éso le hace feliz, y por lo mismo también notamos cuándo alguien sólo busca atención y le da igual el medio que tenga que usar para conseguirla.

Así que básicamente pensar:
"Quiero ser popular. ¿Qué cosas puedo hacer para serlo?" sólo te llevará al fracaso.
¿Y porqué?
Porque en el 99% de los casos la popularidad sólo aparece después de muuuucho tiempo de trabajo duro y de mejorar como persona (y como artista también, en el caso que nos atañe).

La gente que desea y pregunta qué tiene que hacer para ser popular sólo busca una manera rápida y fácil de conseguir fama, y en la mayoría de los casos lo dejarán en unas pocas semanas porque "no merece la pena invertir tanto tiempo y trabajo en ello". Por lo que ya véis, perseguir la popularidad les llevará a fracasar y frustrarse.

¿Realmente quieres ser popular? Pues empieza por olvidarte de serlo.

Deberías centrarte en disfrutar de éste viaje, en ser feliz a través del arte que creas, no sólo en el resultado final que sería la "popularidad".

"Pero Rina, yo quiero saber

cómo  te volviste popular"

(Llegado a éste punto del texto espero que no os estéis haciendo ésta pregunta, pero como también me la han hecho bastantes veces ahí que voy a responderla...)
¿Os puedo ser sincera? No tengo ni puñetera idea.

Yo he trabajado mucho en mejorar mis habilidades artísticas desde el día en que empecé a tomarme ésto seriamente. No he hecho nada especial aparte de... trabajar e intentar ser feliz a través del arte, y llegó un momento en que la gente empezó a verme más.
Así que ¿porqué? ¿Porqué si llevo años currándomelo sólo empiezo ahora a ver el resultado y no justo cuando empecé?
Porque... (¿qué os he dicho antes?) la popularidad sólo aparece después de muuuuucho trabajo y de crecer como persona.

Es eso. No tiene mayor misterio.

¿Suena fácil, verdad? Bueno, ¡pues NO lo es! xD
Porque no estamos sólo hablando de mejorar tus habilidades artísticas, también hablamos de las habilidades sociales, y de hecho llegas a aprender algo de marketing también.

Hay muchísima gente que dibuja genial, pero luego... a veces son unos imbéciles que no saben cómo mantener una conversación con otro ser humano sin crear conflictos, u otras veces simplemente no saben venderse bien (y se creen que sólo con subir sus maravillosos dibujos a intenet éso mágicamente atraerá a un montón de seguidores).

Por decirlo de alguna manera: el 50% de tu éxito dependerá de tus habilidades artísticas, y el otro 50% de tus habilidades sociales y otros factores.

"¡A mí nadie me dijo que tenía que saber socializar para ser popular!"

Vaya, lo siento, pero es de esperar ya que ¡los humanos estamos hechos para socializar!

No puedes esperar que la gente socialice contigo (véase; te sigan, les gustes, te muestren sus apoyo...) si tú no socializas que ellos de vuelta. Ésto tiene que ser algo recíproco.
¿Quieres que la gente te able? ¿Sepan de tu existencia? ¿Les gusten tus dibujos? ¿Que te apoyen? Pues practica lo que predicas.
No sólo subas tus dibujos y te quedes esperando frente a la pantalla a que la popularidad venga a ti.
No trates a la gente como si fuesen meros números, trátalos como lo que son; personas igual que tú.

Por último quisiera hacer incapié en que vuestra tan amada Popularidad es un arma de doble filo en realidad. (Podríamos incluso decir que es como una gran caca pintada de purpurina xD)

"Ser popular" no significa que la gente te vaya a querer más, no significa que te vayas a volver rico de la noche a la mañana, no significa que vayas a ser feliz, no significa que la gente te vaya a apoyar ciegamente.
"Popular" es sólo otra manera de decir que "tu nombre me es familiar". (Ah, ya no suena tan guay ¿verdad? xD) Y cuando tu nombre es muy familiar ¿qué es lo que puede pasar?

        ♦ La gente tal vez te quiera porque se sienten atraídos a ti (por tu personalidad, tu arte, etc...)

        ♦ La gente tal vez te quiera simplemente porque otros te quieren ya (y desean sentirse parte de un mismo grupo).

        ♦ La gente tal vez te quiera tanto que creerán que tú también estás OBLIGADO a quererles de vuelta y se pueden volver molestos o acosadores peligrosos.

        ♦ La gente tal vez finja quererte para acercarse a ti porque eres famoso (véase tú nombre les suena) por lo que creen que pegándose a ti ellos también se volverán famosos (ni que la popularidad pudiera contagiarse como si fuese un virus xD)

        ♦ La gente tal vez te odie sólo porque otros te quieren (necesitan sentirse diferentes).

        ♦ La gente tal vez te odie porque otros ya te odian (y de nuevo quieren sentirse parte de un mismo grupo).

        ♦ Los haters te buscarán y molestarán y se inventarán las mil y una para echarte mierda encima sin razón. (Porque sienten placer en la desgracia de otro ser vivo)

        ♦ Los haters estarán atentos a cualquier movimiento que hagas para darle la vuelta y echártelo en cara.

Y un montóooon de cosas más...

Así que ¿es buena la popularidad? No.
¿Es mala? Tampoco. 
Es sólo una situación que está llena de posibilidades y diferentes resultados.

Por lo que si es una situación, una cosa momentánea, un complemento... ¿Para qué preocuparse tanto por conseguirla? Hay cosas mucho más importantes en vuestra vida.
Además es que ni es sano obcecarse tanto en ser famoso o en tener una larga lista de seguidores. La gente va y viene. Hoy puedes ser popular, pero no serlo la semana que viene, y luego serlo de nuevo a los 3 meses y así siempre...
Pero vuestro viaje artístico, las experiencias que ganáis, todo el conocimiento que conseguís (no sólo artístico, sino el social también), las cosas que sentís a cada momento... Todo ésto se queda con vosotros y son las cosas que realmente os ayudarán a seguir construyendo la persona que sois.

//necesito agua

En realidad no quería hacer un journal tan largo, lo siento >w<
He intentado resumirlo todo lo máximo que he podido pero como éste tema es complejo y muy delicado es difícil y seguro que me he dejado cosas en el tintero. Mi intención es simplemente recordaros que disfrutéis de vuestro arte.

Si has llegado hasta aquí quiero darte las gracias por haber leído todo este tocho de texto. Y espero que mis palabras te sean de ayuda ♥

(Ah, y espero que no os hayáis tomado a malas la broma del principio xD)

Hasta otra ~

48hr FREE MYO event (CLOSED)

Fri Jun 9, 2017, 9:19 AM


Event is finally over, guys! I'm not accepting more entries now.
Thank you so so much for receiving my species with so much love. I'm still very shocked there was so many people interested in this event. It really makes me so happy ♥
Not sure if I will host a second MYO event in the future, as this was more stressing than what I thought, but it surely was an interesting experience! ^w^
I hope you all had lots of fun designing, it was so nice to see you play with the concepts of my species ~
I'll try to comment on each one of the entries, but it may take me a while. I'd rather spend more time and leave something meaningful than just a random "so cute". I hope you understand, guys ♥

Now for those who haven't finished their MYO in time or to those people who would like to get a second one, MYO tickets are on sale for $15-25 (depending on the species and traits). Refer to this journal for more info and how to purchase one:
Species MYO tickets [OPEN]Please make sure to read all the info before purchasing one, and if you still have any questions feel free to ask! ^w^
Whats a MYO?
MYO means "Make your own"
By purchasing a MYO ticket you are allowed to create/design a new character that belongs to any of my species/personal projects.
The design will be totally yours but you still have to credit me as the Creator of the specie.
Click on the specie names to be linked to their specific info.
Female, any traits: 15 usd / 1500 points
Male, any traits: 25 usd / 2500 points
Any Gender, all traits: 15 usd / 1500 points
Any gender, all traits: 15 usd / 1500 points

If your design was NOT aproved then you can NOT use it as part of my species. If you don't wish to purchase a MYO ticket please delete your participation or substract the specific traits from the design that make them part of my species.
I'll keep a list of the people who participated in this event and got their designs approved, so don't try to cheat. If I catch you using my species without my permission I will report you until you either fix or delete the design, or purchase a MYO ticket to make it officially as part of my species.

SMALL EDIT 1: Woot, I didn't expect to receive so many participations, it makes me very happy that you're liking my species, guys >///<
Also, I want to point out again that you READ THE RULES, please.
And... this is something more like a pet peevee of mine but please try to put some effort and seriousness specially on the journals and descriptions you have to write. I'm happy that many people are doing everything fine, but there are others who are on the line of not getting accepted...
For example, when I said the journal/poll should include at least a link to this event, it didn't mean that's the only thing you're supposed to add on it. Just a brief explanation is fine, like "I'm joining this event from Neko-Rina where you can win a MYO of her species for free. Come and join too" or similar things. It makes everything easier to understand to those who will see the journal/poll.
As well as explaining on your MYO submission what species did you choose and why, maybe even their traits, talk about their design, and mention me as the creator and host of the event.

It was probably my fault for not making it more clear but I also thought it is a common courtesy thing that everyone should do, considering you're getting something for FREE.

That said let's move on and continue the event!

Hi everyone!

Finally I gathered some time to think about this and host a...

MYO event! ♥

I think this will be cool since I'll be able to see which of my species are more interesting to you.

It's also my first time hosting this kind of event, please be gentle with me uwu
I promise I'll do my best to explain everything and make the process as easy as I can.

For those who doesn't know...

MYO = Make Your Own

With this event you have to chance to create a character that belongs to any of my species for free during 48 hours.

Keep reading if you're interested in getting one ♥


Click on the names to get redirected to their info and available traits for this event.


Any traits
Any gender


Any traits
Any gender


Any traits
Any gender


Common traits only
Any Gender

For this event Vegannies can only have COMMON traits! Keep it in mind please, if you make a Vegannie with uncommon traits it will NOT be accepted in the event.


♦ Be my watcher.

I assume if you like my species you are to be interested in my art as well, so a watch is a MUST.
New watchers are welcome but please do not join this event if you're only planning to unwatch me later. That is rude and unrespectful.

♦ Make a new POLL / JOURNAL featuring this event

Old polls or journals will not be accepted.
The journal / poll should include at least a link to this event.

♦ Once you're done with your design submit it to your gallery.

I will not accept or external links. It must be submited on your dA gallery.
Also credit me on the description as the host of the event and/or owner of the species.

♦ Comment ---> here <--- with both links (the journal/poll and your design).

♦ Must be finished and submitted within 48 hours.

Check ---> this timer <--- to know the exact time left.
Submitted entries after that time will NOT be accepted.

♦ Approved designs will be added in ---> this folder <---

If your design is there it means it is approved.
If you're unsure about anything read all the rules and species traits again carefully. Every species info comes with a little gallery at the end so you can have an idea of the general looks.
Be patient with me as I'm not 24/7 online. I tried to make the rules as clear as possible so you don't have to ask and wait for my reply to work on your design. However if after reading all the info more than once there's something you still don't understand you can leave your questions --->HERE<---


♦ Designs MUST be clear and come with at least BASE COLORS.

I will not accept messy sketches or entries that don't include at least the base color of the character.
After the event is over you can only make minor changes to the design.

♦ Make sure you follow the SPECIES TRAITS and AVAILABLE TRAITS for this event.

♦ Both TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL media are accepted.

In case of Traditional media make sure the picture looks CLEAR ENOUGH. I will not accept blurry photos since that would be considered the same as a messy digital sketch.

♦ You can use BASES to speed up the drawing process if you want.

Just make sure you have the artist permission to use their bases.

♦ You can ask a friend / commission an artist to draw the design for you.

♦ You can NOT SELL / TRADE the design in the future. 

This is a free event, it would not be fair for me that you use the design as a bargaining chip.
It may only be gifted. This means if you gift the design to another person, the new owner is only allowed to gift it as well again.
Join the event only if you really want the design.

♦ Only 1 MYO per person.

Don't cheat using fake or secondary accounts.

♦ You can use the MYO slot to convert an already existing character into my species.

Make sure you edit its design to fit the species traits.

♦ If you don't finish/submit your design in time but still want to keep the MYO, they're on sale for $15-25 depending on the species and traits.

♦ Do NOT TRACE designs nor arts from other people.

If you're caught tracing, stealing or cheating somehow you'll be discualified and put in my blacklist.


Have fun designing and let your creativity flow ~ 

I can't wait to see what kind of designs do you come up with ♥

I hope you enjoy the event!

Species MYO tickets [OPEN]

Tue Sep 27, 2016, 2:00 PM
Please make sure to read all the info before purchasing one, and if you still have any questions feel free to ask! ^w^

Whats a MYO?

MYO means "Make your own"
By purchasing a MYO ticket you are allowed to create/design a new character that belongs to any of my species/personal projects.
The design will be totally yours but you still have to credit me as the Creator of the specie.


Click on the specie names to be linked to their specific info.


Female, any traits: 15 usd / 1500 points
Male, any traits: 25 usd / 2500 points


Any Gender, all traits: 15 usd / 1500 points


Any gender, all traits: 15 usd / 1500 points


Any Gender, Common traits: 15 usd / 1500 points
Any Gender, Rare traits: 25 usd / 2500 points

In the making

:iconprincesspistachio: female Lolimal
:iconevocative-enigma: Crystal Soul
:iconshinju--hashimfo: Crystal Soul

Questions & Rules

How can I get one?

  1. Leave a comment or note me if you'd like to purchase a MYO slot.
  2. I'll reply you and give you instructions for the payment. For Paypal orders I'll send you an invoice so keep in mind you'll have to provide me your Paypal address. For point payments please wait for my instructions.
  3. After I confirm you I have received the payment you can start designing your MYO.
  4. Once you're done with the design, please NOTE ME so I can approve the design before you post it publicly. (This is just to make sure you got the specie traits correctly)

Do NOT design anything if I haven't confirmed your slot first.

You can resell / trade / gift your MYO ticket.

Do NOT resell for a higher price.

MYO tickets are NON refundable.

If you resell / trade / gift it, please let me know who the new owner is.

Frequently asked questions:

-Is there a deadline to make the design?
No, there isn't so take your time ^w^

-Can I commission someone to design the MYO for me?
Yes, of course, just let me know about it to avoid any misunderstoods.

-Can I use the MYO ticket to turn my existing character into one of your species?
Yes, you can. Just make sure to adjust its design to fit the specie you've chosen.

-Can I use a base to draw it?
Sure, you can use your own base, and P2U or F2U bases from anyone.

-Can I buy more than 1 ticket?
Yes you can, you can buy multiple tickets at the same time and they can be for different species too.

-Do I have to credit you?
Yes, even if the design is totally made by you (or another artist), you still have to credit me as the Creator of the specie whenever you use the character (or at least sometimes). I love to see arts about my species from other people! ♥

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts left.

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Thu Sep 1, 2016, 12:17 PM


Just like the title says; My art are NOT FREE BASES.


  • Do not sell commissions using my pics as bases.

  • Do not use my pics as bases to draw your own characters or characters from other people, anime, manga, whatever...

  • Do not edit my pics in any way and post them online. (Erasing my watermarks is also considered editing so don't do that neither)

  • Do not sell physical/digital products with my arts on them.

  • Do not make renders out of my pics.

  • Do NOT repost/reupload my art anywhere. Even if it includes credit it's still wrong to reupload someone else's content without asking for their permission first.

Please, take a look at these explanations about Referencing and Tracing/Heavily referencing if you still don't understand the differences or why it is bad to trace:
Referencing vs Tracing. by Quartette Tracing is Not Referencing (Tracing FAQ)I feel like this needs to be explained, since with the recent string of tracing drama around some particular people I've notice a lot of confusion going on. So I'll try to explain for people who may be confused on the subject. If anyone has a topic that they think I should add or discuss, just let me know. If you want to share this journal, then go ahead. No need to ask!
Referencing and Tracing
Tracing and referencing are NOT the same thing.
Here's the distinction most experienced artists would make on the two subjects.Referencing = Having some pictures nearby to show you how things are done. They're not under your drawing, they're all around so you can see and remind yourself of the proper way to draw something. You're using them as tools to draw your own thing. References are there to keep you on track, but you're doing your own work.Tracing = You've taken a picture (or more. You can trace from several pictures on one piece) and put it underneath your o
  A guide about referencingWe are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here
What is referencing?
When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.
In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more t

I'm okay if you want to copy/trace my art for studying purposes only! But do NOT post it online, please.

If you ever find my art being used, traced or stolen please let me know!

--- ESPAÑOL ---

Tal y como dice el título; Mis dibujos NO SON BASES GRATUITAS.


  • NO vendas dibujos/comisiones que hayas trazado de obras mías.

  • NO utilices mis ilustraciones como bases para dibujar encima a tus personajes, los personajes de tus amigos, de animes, mangas, etc... 

  • NO edites mis ilustraciones bajo ningún concepto y mucho menos las subas a Internet. (Borrar mi firma también se considera edición, así que no lo hagáis tampoco)

  • NO vendas productos físicos ni digitales con mis ilustraciones.

  • NO hagas renders de mis ilustraciones.

  • NO resubas mis dibujos en ningún sitio. Incluso si incluye créditos sigue siendo irrespetuoso resubir contenido de otra persona sin pedirle permiso primero.

Si no tenéis clara la diferencia entre trazar, referenciar y heavily referencing, por favor mirad éstas maravillosas explicaciones y entenderéis porqué trazar es malo e irrespetuoso:
Referencing vs Tracing. by Quartette Tracing is Not Referencing (Tracing FAQ)I feel like this needs to be explained, since with the recent string of tracing drama around some particular people I've notice a lot of confusion going on. So I'll try to explain for people who may be confused on the subject. If anyone has a topic that they think I should add or discuss, just let me know. If you want to share this journal, then go ahead. No need to ask!
Referencing and Tracing
Tracing and referencing are NOT the same thing.
Here's the distinction most experienced artists would make on the two subjects.Referencing = Having some pictures nearby to show you how things are done. They're not under your drawing, they're all around so you can see and remind yourself of the proper way to draw something. You're using them as tools to draw your own thing. References are there to keep you on track, but you're doing your own work.Tracing = You've taken a picture (or more. You can trace from several pictures on one piece) and put it underneath your o
  A guide about referencingWe are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here
What is referencing?
When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.
In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more t


Acepto que copiéis mis dibujos para practicar y aprender de ellos, pero NO los subáis a internet, por favor.

Si encuentras ilustraciones mías siendo trazadas, copiadas, robadas o utilizadas sin mi permiso, por favor házmelo saber!

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Advice to any artists

Tue Jun 28, 2016, 1:12 PM
(Re-uploading cause I did something wrong and it didn't display on my journal section, comment here if you don't mind)

--- ENGLISH version ---

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

Today I'd like to talk about an important subject for anyone who sells commissions (or if you usually buy art I guess you can also find this journal interesting).

Basically I'm trying to save little amounts of money every month to try and commission someone every few months, because I never have much time to draw my characters and why not I want to support other artists too by commissioning them.
For the last 2 or 3 months I've seen a lot of my fav artists opening commissions slots but when I take a look at their info... they barely have a couple of rules and it's usually "I start working after I've been paid" or "No refunds" and that's all.
And this bugs me so so much because I've been scammed in the past where I paid for an artwork I never received (hopefully it wasn't a big amount), and even if I know those artists, even if I've been watching them for so long and I know they finish their commissions, I CAN NOT TRUST anymore again like that. I need rules, I need information, I need to know when I'll have my art done, I need to know what will happen if the artist gets sick and can't finish it, I need to know what can I do and what I can't do with the produced art and lots of other information.
And that's why EVERYONE should write down a proper Terms of Service (or Terms and Conditions, whatever you want to call it) file. Because when people spend their money into an art piece they are trusting you, they hope you won't get away with the money they worked so hard to have. And I think they deserve some "security"? I don't know if that's the best way to describe but you know, they give us their trust by commissioning us so we should at least make them feel secure about purchasing art. And in my opinion, I can't feel secure if I don't have any idea of how this artist works and what will be their attitude if something bad happens during the transaction.

So, please. Take a few minutes and write down a proper ToS, not just a couple of lines, write whatever tiny detail that you think it's important, like do you provide wips? what's the estimated time for a commission? do you have a drawing schedule? (this is important if for example you're an student that can only work on weekends), is the commissioner allowed to re-upload the art somewhere? do you allow changes to the final piece? can the commissioner request a refund after a determinated time?...

I don't mind if you want to use mines as a guide so I'm going to leave a link here:
I think mines cover pretty much everything that can be important for both, the commissioner and me, the artist. You can also combine them with terms from other artists you know. I'd recommend also check Yamio Sueweetie onisuu ones, they are well explained and pretty detailed about many things (if you know anymore please leave it in the comments and I'll update this section asap adding them, I just can't remember more at the moment).
And of course, you don't need to copy exactly every statement from those example. Like on mines I say I don't show wips because that's my preference, but if you want to share wips with the commissioner then go ahead and change it. What's important here is not only what do all those rules say but also the fact that there are some rules that are there to help your commissioner know how you work and that will make them feel less insecure about spending their money on your art.

Some people may not care about this and just commission whatever artist without knowing them but I'm not like that. I've learned I'm a responsible person and artist but also that NOT EVERYONE IS NICE. And for EVERYONE I'm not meaning only artists who sells commissions but also the CUSTOMERS. Because let's admit this when you pay for something you automatically think you're someone else's boss simply because you're giving them money, and some customers use that as an excuse to treat you almost like an art slave, some will demand you to have the picture done in two hours, others will want a discount, and others will even request you to draw in another person's style because your services are cheaper than their fav artist (yes, I've seen people doing that).

So again, by making a ToS file you'll not only be encouraging potential buyers by making them feel more secure (because now they know more things about you and your working method) but you'll be protecting yourself againts bad customers who wants you to bleed while drawing a picture for them (that's probably a weird sentence but I hope you can get what I mean).

Also if you're planning to opening commissions for the first time or want to know how to avoid problematic transactions and chargebacks I'd suggest you to take a look at my FAQ (there I have a few tips for newbies -btw I hope that word is not offensive) and this journal I did on how to avoid chargebacks.

That's all, sorry if I sounded like a mother scolding her child but it bugs me so much to be misinformed when I have to spend money.
See you soon!

--- versión en ESPAÑOL ---

Hola a todos! ¿Qué tal estáis?

Hoy vengo a hablaros de un tema que me parece de vital importancia para todos aquellos que nos dedicamos a vender comisiones (creo que hasta para las personas que compran comisiones puede ser de mucho interés también).

Básicamente desde hace un par de meses me estoy dedicando a ahorrar un poquito cada mes para mis caprichos y así de vez en cuando poder pedirle alguna comisión a mis artistas favoritos (porque yo no tengo mucho tiempo para dibujar a mis personajes y también porque quiero apoyar a dichos artistas de alguna manera).
Durante éstos últimos 3 meses he visto bastantes artistas a los que sigo abriendo comisiones, pero cuando me leo su información... me encuentro con que apenas tienen un par de reglas y suelen las típicas de "No empecerá la ilustración hasta que no reciba el pago" y "No ofrezco reembolsos" y ya.
Y ésto me inquieta mucho porque a mí ya me estafaron una vez, pagué por un dibujo que al final nunca obtuve (menos mal que no era una cantidad muy elevada, pero aún así). Y aunque yo conozca a éstos artistas porque ya llevo tiempo siguiendo sus progresos y sé que siempre acaban terminando las comisiones, NO PUEDO VOLVER A FIARME. Necesito ver reglas, necesito información, necesito saber para cuándo estará acabada mi ilustración, necesito saber qué pasará si ése artista cae enfermo y no puede terminar mi encargo, necesito saber qué puedo y no puedo hacer con dicho encargo y mucha más información.
Y por éste motivo creo firmemente que TODOS tendríamos que tener un archivo de Términos y Condiciones (o Términos del Servicio o como cada uno le quiera llamar). Porque cuando la gente gasta su dinero en vuestros dibujos están depositando su confianza en vosotros, ellos esperan y desean que no saldrás corriendo con el dinero ni les dejarás en la estacada, por lo que yo creo que como mínimo a cambio los artistas debemos darles una sensación de confianza y tranquilidad y, en mi opinión, yo no puedo sentirme tranquila cuando le mando dinero a alguien sin tener la mínima idea de cómo trabajará o cuál será su actitud si se presentan problemas durante la transacción.

Así que por favor, poneos unos minutos y redactad un TyC como dios manda, no sólo un par de líneas, escribid sobre cualquier detalle que os venga a la memoria y consideréis importante, como por ejemplo: ¿mostráis bocetos? ¿qué tiempo aproximado habrá que esperar para la ilustración? ¿teneís algún horario para trabajar en ellas? (ésto es muy importante si por ejemplo sois estudiantes y únicamente podéis dibujar los fines de semana o X horas a la semana) ¿el cliente puede resubir el dibujo a otras redes? ¿Permitís que se realicen cambios una vez la ilustración está terminada? ¿puede el cliente solicitar un reembolso tras un determinado tiempo?...

A mí no me importa si queréis utilizar mis términos a modo de guía, así que os voy a dejar el link aquí:
Considero que los míos son bastante detallados y cubren la mayor parte de cosas importantes que el cliente puede querer saber.
También podéis combinarlos con los de otros artistas que conozcáis. Personalmente recomiendo también echarlos un vistazo a los de Yamio Sueweetie onisuu . Son muy detallados y explican muchas cosas (si conocéis de alguien más con buenos ejemplos dejádmelo en los comentarios y los añadiré aquí. Por el momento éstos son los pocos que recuerdo).
Y por supuesto no hace falta decir que no tenéis por qué copiar exactamente lo que hay en éstos ejemplos palabra por palabra. Ejemplo; en los míos explico que yo no muestro bocetos porque ésa es mi preferencia, pero si vosotros sí los mostráis cambiadlo. Lo más importante del TyC no es sólo lo que digan las reglas sino también el hecho de que hay reglas y éstas ayudarán a que el cliente conozca tu modo de trabajo y se sienta más seguro a la hora de gastar su dinero en tus ilustraciones.

Habrá gente a la que ésto no le importe y que piden comisiones a lo loco sin conocer apenas al artista, pero yo no soy de ésas. Yo he aprendido que soy una artista responsable que no pretende estafar a nadie, pero que por desgracia NO TODOS SON BUENAS PERONAS. Y cuando digo TODOS no me estoy refiriendo sólo a artistas que venden sus trabajos sino también a los CLIENTES. Porque, seamos sinceros, cuando le pagamos a alguien cierto dinero (dinero que hemos trabajado y sudado para conseguirlo) nos creemos que somos sus jefes y a algunos clientes le  gusta utilizar ésta excusa para tratarte como a un esclavo y, así, pedirte que tengas la ilustración acabada en dos horas, que les hagas un descuento, y hasta que dibujes en el estilo de otra persona porque tú te vendes más barato que su artista favorito (y sí, he visto gente así).

Así que de nuevo, siento hacerme pesada, pero cuando redactáis un TyC no sólo estaréis fomentando confianza hacia los futuros clientes (porque una vez hayan leído toda tu información sentirán que te conocen más y tendrán mejor idea de lo que pueded o no esperar de ti), también os protegéis a vosotros mismos de malos clientes que lo único que quieren es que sangres a cambio de su dinero (es una frase un poco rara tal vez, pero seguro que me entendéis).

Os recuerdo además que si queréis consejos para abrir comisiones por primera vez o métodos para lidiar con malos clientes y evitar que os reclamen el dinero podéis pasaros por mi FAQ (ahí dejé unos pocos trucos sobre comisiones para los novatos -perdón si la palabra suena ofensiva, no es ésa mi intención) y éste journal que hice hace un tiempo de cómo evitar chargebacks (que el cliente os reclame el dinero aún habiendo terminado la ilustración).

Ésto es todo por hoy. Perdón si sueno como una madre regañando a sus hijos, pero me irrita mucho estar desinformada cuando gasto mi dinero en algo.
Nos vemos pronto! Cuidaos! <3

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Beware of this artist

Tue Apr 12, 2016, 5:24 PM

Versión en ESPAÑOL más abajo

EDIT 4: Please, if any of you find her on a new account on deviantart or any other place, tell her to contact me and the other customers who are still waiting for their commissions, and do let me know about her whereabouts.

EDIT 3: Updating this again since I just discovered Plumine's account has been deactivated. Which I guess it means that she came back to dA at least once, so she probably saw all this messages but still decided to take the easy path and ignore her mistakes by deleting her account...

EDIT 2: After a week waiting I've finally received an aswer from the Help Desk. I'm a bit upset with them right now because they have taken a whole week just to tell me the same that's written on their F.A.Q; that they can do nothing because it wasn't a transaction made through the premium content / commission widget and that it's been more than 14 days after the payment. I feel like I have received kind of an automatic answer because in my message I also asked if they could at least contact Plumine through some email and tell her to come back or try to contact with us, but they seem to have totally ignored that part of my message.
I have also tried to make a post in Artist Beware but I don't know if I did it well since I haven't used this site never. I will try it again in some days if I don't see my entry up in the website.

EDIT 1: Do not go to this person page just to insult her or telling her to go die. If I had wanted that reaction I would have said it already on my journal  but I didn't. I only wanted to expose the details of this case. Do not turn into an asshole and threaten her.

I never thought I would do a call-out journal in my life but this is beyond ridiculous. So I'll proceed to tell you the story so you can decide if you want to trust this artist or not.

Back in September 2014 I commissioned :iconplumine: for a soft fullbody picture which costed 550 points, as you can see in her journals. I'm going to add the screenshot here just in case the info "magically disapears".………
(on the last link I'm telling her if I could have a slot and she told me yes and to send her a note).

I already commissioned her once and she took quite a long time but at least I was informed of the delays since she made journals explaining her situtation in real life and replied to my messages, so I was fine with waiting as long as she confirmed she would do the artwork. I paid promtly and she confirmed she received the payment.
Prove (It's in Spanish tho):…

Months later she made a journal stating she was busy and slow at work and sorry for the delay to all the commissioners (though she did in fact open requests and even had the time to make a Merry Xmas picture in that time). Doesn't it sound a bit weird to say you're busy and have delayed comissions but still you're going to take more work, specially free work like requests?………

I decided to note her a year later of no activity in her page because I have never waited that much on a commission. My fear was that she may have left devintART and so she would never see my message or refund me or finish my order.
But she DID read my note as you can see in this screenshot, the icon on the side went to grey  instead of being a yellow unread note.…
Even with that she decided to ignore me. All I was asking to her in the note was for a refund since I had been waiting a year and a half so I think it's pretty reasonable for me to request a refund after all that time (plus, remember she never tried to comunicate with me).

A week ago I found her on instagram: plumine.chan
And since it looked like she was active there I decided to send her a message there too.………
In that message I basically told her the same I wrote in the note and also let her know that if I received no response from her I would make this story public so others beware of her.
What did she do? Ignore me again.

I gave her one last chance and commented on her most recent picture on instagram at that time (I think it was 24 hours before today or so):………
(If you go to that picture you'll see my comment has disapeared already).
I asked her if she was going to reply to the messages of the customers who are waiting for the commissions all these 2 years.

And I guess you already know what did she do, right? She blocked me:…
I can't no longer comment on her pictures or even see them.

So this is it. Judge by yourselves. I understand we all have different problems and situations in our real lifes but this is NO EXCUSE to don't comunicate with your customer for more than a year and even dare to ignore their messages, plus block them when you are trying to contact them to get the art FOR WHAT YOU PAID.
I will never trust this person again and I want nothing from her anymore because she is a scammer with no respect to others.

There's also more people who have been scammed by her, these are some of them:
:iconrerisu: :iconkioler: :iconpyui: :icondesireeu: :iconmatomiki: :iconblarglefargle:

I will apreciate if anyone shares this journal because I really don't want more people to be scammed by her.
Thank you for reading and sorry to make such a sad journal but I've had enough of that person.

SPANISH version

EDIT 4: Por favor, si cualquiera de vosotros encuentra a ésta chica en alguna cuenta nueva ya sea aquí en deviantart u otras redes, decidle que nos contacte a mí y a todas las personas que aún esperan su comisión, así como hacedme saber dónde puedo contactarla yo también.

EDIT 3: Refloto ésto una vez más ya que me acabo de fijar en que la cuenta de Plumine ha sido desactivada. Lo cual imagino que significa que como mínimo volvió a abrir dA una vez más y vio todos los mensajes sobre éste tema, pero decidió tirar por la vía rápida e ignorar sus errores borrando su cuenta...

EDIT 2: Después de una semana de espera, el staff de dA ha respondido al mensaje que les envié acerca de todo este asunto y me han contestado que ellos no pueden hacer nada contra transacciones que no se hayan hecho a través del premium content / commission widget y dentro de los 14 primeros días de haber hecho el pago.
Estoy un poco molesta porque en el mensaje que les dejé les pregunté si al menos ellos podían intentar ponerse en contacto con la chica a través del email. Han pasado completamente de ésa parte del mensaje y se han tomado una semana entera para, como quien dice, mandarme una respuesta automática (porque me han respondido lo mismo que ya pone en su F.A.Q).
De paso he intentado hacer un post en Artist Beware sobre el tema. Digo intentar porque nunca he hecho algo así y no sé si lo habré conseguido. Si no veo mi post subido en unos días lo intentaré de nuevo.

EDIT 1: No vayáis ahora a su página a dejarle comentarios insultantes o diciéndole cosas como "muérete y le harás un favor al mundo". Si hubiera querido esa reacción hubiera hecho un journal insultándola directamente, pero no. Mi única intención ha sido y es exponer la historia. Os pido que no la amenacéis porque eso sólo os hará peores personas.

Nunca pensé que haría un journal de este estilo, pero es que esta situación es ya ridícula, así que procedo a contaros la historia y vosotros mismos decidid si seguir confiando en esta artista o no, yo sólo voy a exponer los hechos.

Allá por setiembre de 2014 le pedí una comisión a :iconplumine:. Un soft fullbody que me costó 550 points como podéis ver en su journal. Voy a añadir una captura en caso de que su journal "desapareca de repente".………

Ya le había encargado una ilustración anteriormente y aunque tardó bastante en hacerla, al menos me mantuvo informada de qué era lo que la estaba retrasando, así que no me importaba volver a tener que espera. Pagué pronto y me confirmó que recibió el pago.

Meses desués hizo un journal pidiendo disculpas por el retraso en las comisiones argumentando que sólo dibujaba cuando se sentía más cómoda, pero que pronto las terminaría todas (aunque tan poco inspirada no debía de estar ya que durante esos meses aceptó requests e incluso hizo una felicitación navideña). Me parece muy raro que si te quejas de que no tienes tiempo y llevas las comisiones atrasadas encima cojas más encargos para echarte más trabajo encima (además trabajo gratis como son las requests).………

Después de un año de no ver actividad de su parte, le mandé una nota pidiéndole mi dinero de vuelta (como comprenderéis después de un año entero sin tener noticias de ella, creo que mi petición era de lo más normal). Mi temor era que hubiese dejado deviantart sin decirle nada a nadie y que mi mensaje fuera a caer en saco roto.
Pero es que SÍ QUE LEYÓ la nota como podéis ver en esta captura (cuando una nota es leída el icono cambia de color amarillo a gris).…
Y me ignoró por completo.

Hace una semana encontré su cuenta de instagram: plumine.chan
Y como parecía estar activa aquí ya que va subiendo cosas con cierta periodicidad decidí mandarle otra vez un mensaje. En dicho mensaje le repetí básicamente lo mismo de la nota y le hice saber que si volvía a ignorar mis mensajes y no me daba ninguna explicación procedería a hacer pública toda esta historia para que otras personas sepan lo que esperar de su parte.………
Y adivinad lo que hizo. Ignorarme otra vez.

Tonta de mí, decidí darle una última oportunidad y comenté en la que era su imagen más reciente de instagram en el momento (creo que fue subida hace unas 24 horas desde ahora, más o menos):………
(Si vais ahora a dicha imagen veréis que mi comentario ha desaparecido).

Y me figuro que ya sabéis lo que hizo, verdad? Sí, me ha bloqueado. Ya no puedo comentarle cosas o ver sus fotos siquiera.…

Esto es todo. Juzgad por vosotros mismos.
Yo comprendo que todas las personas tenemos vidas y problemas diferentes, pero eso NO ES EXCUSA para dejar a tus clientes sin noticias durante tanto tiempo (casi dos años ya), ignorar sus mensajes y encima cuando dichos clientes tratan de contactarte para recibir unos dibujos POR LOS QUE PAGARON les bloqueas.
Yo por mi parte no pienso volver a confiar en esta persona y no quiero tener nada que ver con ella nunca más porque me ha demostrado que además de ser una estafadora no tiene respeto por los demás.

Y como yo hay más personas que no han recibido sus encargos y han sido estafados por ella. Entre ellos están:
:iconrerisu: :iconkioler: :iconpyui: :icondesireeu: :iconmatomiki: :iconblarglefargle:

Sentíos libres de compartir esto porque no me gustaría que hubiera más gente estafada por ella en el futuro.
Gracias por leer y siento mucho hacer un journal tan feo pero ya he tenido bastante de ésa señorita sinvergüenza.

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Support my Patreon / Gumroad

Mon Apr 4, 2016, 5:21 AM
Hi guys!
You can now support me on Patreon to help me being able to release more tutorials, speedpaints, fanart and artworks.
As well as many other projects I have in mind.

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Patreon November 2018 preview by Neko-Rina

Star Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 Purchase past rewards on GUMROAD without becoming a patron Star Emoji by kawaiiprincess2

Why am I using Patreon?

Some of you know commissions are my only source of income. All the time I spend on commissions is time I cannot spend on other projects.
Many people is asking me to do more tutorials and I'd really like to release more of them and share my knowledge to help other artists, but right now it's hard for me since I have to work on commissions to have money for my expenses.
But with your help I will have more free time I can use for creating tutorials and other cool projects.
That's why I'd like you to consider making a small donation through Patreon, every little amount helps me a lot. Or just sharing my patreon site with your friends, spreading the word is also a good way to help someone ^w^

What will you recEIve in exchange?

Of course I'm not just asking you to give me money out of the blue. In exchange for your kind donation you'll receive exclusive content from me:

  • Early access to my videos, tutorials and any projects I'm working on.

  • All the artwork I do along the month (be it wips, doodles, experiments, finished illustrations...)

  • High resolution pictures of my works (as you know what you see on my deviantART gallery is only a small version of the final art. Higher resolution means you'll be able to enjoy all the little details a lot more).

  • Photoshop and/or SAI files of works I consider interesting (so you can learn through them how I did some effects on my pictures)

  • Being featured on my profile, artworks and/or videos.

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Art trade RULES

Thu Mar 31, 2016, 1:07 PM

If you're interested in trading with me please,

read the following rules carefully.

STATUS: Mutuals Only

General Rules:

  • ONLY MUTUAL WATCHERS, please. That means if I do not watch you back don't ask.
    Please DO NOT APPLY IF I DON'T WATCH YOU. I'm tired of repeating this over and over. I've explained my reasons a lot of times and they're also written in this journal.
    Me not watching you does NOT mean you're a bad artist, it means I'm not interested in your art right now and you should respect my personal opinion. People are allowed to have different tastes.
    If I decline your petition it does not mean I'm devaluating you or your art, neither it is the end of the world.

    If you keep insisting in trading with me even when I don't watch you, keep in mind I'll eventually block you if you keep ignoring the rules. Yes, I know it sounds harsh and rude but I think I've made this clear enough already.
    I like to know the other artist before trading with them since I've already been scammed few times with this stuff, even by some close friends unfortunately. Which leads me to the next point...

  • I am most likely to wait for you to finish your part first before I start with mine. (If you're not comfortable with this it's perfectly fine, maybe I'm not the artist you're looking for)

  • Also, I expect to receive your part of the trade in the next 3 months max.
    I'm sorry but I'm not going to wait a whole year for a picture. If you're busy and you think you won't be in time then don't ask. Maybe we can trade another time.
    On my side I promise as well to have my part done in 3 months max.

  • If I don't receive a single update from you in that time:
               ♦ The trade will be canceled as I'll understand you either forgot about it or can't really draw at the moment (which is totally okay, I understand everyone has a different life).

               ♦ If I have already delivered my part, I will ask you to pay for the picture I did. (For example if I drew you a chibi you'll have to pay 45 euros, if I drew a fullbody then it will be 85 euros).
    Please understand art is NOT a hobby for me. It is my JOB and only income at the moment, I cannot afford loosing valuable time on free art.

    Failing to pay will bring you the same consequences as filling a chargeback on commissions:
    Your right to everything I have ever made for you will be retracted and I have the right to sell the copyrighted artwork to new buyers.
    Also note that you will be blocked and you won't be able to get anything from me anymore (commissions, adopts...).
    I'll also post your name publicly and the details of the case for others to watch out.

If you can't accept these terms, do not ask me for a trade please.
Some details can be bound to change if discussed with me prior the trade. Also if you have some rules on your own, feel free to link them to me. I'll be sure to read them ~

How to ask for a trade:

I'll say it one last time, please DO NOT ASK IF I DON'T WATCH YOU.

If I watch you feel free to leave a comment here or send me a note.

This doesn't mean I will surely trade with you.
I'm usually busy, so if I don't think I'll be able to make it in time, we'll have to leave it for another chance. Please don't get angry if I decline your petition. As much as I love doing art trades, work always comes first :'D

I think that's all.
I hope I made everything clear, if not just tell me and I'll try to rephrase it to make it more simple and easy to understand.

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Adopts Information

Fri Jan 22, 2016, 11:57 AM
Please, make sure to read all the information before purchasing any of my designs.
Don't be scared to ask if you have any questions.

Thank you! ♥

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My art experience

Tue Jan 5, 2016, 7:13 AM
EDIT: I'll just keep updating this from time to time for my new followers to see it.

ENGLISH version

Hi everyone! Are you doing fine? ♥

Today I'm writting this journal just to express my opinion about some art themes so if you don't feel like reading a wall of text you can freely ignore this xD

Well, I've been receiving the same questions a lot on the last months. Questions such as "How many time do you need to finish an illustration?", "How many years have you been drawing?", "How long did it take you to be this good at drawing?",  and also comments like "I wish I had your talent", "I'll never be this good because I suck at drawing" and many similar stuff.

So (apart from the fact that all those questions are already answered on my FAQ and it pisses me off that people don't seem to care to read it before asking... xD) I really wonder why. Why do people bother about HOW MANY TIME does GOOD ART take?

Art doesn't take an exact amount of time. For example, I usually need among 2-6 hours to finish a picture, but sometimes it's even more. I've seen some of my idols take a very similar amount of time, but others take only one hour or maybe even a whole week. Do I like their art? Yes, of course I do! Then what does the time factor do here? Nothing. More or less time doesn't mean your picture will be better or worse, it just means you took that time.
It really saddens me when people talk down about their art comparing it to mine just because of the time we spend on our pieces. I've heard a lot of people complaining like "Oh, I wish I could draw as fast as you do". Why? Why do you want to draw faster? Is faster a synonym for better? No, it isn't. Then why do people think "working faster" will produce "better pictures"? Or drawing slower, I'm sure you got the idea.

And same goes for the people who ask me about how many years did I need to reach my current art level. And when I answer them I usually get the same replies "Oh wow, then I'd better quit drawing and do another thing with my life" or "I'll probably need a whole lot more to reach your level because I'm so bad at art".
Is that really all that matters to you?  The amount of time you need? And something as trivial as "being good at"?
In my opinion if you ENJOY/LIKE/LOVE drawing, time doesn't mean anything. You will draw because you feel good with a pencil in your hands and you won't care if you're "good at it" or if you're "better than someone".

I've been drawing all my life but only in manga style since 2000 or so. You can see my progress here if your curious.
Looking back at my very old drawings of when I was 10 I don't see any talent. I only see shaky lines, and horribly colored pictures.

Do I have a natural talent for art? We will never know it. I think "natural talent" doesn't exist or maybe we are just using the wrong words to express that idea.
Talent itself won't lead you anywhere if you don't practice. Nobody is born with a "natural talent" or a "natural knowledge" of something. We learn. We have to learn everything since we are born. Nobody comes with a brain full of math formulas or a perfect knowledge of the human anatomy.
What if you have put Mozart in front of a crowded concert when he was 2 years old only? He did have a natural talent for music, right? But do you really think he would have done a good concert just with that talent and zero previous practice? The answer is no.

There is something called "different learning speed" and "learning facility" though.
Like Mozart there are people who can easily learn something new in just 2 seconds, others needs a week, others a month and others a year. And there is nothing wrong about needing more time than another person to do something because every person learns at a different pace.

I already forgot people also ask me about my age to compare how good are they at their art. Let me tell you age is something as trivial as time too. I know we tend to think the most skilled people must be pretty old because they have had a lot of years to practice and master their skills right? But then we find someone who is younger than us and (in our opinion) way more talented than us and it depresses us. WHY??? Why do you have to feel depressed? "Because they are younger than me!" And what? That doesn't mean anything. Maybe they have more facility to learn something new. Maybe they have practiced harder than you everyday. You don't know how hard they work to make appealing pictures.

Do you really like drawing? Do you draw because it makes me feel happy everytime you hold a pencil? Then don't care about how much time other artists need, don't care about how old they are, don't care about their art studies. Draw, and forget about anything else.
Art studies is also something people ask a lot. Do you want to know something? I've seen lots of artists that never went to an art school and they are amazing in my opinion. I've seen really good artists who studied Biology, History, Maths... And I've also seen people who have been studying Art for their whole lifes and they suck (again it's just my opinion).
So studying art won't make you a better artist neither because it all depends on your learning speed and facility.

Do you think you have no talent? Do you think your art is bad? Do you want to get better at it? Then practice. (And please don't dare to ask me for how much time do you have to practice x'D)
Draw. Draw if that is what makes you happy. And don't care for the rest of the world.

If you have read this far I can only say: Thank you ♥♥♥ And see you soon!

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Art and Its Value (Why You Are Amazing)We all know that our artwork has value. We know this of our time, our experience, our talent. It is not unreasonable to expect something in return for the things we have provided. Trading items, paying for goods - these are things we understand and encounter on a daily basis. We pay £2 for a cup of coffee knowing that we're paying for the ingredients, the time and training of the staff providing it and the cost of the rent of the lovely little cafe we'll sit in to enjoy it. It's not just a single thing we're paying for and the same goes for art.
When we commission someone we expect that their prices will include perhaps a small percentage of the cost of buying software required to complete it, a token amount towards the artist's electric bill for running their computer, those mundane and yet important things we might not always think of. We should expect, and rightly so, to pay for more than the end result. Sketches take time, revisions take time and if you're not already then you


Hola a todos. ¿Qué tal estáis? ♥
Hoy vengo a escribir este journal simplemente para expresar mi opinión sobre ciertos temas artísticos, así que si no os apetece leer un pedazo de texto podéis ignorarlo tranquilamente xD

La cuestión es que en éstos últimos meses me han llegado muchas preguntas del mismo tipo; "¿cuánto tiempo tardas en hacer una ilustración?", "¿Cuántos años hace que dibujas?", "¿Cuánto tiempo has necesitado para ser tan buena dibujando?". Y comentarios del tipo "Ya me gustaría a mí tener tu talento" o "Yo no nunca seré tan bueno como tú dibujando porque lo hago muy mal" y cosas muy parecidas.

Entonces (aparte de que ya sabéis que me revienta bastante que la gente no se pare a leer el FAQ antes de lanzar sus preguntas... xD) yo realmente me pregunto porqué? ¿Porqué la gente se come la cabeza con cuánto tiempo es el necesario para hacer una obra de arte?

El arte no necesita una cantidad de tiempo determinada para hacerse, ni siquiera el arte de calidad. Por ejemplo, yo normalmente necesito entre 2-6 horas para hacer cualquier ilustración, aunque a veces es un poco más. Yo conozco artistas que necesitan una cantidad parecida a la mía, y he visto también gente que necesita sólo una hora, y otros una semana entera. ¿Me gusta su arte? ¡Por supuesto que sí! Entonces ¿qué tiene que ver el factor tiempo en todo esto? Nada. Absolutamente nada. Necesitar más o menos tiempo no significa que tu dibujo vaya a ser mejor o peor, sólo significa la cantidad que has necesitado para ello.

Me entristece mucho que haya gente que hable mal de su propio arte sólo porque lo comparan al tiempo que yo y otros artistas necesitamos para realizas nuestras ilustraciones. Oigo a mucha gente decir cosas como "Ojalá yo dibujara tan rápido como tú". ¿Porqué? ¿Porqué queréis ser más rápidos? ¿Es rápido un sinónimo de mejor? No, no lo es. Entonces porqué la gente parece pensar que trabajar más deprisa producirá obras de mejor calidad? O trabajar más despacio, yo creo que ya habéis entendido lo que os quería decir.

Y lo mismo va para la gente que me pregunta cuántos años he necesitado para llegar a mi nivel actual. Y después de responderles, casi siempre obtengo la misma réplica "Wow entonces casi que lo dejo y busco algo mejor que hacer con mi vida" o "Vaya, entonces yo voy a necesitar el doble de tiempo porque soy muy mal@ dibujando..."
Es eso todo lo que os importa? La cantidad de tiempo? Y algo tan banal como "llegar a ser bueno en ello"?
En mi opinión, si de verdad disfrutas dibujando, el tiempo no es algo importante. Dibujarás porque te encanta la sensación de tener un lápiz en las manos y no te preocuparás de ser mejor que otra persona.

Yo llevo dibujando toda mi vida, pero en estilo manga desde 2000 más o menos. Si sois muy curiosos podéis ver mi progreso aquí.
Echando la vista atrás a mis dibujos de cuando tenía 10 años yo no veo ningún talento. Sólo veo líneas trémulas y un coloreado que da miedo.
¿Tengo un talento natural para el arte? No lo sabremos nunca porque yo creo que el "talento natural" es algo que no existe, o en todo caso estamos usando las palabras inadecuadas para describir cierta idea.
El talento en sí no te llevará muy lejos si no le proporcionas la debida práctica. Nadie nace con un "talento natural/sabiduría natural".
Tenemos que aprender desde el día que nacemos a hacer cosas. Nadie nace con un cerebro lleno de, por ejemplo, fórmulas matemáticas o un conocimiento enorme sobre la anatomía humana.
Imaginad que a Mozart lo hubieran soltado en medio de un concierto lleno de gente cuando tenía sólo 2 años. Era una persona con un "talento natural" para la música, ¿verdad? Pero creéis que hubiera dado un concierto impresionante sin su debida y previa práctica. La respuesta es no.

Sí creo que hay algo llamado "facilidad para aprender" y "distintos ritmos de aprendizaje".
Al igual que Mozart, hay gente que puede aprender algo nuevo en sólo dos segundos, otros necesitan una semana, otros un mes y otros un año. Y no hay nada erróneo en necesitar más tiempo que otra persona en aprender algo porque cada persona es un mundo y todos aprendemos las cosas a diferente ritmo.

Y ya se me había olvidado la gente que también me pregunta por mi edad para comparar su arte y cuán buenos son. Dejadme que os diga algo, la edad es algo igual de trivial que el tiempo. Por desgracia tendemos a pensar que los artistas con mejor técnica deben ser muy mayores porque han tenido toda una vida y muchos años para practicar. Pero entonces de repente conoces a alguien que es más joven que tú y, en tu opinión, mejor que tú, así que te deprimes. ¿PORQUÉ? ¿Porqué tiene que deprimirte? "¡Es que él/ella es más joven que yo!" ¿Y qué? Eso no significa nada. Tal vez ellos tienen más facilidad para aprender, tal vez han practicado mucho más que tú. Nunca sabrás cuánto se esfuerzan en hacer ilustraciones bonitas.

¿De verdad te gusta dibujar? ¿Dibujas porque te gusta, porque te hace feliz? Entonces no te tiene que importar lo que tarde otra gente en hacer sus dibujos o en lo mayores o jóvenes que sea, ni siquiera te tiene que importar si han estudiado para ello (pregunta que también me suelen hacer). He visto muchos artistas que han estudiado para ser médicos, veterinarios, historiadores... y que son realmente buenos dibujando (en mi opinión). Y también hay gente que lleva estudiando arte toda su vida y (de nuevo es sólo mi opinión) lo hacen realmente mal.
Recibir clases de arte no tiene porqué hacerte mejor artista tampoco porque como ya he dicho, todo depende de la facilidad y la rapidez con la que cada persona es capaz de aprender algo nuevo.

¿Crees que no tienes talento? ¿Crees que eres malo dibujando? ¿Quieres ser mejor? Entonces practica, eso es lo único que te hará avanzar. (Por favor que nadie me pregunta ahora cuánto tiempo hay que practicar porque creo que me dará un síncope x'D) Y dibuja porque te gusta y es algo que te hace feliz.

Y si habéis llegado hasta aquí, sólo me queda una cosa por decir: Muchísimas gracias por leerlo todo ♥♥♥ Nos vemos pronto!

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Art and Its Value (Why You Are Amazing)We all know that our artwork has value. We know this of our time, our experience, our talent. It is not unreasonable to expect something in return for the things we have provided. Trading items, paying for goods - these are things we understand and encounter on a daily basis. We pay £2 for a cup of coffee knowing that we're paying for the ingredients, the time and training of the staff providing it and the cost of the rent of the lovely little cafe we'll sit in to enjoy it. It's not just a single thing we're paying for and the same goes for art.
When we commission someone we expect that their prices will include perhaps a small percentage of the cost of buying software required to complete it, a token amount towards the artist's electric bill for running their computer, those mundane and yet important things we might not always think of. We should expect, and rightly so, to pay for more than the end result. Sketches take time, revisions take time and if you're not already then you

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My Social Media

Fri May 1, 2015, 8:00 AM

If you see someone on another website with my name and/or art, be careful as it is not probably me.


DeviantART ---> Main account; art, commissions, tutorials...
Patreon ---> Exclusive content for supporters
Youtube ---> Speedpaints and video tutorials
Twitter ---> Artwork, NSFW and random stuff

Online Shop

Gumroad ---> old Patreon packs
Store ---> merchandise, charms...


Tumblr ---> Artwork, NSFW and random stuff
Toyhouse ---> List of my characters
Instagram ---> Artwork and updates
Facebook ---> Updates 
CuriousCat ---> ask me anything



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How to avoid chargebacks

Thu Feb 5, 2015, 4:56 AM
No new info added. Just revamping this because I've seen a couple of chargeback cases lately, and since I've gained watchers since the last time I updated the journal I don't want anybody to miss this helpful info.

---Scroll down for the english version, please---



Puede que haya gente que ya conociera esto pero yo acabo de enterarme y quiero compartirlo con vosotros.

El uso de facturas no nos protege al 100% contra estos fraudes porque como siempre Paypal se excusará en que no hemos enviado nada y somos nosotros lo que intentamos robarle el dinero a la otra persona.
Pues esto se acabó.
Desde los Detalles de la factura, abajo hay una pequeña opción de "Añadir número de segumiento" (puede que tengáis que ver la factura desde el sitio clásico de Paypal, al menos a mí sólo me aparece si lo hago así). Y desde allí en Estado del Pedido elegís la opción "Pedido tramitado/Servicio prestado". Automáticamente los campos dedicados al número de seguimiento y compañía de envíos cambiaran a un No Aplicable.

Con esto ya deberíamos quedar totalmente a salvo de estafadores.

Encontré alguien que enseña los pasos en inglés, pero puede seros útil para encontrar las opciones de todos modos:


Este journal va dirigido a todas aquellas personas que ofrecen comisiones, ya sea por paypal o puntos.

Como muchos ya sabréis, últimamente se están dando muchos casos de estafadores que piden miles de comisiones y al cabo de unas semanas le reclaman el dinero a paypal, lo que inglés se llama un Chargeback. El resultado es que nosotros nos pasamos horas trabajando en la imagen que se nos ha pedido y al final nos quedamos endeudados por culpa de éste tipo de personas que no tienen el más mínimo respeto hacia el arte (pero bien que piden dibujos eh... qué irónico T_T).

Por desgracia Paypal no nos protege mucho a los artistas, especialmente a los digitales, y muchas veces llevamos las de perder, pero creo sinceramente que todos deberíamos hacer un esfuerzo por librarnos de éstas situaciones.

Había un journal muy bien detallado sobre cómo protegernos a nosotros mismos contra el fraude. Digo había porque el link murió y no consigo volver a encontrarlo, o algún otro que fuera tan detallado.

Yo os lo voy a resumir destacando los consejos más importantes que le ví.

Primero de todo, los motivos por los que los estafadores reclaman su dinero de vuelta suele ser por los siguientes:
  • Uso fraudulento de su dinero/cuenta (por desgracia creo que éste es el más común).
  • El producto no ha sido recibido (la segunda excusa más usada)
  • El producto no es lo que yo pedí.

¿Qué formas tenemos para protegernos y demostrar que esas personas sólo están intentando estafarnos a nosotros, como vendedores?
  • Redactar un archivo de "Términos y condiciones" (abreviado como ToS en inglés).
    Esto viene siendo LO MÁS IMPORTANTE QUE TENÉIS QUE HACER. Sé que es aburrido y tedioso, pero cuanto más extenso y detallado lo hagáis mejor. A parte de explicar cómo es el proceso de pago, cómo trabajáis, si mandáis bocetos o no, hay ciertos puntos que son muy importantes, tales como que debéis remarcar que están pagando un archivo digital que nunca va a ser impreso ni enviado a sus casas (a menos que estéis dispuestos a subir el precio de vuestros servicios para pagar los portes del envío y ofrezcáis enviar una copia impresa, aunque sea en calidad sencilla.)
    También debéis hacerles declarar de alguna forma (puede ser una frase que aparezca en el formulario) que saben lo que están pidiendo, que aceptan vuestros términos y condiciones y se comprometen a acatarlos, además de que son mayores de edad o tienen el permiso de sus padres para gastarse el dinero en esto. Esto viene siendo una medida de seguridad para evitar el primer motivo de chargeback.
    Y sí, lo sé, da mucha pereza hacer todo esto, pero primero; es una forma de incrementar tu protección como vendedor, y segundo; hará que te veas más profesional. Los buenos clientes lo agradecerán ya que no les gusta quedarse con dudas al pedir una comisión.
  • Lo siguiente puede parecer complicado al principio, pero no lo es tanto. La gran mayoría de artistas le piden al cliente que les mande el pago a su dirección de Paypal ¿verdad? Pues bien, debéis hacer justo lo contrario. ¿Cómo? Utilizando la función de mandar facturas (o invoice) de Paypal.
    ¿De qué sirve esto? Poneos en situación, si a vosotros os llega una factura a vuestra cuenta y sabéis que no habéis encargado nada ¿la pagaríais? NO. Ergo, de esta forma, es poco creíble que "os hayan mandado el pago por error" (excusa que podrían usar para que les devolvieran el dinero).
    Como Paypal ha estado cambiando la interfaz no creo que sirva de mucho que os muestre una captura de pantalla, pero es fácil llegar hasta las facturas; en la página principal de Paypal hay una pestañita arriba que dice "Enviar o solicitar dinero". Allí deberíais encontrar la opción de crear una factura.
    Una vez allí, debéis añadir (si no todo) parte de vuestros ToS, las cosas que os parezcan más importantes. También podéis colocar un logo, otro elemento que hará que os veáis más profesionales, y decidir hasta cuándo va a ser válida la factura; una forma más de evitar que los pagos se alarguen. Si el cliente no paga en el plazo estipulado, la factura deja de ser válida.
  • Antes de aceptar ningún encargo, indagad sobre el pasado de vuestro cliente, preguntad a la gente que le conoce, a otros artistas que hayan trabajado para él, fijaros en si la cuenta es muy nueva (que podría ser un indicio de estafador), en su forma de escribir, en si oculta cosas en su perfil, etc...
    Hay un par de sitios de donde podéis sacar información:…
    Sí, están en inglés, pero Google es mano de santo para estas cuestiones.
  • No tengáis miedo a rechazar a clientes que no parecen de confianza. Tal como he dicho, si veis cualquier pequeño indicio de que algo va mal, como que escribe de forma muy vulgar, os pide dibujar cosas que van contra vuestros ToS, pagar a plazos, no parece haberse informado con anterioridad... Cualquier cosa. Simplemente decid NO.

EDIT: No creáis que usando los puntos de dA como sistema de pago estáis seguros tampoco; si el cliente reclama el dinero que se gastó en los puntos a Paypal, los points que éste haya usado serán eliminados de vuestras ganancias.

Si aún así sufrís algún día un caso de chargeback, no dudéis ni un segundo en hacer volar la noticia. Ponedlo en vuestro dA, Facebook, Tumblr, cualquier sitio, y cuantos más mejor, por supuesto. No os quedéis callados, buscad a más gente estafada por esa persona y poneos de acuerdo en lo que vais a hacer. Llamad a Paypal y a quien haga falta. Uno de los casos más grandes que ha habido hasta la fecha se solucionó porque todos los artistas afectados se juntaron y batallaron con Paypal hasta que al final éstos tuvieron que ceder. (Es bastante imposible creer que una persona haya hecho 100 pagos erróneos en un mismo periodo de tiempo y todos tengan que ver con encargos de ilustraciones, ¿no creéis?).

Finalmente aclararos que ésto no es una garantía. La actual política de Paypal no nos protege como artistas digitales, pero cuantos más obstáculos les pongamos a los estafadores, más cerca estaremos de la victoria.

Puede que vuelva a editar el journal, me parece que se me olvida decir cosas pero ahora mismo no caigo.
Cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida.
Y si os ha servido de algo todo este largo texto, no dudéis en pasárselo a vuestros amigos y cualquier artista al que pueda interesarle.

Saludos, y que la suerte nos acompañe, compañeros ♥



I just discovered something that could finally protect us 100%.
If you are using the invoice system to get payments there's a way to avoid chargebacks because "they haven't received the product".
On the Invoice Details, there should be a little option right on the end that says "Add tracking number" (it only works for me if I browse around the old paypal site). Once you're there, on the Order Status you'll find an option that will disable the shipping information files (Sorry, I'm from Spain, I don't know the exact words on Paypal English Website).

With this we should be totally safe from now on.


I just found a person that explained this process with some screenshots, you may want to check it if you haven't found those options yet:


This is a journal dedicated to every artist who offers any type of commissions.

As you may know, there have been a lot of chargeback cases in the last months.
Basically, the customer requests you to draw them something, and after some weeks of receiving the art they fill a chargeback request on Paypal wich leaves us, the artists, without any funds even if we wasted our time to draw a picture.

Unfortunately Paypal policies arent' the best to protect artists as sellers (specially digital artists), but I think we all should make an effort to avoid those situations.

There was a very good and detailed journal which explained you how to protect yourself against fraud but unfortunately the link isn't working anymore so I'll try to sum up what I think is most important.
I know it's long, I know the solutions are boring and tedious to do, but if you really consider yourself an artist you should take it in consideration.

First of all we need to know the possible reasons for a chargeback:
  • Someone used their account/money (unfortunately that one is pretty common).
  • Product hasn't been received (second most common excuse)
  • Product is not what I requested.

What can we do to protect ourselves and prove those people are just trying to scam us?
  • Write a Terms and Conditions.
    That's the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU REALLY MUST DO. I know it's boring, but the more detailed and long it is the best it will be. You can explain you working and payment process, if you show sketches to the customer... whatever you think it's important, like that they are paying for a digital file and nothing will be printed nor mailed to them.
    Also make them state somewhere (it could be a pre-made sentence they must include on the form) they know what they are requesting, they accept your terms and promise to abide them. It could also be good to make them state they are legal or they have their parents permission to purchase art.
    I know you don't want to do that cause it sounds like a lot of work, but first: you'll be increasing your protection. And second: you'll look a lot more professional, and good clients like to be informed before purchasing a commission.
  • Next thing to do may look difficult at first but it's worth the work. Usually customers send you the payment at your paypal adress, right? Now you'll be doing the opposite thing. How? Using a Paypal invoice.
    It's easy to get there. (Keep in mind I'm from Spain and I don't really know how the English Paypal page looks like but I'll try to explain it as best as I can.) There should be some tabs on the upper part of your account. Click on the one that says "Send/Request money" and then choose "Create an invoice". You can customize your invoices as much as you want (like adding a logo) and you should add your terms on the last box (if they are really long, just copy the most important parts).
    Is this really useful? It is. Just imagine yourself receiving an invoice. Would you pay it if you don't know where it came from? NO. They won't be able to use the "I've sent the payment to the wrong person" excuse.
  • Investigate your customer before accepting any job. You can ask to other artists that have worked with them. Check if they account is very new (that could be a warning), the way they write and talk to you, if they have lots of hidden comments on their profiles...
    There are a couple of site where you can get some info too:…
  • Don't be scared to decline customer if they look highly suspicious.

EDIT: If you believe you're safe by getting paid with points, you're totally wrong. DeviantART must give the points back if the customer filled a chargeback against them, so they will take the points from you.

And if you happen to suffer a chargeback someday, spread the word. You don't have to do this all alone. There will be more artist scammed by this person. Share it on your dA, FB, Tumblr, whatever site. If all the scammed artists work together there are more possibilities to get your money back.

This is not a guarantee. But the more obstacles we put on their way, the safer we will rest.

Sincerely yours,

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Stream OFF

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 5:37 AM

Feel free to come by and watch me draw ♥
Remember even if I'm talking in Spanish most of the time you can still ask things in English and I'll reply you the best I can :3

:iconkissinguplz: :iconkissinguplz: :iconkissinguplz:


:bulletred: No massive spam, do not promote yourself all the time, please.
:bulletred: No fighthing
:bulletred: Respect the others, please
:bulletred: No critiques desired unless asked for.
:bulletred: I may disconnect suddenly. Don't worry and wait a bit.

Waiting list - CLOSED

Sat May 10, 2014, 2:17 PM

STATUS: Waiting list is CLOSED until further notice!

Currently working on the orders of this list


PRICES & General INFO: ---
Terms Of Service: ---
*1 SLOT = 1 illustration/order (Example; if you want a chibi and a fullbody then you should ask for 2 slots)

  • Only apply to the waiting list if you know you can afford a future commission.
  • Read my Terms of Service and Commission Info (linked above).
  • Comment on this journal if you'd like to reserve a slot. You DO NOT HAVE to fill the form and send it to me yet. Just let me know how many slots you wish to reserve. (You don't have to pay anything to be added.)
  • Wait until I send you a private message notifying you it's your turn.
  • Fill out the form and send it back to me in a note/message.
  • If you do not answer within 48 hours, I will skip you and put you at the bottom of the list and ask the next person in line.
  • If you do not answer me the next time neither, you'll be deleted from the list.

*About Slots quantity; it's okay to request (for example) 3 slots and then using only 2 or request an extra 4th, but please be fair to the rest of the persons on the list don't claim 1 slot and then ask me to draw you 10 illustrations. Try to be precise.

You can ask me to remove you from the list at any time.**
**Please, if you don't feel like commissioning me anymore or you lack the money at that time (or any other reason) I'd apreciate if you can at least get back to me ASAP so I don't have to make the next people wait. I won't be mad at you for cancelling your slot, so don't worry.

-- Feel free to ask if you have any questions. --


 :iconimitationrain: :iconthesybilsystem: :icondehsofa: :iconbluesketchingwalrus: :iconbluesketchingwalrus: :iconmadhatterkyoko: :iconmadhatterkyoko: (!):iconvyanecansino97: (!) :iconfoundfei: :iconfoundfei: (!):iconjuliet-san: :iconjuliet-san: :iconminnisu: :iconminnisu: :iconyoonsi: :iconyoonsi: (!):iconmarlying: :iconclay-bae: :iconclay-bae: :iconliiyuart:  :iconmamuemu: (!) :iconluumimi: :iconneyokko: :iconwolfstar777: :iconpantysnatcher: :iconpandageegee: (!) :iconcoasterheadphones: :iconcoasterheadphones:  :iconk0useki: (!) :iconanimeloverlunalush: (!):iconaoiken: :iconmkatkannon: :iconhott-sauce: :iconiugen:  (!):iconteletubby5: :iconpearl-chan0415: (!):iconflamyxchan: (!):iconmadamtea:

(The ! marks are just personal notes for myself, don't worry about them ~)




Sat Aug 17, 2013, 11:03 AM
If you would like to see a specific tutorial from me, leave a comment below. I may not have time to make it right now but I'll take it into consideration.
I apologize in advance for any mistakes, as you may know English is not my native language. I try my best to simplify the explanations so everyone can understand them but sometimes it's hard for me.

Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type the kind of tutorial you're looking for for a faster search.

♥ Consider sharing/supporting my Patreon or Gumroad. You'll help me to make tutorials more often ♥


You can also check my Youtube channel for more video tutorials and speedpaints!




Featured Speedpaints


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Commissions Info and Prices

Wed Dec 5, 2012, 2:51 PM


  • Commission slots for PERSONAL USE are CLOSED until further notice.

    Waiting List will remain also closed until further notice.
    Currently working on the orders from the list.

  • Slots for COMERCIAL USE artwork are SEMI-OPEN.

    Feel free to email me at
    Please let me know a few details of your project so I can tell you if I'm interested or if I'll be able to take the work.
    Specific prices and Terms Of Service for Comercial Use will be sent to you privately.


  • I accept only Paypal and deviantART point payments. (Point prices are subjected to changes to fit my real currency prices)

  • Use a converter if you don't know how much prices are in your currency.

  • DO NOT complain about my prices. Everyone is free to price their art the way they think it's worth, and also everyone is free to commission me or not. I'm not forcing you to buy my art. Those kind of comments will be reported and you'll probably be blocked.

  • If you do not own a deviantART account you can still contact me through my website.


Before contacting me there's a few things you need to know, so please, take a look at my Terms of Service to get all the necessary information and read them carefully.
It's important for you to read and understand them as you'll be automatically accepting my terms once you agree to purchase a commission frome me.

After that, feel free to send a note/message/email with the necessary info and form (which is  located inside the TOS).



[+Video] COM for Minnisu by Neko-Rina [+Video] COM For Yoonsi by Neko-Rina


FULL BODY: 85 euros / 10000 dA points aprox.
ADDITIONAL CHARACTER: 70 euros / 8250 dA points aprox.)


MAX. 2 characters allowed
SIZE: 2500X1800 px aprox. at 300 dpi
Price includes simple background

Thigh up

Sakura Miku by Neko-Rina Nico Nico Ni ~ by Neko-Rina


THIGH UP: 72 euros / 8500 dA points aprox.
ADDITIONAL CHARACTER: 58 euros / 6900 dA points aprox.


MAX. 2 characters allowed
SIZE: 2000X1400 px aprox. at 300 dpi
Price includes simple background

Reference sheet

Signe (Kaca) - OC Reference by Neko-Rina
Haruyo - OC Reference by Neko-Rina


REFERENCE SHEET: 72 euros / 8500 dA points aprox.


Price includes: Fullbody view (simple standing pose), short BIO (You must provide it) and base color palette.
Shading is simpler than a normal fullbody

SIZE: 2000X2500 px aprox. at 300 dpi

Price may increase depending on how much detailed you need the reference to be; such as adding clothes details, back view, expression charts...



Annie Design: Diaethria Anna by Neko-Rina  Annie Design: Kissing Gourami by Neko-Rina 


[+Video] Glossy Miruku by Neko-Rina  [+Video] Charmseii Glossy Cutesu by Neko-Rina

*Glossy style is simplier, with thicker lineart, noodle-like anatomy and full of sparkles.


REGULAR CHIBI: 45 euros / 5400 dA points aprox.
GLOSSY CHIBI: 37 euros / 4400 dA points aprox.

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER: 30 euros / 3600 dA points aprox.


MAX. 3 characters allowed
SIZE: 1500X1200 px aprox. at 300 dpi
Background options: Simple or transparent
Characters may be SIMPLIFIED

Sticker chibi

Sticker Chibis batch 2 by Neko-Rina


STICKER CHIBI: 15 euros / 1800 dA points aprox. per chibi 


SIZE: 700X700 px aprox. at 300 dpi
Background: None (Transparent)

Unlimited characters but no interaction between them.

Character's designs will be simplified.



+10-20 euros / 1200 - 2400 dA points aprox.

Characters with a complex design may have an extra cost of 10-20 euros / 1100 - 2200 dA points (such as very long hair, various skirt layers, ruffles, lace, some clothing pattern, tattoos...)


+10 EUROS / 1200  dA points aprox.

Simple/cute pets or plushies will have an extra cost of 10 euros / 1100 dA points
No realistic animals/mascots.


+10-20 EUROS / 1200 - 2400 dA points aprox.


+15-50 EUROS / 1800-5900  dA points aprox.

Complex Background such as scenary, room, landscape comes with an extra cost


+5 EUROS / 600  dA points aprox.

I don't record the process of all my works so if you want to ensure I do it on your commission it's an extra fee.

Do's and DO NOT


  • Original Characters; boys and girls. (Please, check out my gallery for examples. The males I draw usually look a bit girlish, so request them at your own risk)
  • Some fanart (ask first)
  • Erotic content (Ask first, please)


I'm more comfortable drawing girls, shotas, or basically cute characters.
You can chek my TH favorite designs folder to get the main idea of my taste.

I'm usually not comfortable drawing characters with very earthy colors, elfic designs/motifs, complex tattoos,  armors or with an excess of very dark colors.

This does not mean I won't draw your character if they don't meet these parameters, but if they do chances are higher that I will draw them and will create a quality piece with them


  • Mecha

  • Realistic animals and/or furry characters (features like nekomimi are acceptable)

  • Realistic portraits or illustrations

  • Explicit pornography

  • Gore or violence

  • Religious themes

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