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[Video] CM for Minnisu 1/2


Commission for Minnisu 
Of their original character Serafina. Character design by Katzyrine 

YouTube Icon by VampireHelenaHarper Click here to watch the video process

I honestly don't know what to say any more about Min and Yoon's characters :'D 
They are always so beautiful and elegant. Yes, I usually have a hard time drawing them as well because they have a LOT of detail, but they're challenging as well, which helps to refresh the brain somehow!
I especially liked working on the hair for this one. I love wavy hair, it allows me to play with it a lot ♥

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Oh my, what an incredible design!

Dienkai's avatar

ohh its so colorful and prettyGIF Steven Universe - Shining Eyes

Neko-Rina's avatar
Thank you very much
Mariipie's avatar
The color pallet is so perfect ;w;
And the way you made her hair kinda float is soooo good!!
Tesinacea07's avatar
This right here is my aesthetic! Looks so cozy and warm, pretty and cute but still can kick some butt in. 
Neko-Rina's avatar
hahaha totally! ^w^
babyleafa's avatar

Love these colors! My eyes are so happy lol ^-^

Neko-Rina's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like it!
SweetKittyArtist1234's avatar
Oh my goodness! Your art never fails to astound me with the level of detail involved!
This looks so pretty, I do like the wavy hair and the tunic is really cute!

Every time I see one of your drawings, I think to myself "She started off more or less the same as me - I could probably be this good in a few years as well!" You're very inspiring. ^^
Neko-Rina's avatar
Oh, absolutely!
If 10 years old me saw my art nowadays, she would think it's a joke because I never thought I'd get to where I am today xD
so yeah, everything is possible if you practice enough! ;)

And thank you so much for your words btw ♥♥♥
SweetKittyArtist1234's avatar
Eeee this is so inspiring!

You're very welcome! >w<
janeartworks's avatar
Min and Yoon's characters are always so complex!! I envy the fact that you can draw them so well and you make it look so effortless in your speedpaints
Neko-Rina's avatar
hahaha thank you ♥
I guess the high speed makes it look easier than it was, but I'm usually sweating and cursing myself when drawing these xD
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This looks absolutely amazing :D I especially love her hair~
Neko-Rina's avatar
PeachPot's avatar
Her design and choice of colors are absolutely gorgeous! You did an excellent job on her!
Neko-Rina's avatar
sinister-puppet's avatar
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I love the colors and shading on this;; The hair is really well drawn and the shading makes it look really soft and wavy~
Neko-Rina's avatar
Aaaaw thank you so much >///<
KuroKomui's avatar
wow, okay, I really do love this one, the color scheme is really really neat (one of my fave actually ^^ with blue/orange ones) and the execution is aaaaawesome! It's really vibrant and I love the way you drew the hair!
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