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Lineart Tutorial


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uwaaaahh thank youuuu Neko-Rina!! This helped me lots ^^
MarnyQuinn's avatar
Hm,this was very helpful. Thank you so much!
sangpendosa's avatar
nice tutorials, thank you so much for sharing :D
added to my faves <3
Neko-Rina's avatar
You're welcome :3
MiDotchii's avatar
hello~ i have a question, how do you draw those lines its so smooth and consistent *o* do you get better doing them with time because whenever i lineart its so inconsistent and it doesnt look neat ;-;

thanks for the tutorial tho~!! :D you are great!
Neko-Rina's avatar
Practice is always a good point.
But there's a couple of things that can help you get smooth linearts:
-Draw on big canvas (mines are around 4000 px per side)
-And make use of the stabilizer (it's that little number over the work space, right next to the flipping button). Higher numbers will slow down your mouse to achieve smoother lines. Everyone needs a different number so just try it a bit until you find something where you're comfortable. 
MiDotchii's avatar
ohh i see that's very helpful *o* thanks a lot~!! will try those :D
starlightseeker's avatar
i use the curving tool but i feel it dosent make my drawing look good and when i try doing line art by my hand it always come rough and sketchy do you have any tips that can help me ??
Neko-Rina's avatar
Have you tried to change the Stabilizer number? (it's the number next to the flipping button at the top of the screen)
The higher you set it the smoother that will make your lines since it slows down the mouse.
starlightseeker's avatar
its on 15 but idk why does it look sketchy i must get my shit together :|
sumw1's avatar
Do u normally draw the lines free-hand???  I normally edit the lines...
Neko-Rina's avatar
Yes I do, I rarely use vectors, I don't feel very comfortable with them
Suiish's avatar
I'm loving these tutorials thank you so so much for sharing them! <3 
Neko-Rina's avatar
Oh, you're welcome dear ♥
I hope to keep doing more :3
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