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Coloring eyes


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You're welcome!
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Thank you for making this tutorial! I recently started drawing again, and feel so comfortable coloring eyes! I can't believe I didn't research this before TTuTT thanks again! <3

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You're welcome! Glad I could help ^w^
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This is very helpful,thank you so much :D.
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You're welcome :)
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But I do have a question though.
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I was wondering if the coloring eyes tutorial works for MediBang Pro?
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It can work on any kind of drawing program
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Thank you so much! This is easy and I can IMPROVE a little bit of my artwork, but it affect my artwork!! Again, thank you soooo much!!
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You're welcome :3
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aaa so pretty~ <33
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Thank you so so much for those amazing Tutorials! QWQ I'm not very experienced in drawing with my computer yet, and they help me a lot! It's so kind that you help people like me with that, really! Your art is so cute and it looks all so professional! When I was younger (Like 7 years old), I always looked at pictures like that, and I was just amazed! And I still am, people like you made me start drawing! I hope one day I'll be as half as good at you, please keep that amazing work!óuò You can really be proud of yourself!

....Sorry, I just had to say it O3O"
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Awwww thank you so so much for your words ♥♥♥
It makes me happy to hear the time I spend on tutorials and videos is worth in the end if I can help other artists!
You too keep working! I'm sure everyone can be a great artist if they practice enough! ^w^
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Thank you so much you have the best tutorials <3
If I knew how to give a Daily Deviation I would! :D
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can this be done in any program or is there a specific one?
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I work with SAI but all my tutorials can apply to most of the existing programs
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I could do it with MediBang Paint.
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¡Muchas gracias por subir él tutoríal! Me va a ayudar mucho!
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voy a tratar de usarlo en un chibi! creo que me ahorrara mucho mas tiempo x'D gracias!!
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