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New Beginnings

By Neko-Raccoon
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Hey there! It's being a while isn't it? :blush: Maaaan I missed SBS and mostl of all drawing my two  fav girls QmQ </33
Things in my life have been a bit messy since the last time I posted something in here, many good and bad things happened to me but I finally feel ready to get back on the saddle and try to be a bit more active again :la:
Does anyone remember this?
Well, probably this was the longest gestation in HARPG but I'm excited to finally show you Kanca's first offspring!!:iconexplodelaplz::heart:
She delivered a healthy Silver Dark Bay Pangare Melt Snow foal for who I don't have a name yet so I thought maybe you guys could give me hand with it ;)

About the foal: 
- It's a colt
- His dam is Kanca
- His sire is the Black one
- Made in Russia x'D
- A GoT related name wouldn't be bad thing, I mean after all this is Black's illegitimate son with a wildling, he should at least has Snow somewhere on it's name right?! :lmao:

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I've missed seeing this gorgeous lady and she makes such a pretty mom!!! Love the little foalie!! ♥
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Thanks you so much hun QwQ <33 It was time for her to come back! :love:
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Aww, how petty they are kaomoji set 1 7/19 
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Thanks you so much! ;w; <33
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They are so gorgeous! Lovely background as well! 

He must mean so much to you, now that he got here! Is he a purebred Ober?
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Thanks you so much! :aww: Yes, he's a special one :love:
And talking to Abosz we agreed that he fit as an Admiralskaya! :la: :heart:
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That's amazing! An Admiralskaya is next on the bucket list!
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
They're great horses! :D Best of luck getting one! :aww:
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Thank you very much!
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
You're welcome! :D
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Ahhh! That's so awesome! Love Kanca and her foal Wow! :green-grin: EDITS + PLZ Can't wait to see more! 
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That baby is PRECIOUS!! 💜💜💜
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What a dashing little man, I am sure he will grow up to live up to the same tall,dark and handsome persona as his father, with the grace of his mother of course. :3 
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Thanks you ;w; <33
Can't wait to draw this little guy growing up :la: :heart:
EternalStarTrail's avatar
You are very welcome hun. <3
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damn its good to see your art in my inbox again! Kanca looking as gorgeous as she ever was *-*
and what a cuuute lil foal! 
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Thanks you so much! :love:
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Awww so good to see familiar faces again, and new faces too! What an adorable little foal! :love:
So glad to have you back! :la:
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Thanks you so much! :heart: It's good to be back! :la:
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aahh Nekooo so great to see some horses from you again :heart: I missed seeing Kanca!!
but whaaat a pretty young colt, he's so darn beautiful D:
as it was already suggested, I think Wilding would be really cool, perhaps with Free Folk as showname? xD I also looked up some lore and stumbled upon some Giants' names like Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg or Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun and you could probably play with it and turn Black Snow into Blak Snoh or idk xD random silly ideas
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Actually naming him, literally, Wildling or Black Wildling would be a bad thing :XD: 
stunning as always Neko, this one surely will be a stud :la:
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
I'm veeeery tempted on calling him Wildling actually :giggle: :heart:
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*cheers* do it, do it
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