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Open Patreon!

After a great deal of thinking and planning I’ve decided to remove all paywalls from my patreon. I have two reasons:

 1. I want my patreon to be a place where people can appreciate my creations without having to feel forced to pay to see my art.
 2. This way I can work together with my fans and create something that you and I are both satisfied with.


 - my patreon page is completely open, there is no paywall, anyone can see all my previous and future uploads
 - earlier I’ve removed rewards, simply because it would have caused some taxing issues and this was the easiest way to avoid that.
 - I’ve added new milestones, which are just there for fun, because I will upload  all sorts of art, regardless how much I get. Support is of course appreciated, but a kind word is also welcome. ^^

But all these changes are meaningless without a plan to flood you with awesome drawings. So here is how my patreon is going to work from now on.

I am going to upload sketches regularly (2-5 sketches a week) some of which will be Patreon Exclusives and you won’t see them anywhere else. I am going to notify my followers on all channels possible about an upload of a sketch, so you can head over to my patreon and check it out.

I also have a plan for comics or maybe a multi-issue comic series (with original characters as well). I have a few ideas and my friends supplied me with enough material which I can work with. But you will be notified about that as well.

For the time being expect all sorts of drawings! If you have a penny to spare, head over to my patreon page and support me! Or just leave a nice comments. ^^
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Awesome news!
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The hottest superheroines of all time!
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These girls rock!
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Awesome! Keep doing what you're doing!