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Any of you remember this character?


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I love the color choices~!

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Nice art of Ly, it's kinda funny how she originally replaced Betilla the Fairy and Betilla made a comeback in the new Rayman games, but Ly is still absent. While other characters like Globox and Polokus made it into the new games. Hopefully she'll pop back up again if they make a sequel to Rayman Legends.

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I really hope they do. I absolutely adore both Origins and Legends. Maybe I should draw Betilla :P

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No harm in more art for Betilla. You should go for it, maybe include some of the other Origins Fairies as well?

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I suppose I could. We'll see how much time I have for that X3

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was just talking and NOSTALGICALLY. GEEKY OUT ABOUT SOME RAYMAN LORE. weather it was ray and his friends and family. plus the ADORABLE RABBIDS as well talking about. it while also going "well since back in 2017 when i shared my gaming. ideas with somebody who was a FATHER AND WORKED. as a FIREMEN together this man helped me. GET MY GAMING IDEA OVER AND IT MADE "MARIO + RABBIDS KINGDOM BATTLE" A HUGE POPULAR SUCESS THAT WON. SO MANY EPIC GOLDEN GLOBES within that year. during the gaming convention that went. down i've been wanting to have a sequel done. as well because the superhero character that was. my own as well the geeky girl on the computer. well she never got fully explained. as to what adventures she was. really having much before the rabbids had entered. the washing time machine to travel to the. mushroom kingdom on the new grand roleplay adventure. but it's going to take me some time in the. future to come up with something. very fun which i'm hoping DOESN'T LEAVE. OUT MANY HEROES NOR VILLAINS FROM. MARIO EVER! but at the same time opening up. more story for the girl being what she's always. dreamed of being which was a "SUPERHERO" and i. thought of making her kinda like. a "SUPERGIRL" TYPE persay out in search. of where her FRIENDS AND FAMILY BEEN. FOR JUST SO MANY YEARS "

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Rayman 2! One of my childhood classics. :D

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