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'Help my foal, please!'

By Neko-me
Commission for Foals Errand on fimficion:…
This picture is a scene from her fanfiction called 'Mother':…

Thanx for the favs and comments!

Do not use it without my written permission!

MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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A great piece of art for a great story ALL and all a very good picture the color is great and the facial expressions are incredible they made my heart ache I love that you chose an incredibly great way to show this very touching moment to a very touching story. It is a long road too greatness and you my friend have reached it you are an inspiration to all of us to anyone who would tell you otherwise are complete fools you are a great artist and I know it and so do all of your watchers keep up the good work
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This is a very good piece of artwork. The thing is I'm a bit confused as to why Celestia is glowing, and her ear is torn. Very nice art style, bit I think maybe it could be more...darker,perhaps..Except from that, this is amazing artwork. Twlight is adorable, but she's a foal and probably wouldn't have wings just yet. Also maybe a little more stars, or something like a comet/shooting star, more planets. Overall this is a very VERY cool and amazing piece of art work, and would be an amazing print. I havnt read the story, but will soon. Amazing.
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As the author of the story this was drawn for I can answer those questions. She is glowing because she just teleported from Equestria and just arrived. Her ear is torn because she was just in battle with Nightmare Moon as for the shooting stars etc you can't actually see any stars from the moon I did request the four stars as they were the ones which would aide in her escape. Also Twilight was born an alicorn. thus fluffy wings.
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Ahh ok. Nice art style btw.
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Here’s my thoughts on the story. And this is totally theorized as I haven’t actually read the fic.

Celestia went to try and free her sister from the power of Nightmare Moon, but upon arriving, found the mare with a young filly. Nightmare Moon, afraid of hurting her own child, begged Celestia to take the filly and give her a proper life. Celestia did so, but in fear of the other villains who may hurt the filly, disguised her as a normal unicorn and left her with a family in Canterlot, altering their memories so they would believe that the filly was always theirs. She had named the filly Twilight Sparkle, the name having been uttered by her sister, Luna, after the young princess momentarily broke free of Nightmare Moon. Sadly, when Nightmare Moon was finally defeated 1000 winters later, Luna lost the memories of her filly and Celestia swore herself to secrecy, never telling anyone about what happened. With this theory, Celestia purposely gave Twilight a cutie mark of the 6 stars as ‘The Stars will aid in her escape’, meaning Twilight Sparkle was the key to Luna breaking free from the control of Nightmare Moon, but loosing the memories of her child in the process. Twilight was born as an alicorn, but she wasn’t allowed to know until she was old enough and it was her time.
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Sadly I don't remember. Nice theory though.
What's going on in this?
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Read the fanfiction, it's in the descriptions.
I'd rather not take the time to read a whole story. Why is Twilight Nightmare Moon's baby?
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It's an AU where Twilight is NMM's baby but stillborn and Celestia resurrects her or something. I didn't read the story actually.
Thanks. Would you happen to know how Nightmare Moon had Twilight as a baby?
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That I don't know.
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Then you have to read the story!
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you know its really Luna begging Celestia to take Twilight home with her. and how much its breaking Celestia's heart knowing that she can save her niece, but cant bring them both back.
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The real question for me is whats wrong with Twilight. It wasnt a stillbirth( i think), but even the dark magic in her didnt really make sense to me. Still a great story. 
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you can ask the writer, I haven't read the story yet.
I now have to read the story.
*calls in sick*
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I wanted to make a intelligent comment but literally all I can think up is "Holy shit"
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And I need to write this fanfic now.
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Am already writing it ^^
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I..... highly approve of this.
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WHAT the??? O_o
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Read the story it will clear some things up
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