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take me to the dance -nailart

By neko-crafts
this was a nail i did on my mum n_n i was practicing. my first stilleto nail :happy: the flower is 3d but not like 3d as in raised its fully3d like a real flower, the petals curl under and everything :D it was alot of fun to do :) tho the little gold balls are a pain -_-;

comments? :D oh im qualified nail tech now.. just finnished college so no longer a student yay :yay:

IMPORTANT: just because you dont like the nail shape, its still art and my hard work so think please before commenting!! :<
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nice colors, a good flower, awesome work with the gold balls..
i love stiletto nails!!!!
i'm no so good as i want but i'm satrtin' (:

greetings :B
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I love the colors and design on this. The flower is especially my favorite. And yes, those little gold balls are a pain to work with. you did really good on the shape also, I've only tried a couple of the stilleto ones and they came out terrible, lol. anyways, great job :D
Teacup-Sky's avatar
That. Is. Cool.
xxpo0k13x's avatar
That's an awesome design! I love that purple color!
neko-crafts's avatar
thanks pooki :3
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That is probably the coolest nail I've ever seen! xD I've never seen anything like it! The little gold balls make this look so glamorous~ and I love the flower! O: That's so cool and it's sparkly! xD love it! good work!
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Congratulations! :D

I love how this turned out. I have never seen a stiletto nail before. :)
xian-atedstuff's avatar
nice work as usual on the flowers.. cant imagine finickiness of the work.. >_< hmm.. anyway, i think the colours are nice too! :P

have you seen those metal fingertips they put on thai dancers? this reminds me a little of that. although i have to say that even though i like them, the bright colours make it look very much like cheap plastic (think kinder surprise toys) rather than your other works. (saying this makes me a bit sad)
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its not cheap plastic :'(
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i know it isn't and that you've worked hard on it, but the colours give one that impression, hence me saying that it was sad.
neko-crafts's avatar
i think its the way the topcoat is that gives you the impression really. :)
xian-atedstuff's avatar
probably.. but please dont get the impression that i was saying that your work is cheap! >_< i do appreciate the effort you put into it :XD:
HeartlessWench's avatar
Yes that looks like it was very painstaking and a lot of hard work! Even tho I dislike the style, I still greatly appreciate the talent required to create such a nail (:

Great work :thumbsup:
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and i fail at emotes -____________-;
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