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Fan art for :icontwokinds:

Laura punching Natani xD

I got the idea from a 2K chat in ustream.
I was going to draw only Laura, but since I heard this idea I decided to do this xD

I'm a NatanixKeith fan, but this was just a funny idea :'D
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Laura is badass :D Natani's got nothing on her :XD:
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yeah take that!! >:DD Keith belongs only to Laura
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kick her butt Laura!
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I could totally see this happening, Laura beating the crap out of Natani :laughing:
sleepdreamdaydream's avatar!!!! o.O
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Somehow I just don't see Laura beating Nat. Let's see, I'd say Laura is about 5-foot-5 and has no fighting experience. Nat is about 6-foot and is an assassin (not a very good one but still more fighting experience than Laura). Although, even though the way she's thrown that punch would be terrible for boxing, in martial arts that would be about where the fist would be just after throwing a punch. AW SCREW IT WHAT I'M SAYING IS IRRELEVANT ANYWAYS!
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xDD yeah, it wasnt my idea :'D
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But I do over-analyse things ALOT.
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I can see =P but theres nothing bad with it. ^^
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That's not what my stepdad thinks. But I guess I just over-over-analyse things while I'm with him.
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Hehehe, I have no clue where you got the idea ;)
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My favorite part of this pic is Keith in the background. XD
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Super Effective!
Natani feinted.
Laura grew to level 5!
Laura learned Mega Punch.
Neko-Chan-Battosai's avatar
Hahaha xD but didnt she just use mega punch? xD
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Nope, she used Fire Punch.
Neko-Chan-Battosai's avatar
omg Laura's a vulpix!
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You should totally draw that!
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Lol. Natain would never live down being knocked out by Laura of all people :P
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