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never closer

By nekkuu
"She could never be closer 
And ever closer then tales can tell 
But I can't fail 

She could never be closer 
And who's the one who casts the spell 
Oh I can't tell 
Red eyes 
Red eyes 

Pieces falling in the games we play 
And even lovers couldn't get away "

-Thomas Azier - Red Eyes :heart: 

Okay I've read waaay too much fanfiction, I swear I had no intentions of making any over-romantic and out of character Bellamort art .. definitely not.. ... I would never ...   Oh well - I had 2 songs playing while colouring this, they share the same name - Red Eyes - and I connect both of them to bellamort. In case you're interested, the other song is here

Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldemort, HP © J.K.Rowling

art © me

P/S if you want to see the most horrible wip I sent to my friends - here it is :XD:
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© 2015 - 2021 nekkuu
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the song is low key perfect for them haha, and the faded letter in teh back is such a nice choice

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Omg this is so beautiful

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I love it ! My favorite pairing, beautifully drawn. Well done !
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Wow! This is amazing! I'd never thought I'd say Voldemort actually looks handsome, but this is beautiful! I love how you drew it
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no problem ;) (Wink)  Hug   Nod 
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It's fantastic! But I don't think Voldemort can really like someone. Unlike Bellatrix
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Oh my goodness this is so fantastic! :heart: I just love the soft delicate details in his skin and in Bellatrix's hair~ I've never been an active shipper of Bellamort, but this piece might make a believer out of me yet! Wink/Razz 
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Thank you so much! :blowkiss: :tighthug: I can't actually remember when I started shipping them .. it's been so long  :heart:

Whilst I absolutely adore the idea of these two together and would prefer to think there was mutual love - in truth I think the love part was always twisted and one sided.. but that doesn't exclude any other.. activities. The Dark Lord definitely felt strongly about her death, so there must have been great mutual appreciation at the very least. That being said - I'm a sucker for tragedy and what's more tragic than falling in love with a man who simply cannot love. 
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You're welcome! :hug:

Yeah, I understand what you're saying there. I completely forgot about The Dark Lord being shocked at her death, it's been so long since I read the books and the movies didn't leave small details like that in. (I guess this calls for a reread soon :P) Though I've always wondered if he gave Bellatrix a bit more leeway when it came to her actions and the things she would say. There's no doubt that Voldemort allowed her to talk to him in a way that other Death Eaters couldn't, not entirely informal but more in the way of a student trying to learn from their master. Voldemort has patience for her, something he doesn't have for his other members (besides Draco maybe). But he's definitely a scary guy, who I think may be far too gone to love another person. I think Bellamort does come pretty close though :) 
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Ah yes you're definitely onto something here. Voldemort himself calls her Bella instead of Bellatrix and as Bella herself says:

"Potter, you cannot win against me! I was and am the Dark Lord's most loyal servant. I learned the Dark Arts from him, and I know spells of such power that you, pathetic little boy, can never hope to compete!

I myself am quite keen on the idea of a younger, most likely not entirely transformed, Voldemort teaching young Bellatrix the secrets of the Dark Arts .. 
Oh and rereading the books is always a great idea, I would do the same myself if I had the time :heart:
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Absolutely amazing! :3 Bellamort ftw xd
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I like the almost dream like quality this carries to the viewer. Like we are being granted a glimpse into a moment of one of Bellatrix's dreams. I like the writing in the background and how you depicted Voldemort here. He appears more real and less scifi alien like he did in the movies. I also like your take on Bellatrix here. Her hair especially.  
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Thank you! :tighthug:

The blue in the background sort of reminds me of the movie version of the pensieve actually, didn't really think of it until it was already finished but yeah.. sometimes dreams and memories are hard to seperate.. maybe it's a memory of a dream? Anyway, I'm glad you like it! :heart:
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You're very welcome :)

Ahh, I didn't connect that with the pensieve moments but once you mentioned it I immediately saw what you meant. I guess this could be a memory of fantasy or dream, or a real cherished memory from Bella or Voldemort. 
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Only in your dreams Bella, only in your dreams... Love Love Clap Love Love 
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Hahah damn .. That's quite unfortunate but very true u__u :heart: 

Thank god for fanfiction tho! :XD: :love:
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Kauniit värit oih ja Bellatrixin ilme tupla oih. Synkkää ja niin ihanaa.
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Kiitos paljon hani! :tighthug: :heart:
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heck , havent even seen any bellamort fanfics ( maybe cuz i hang out in the 'harry is evil and dating young Tom or Draco area) but this is lovely!
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