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For my upcoming Wolf ARPG Last-of-Their-Kind I’ll be looking for 3 Staff members. Preferably with Admin experience and RP experience. Mature and over the age of 17. Pls PM me on here or Discord me Nekktar#1744. Thank you
No one wants to talk about it but I will. I’m tired of it. Most people don’t speak or say anything about it.
It being the frequent use of Sexual assault in the wolf RPG community. It’s gross, it’s disrespectful and it needs to completely stop. 
The recent handling of the topic is ignorant and most of the time it leans on the side of being a fetish. Slapping a mature filter on top and justifying it by saying "Roleplay is not a reflection of the player"  is NOT OK when its mishandled. 

"Roleplay is not a reflection of the player."
 Agreed. But when you mishandle the topic and make it seem like its a fetish? when you don't fade to black and you continue to write grotesque details? That is a kink/fetish RP. At that point, that IS a reflection on the player.

Recent events made me write this but even before that, in my 8 years as a RPer and RPG admin, sexual assault has been used time and time again as some sort of flippant plot device. 

There is hundreds of topics that that can cause anguish and allow for a character to be in turmoil. If you ”love to abuse your character” do it in other ways. 

Wolf RP doesn’t needs sexual assault to make it exciting. If you think that is the only thing left for your character to be worthwhile then you’re not trying hard enough. You're just bored.

So if you absolutely need and HAVE TO HAVE this mature, traumatic and disturbing topic as apart of your character’s history and/or plot line, then here’s a few points to chew on before you start your brainstorm:

What is the purpose of including such a traumatic event in the story of the character? Is it to make them more edgy? Are you sure your not just bored? 

Will you handle the Side effects/after effects of the event well? Are you ready to handle the the long term character development without offending SA victims? 

Have you looked into PTSD? 



If you think, you're good to go and you are sure you want to proceed, then I ask you to take a look at this incident. 

PSA To The WWF Community Among Otherswarning!! small iconWarning, this journal contains mature themes in the screens regarding the topics of rape and predatory fetishes, please do be advised as you keep scrollingwarning!! small icon  
New * New * Since I'd rather not clutter everyone's inboxes with every single journal or shout with these PSA's, they're just going to go here and turn into a massive list of who to watch out for, within reason, i.e there's good evidence to back it up. All that is below and feel free to add any in the comments for review! Let's keep the community informed and safe!
 Note laThere are also helpful links to various journals that have spoke up on the subject belowArrow down , please do read tho

Don't be that guy. Don't be ignorant. 

I ask that all RPG admins and other RP groups and RPers alike take a step to just abolishing this troublesome trend in the Wolf RPG community. Its unnecessary. An offense to SA victims and a bad name to Wolf RPers. 

Mar 8, 2019
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yikes ive been gone a long time


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