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Furc Port Tips: Pillow Shading

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Geared this towards portraits, but really, it goes for any pixel art. Pillow shading: don't do it!

Hope this helps some of the beginning port artists out there. It's a common mistake that can be fixed with a little knowledge and some practice. :)

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I've noticed some old games tend to have the pillow shading thing going on. Good tutorial.
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thisisvendettaHobbyist Writer
I personally think that dithering can be much more attractive, but that each method has its limits. Excellent guide and also, excellent port! I like the dithering on the arm and chest, but the more cell shaded method pretty much everywhere else (especially the hand - wow! what an improvement!)

I think there's a difference between pillow shading and just dithering, since you can dither willy-nilly and still make the light source and volume look better.
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Great tutorial! Referring to it on here: PumpkinGifts' FAQ.
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furrytrashStudent General Artist
what a lovely piece!
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Cyberguy64Student Digital Artist
Hmm... I have someone who keeps complaining that some my sprites are pillow shaded.

Now that I see this, he has a point, I did accidentally a bit of pillow shading on my sprite (Only a little bit, though, and he's still a jerk about it.)

Thanks! Now I know for sure what to avoid in the future!
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I learned something new today, thanks! :iconhappyderpplz:
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I hope the world of pixel art becomes a little better because of you *bow bow bow* I have been told by so many dither artists that my work is unblended and bad because I don't dither everything. Where as their dithering was all around from dark outside, to light inside. I couldn't grasp the logic in that. It was just mindless color blending, no pointing out where a light source is or anything. Ahhh I'm so glad someone else understands!
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LyssicHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh noes! XD I didn't realize it was that big of a problem haha

Well, it just comes to show everyone learns something new!
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danielleclaireProfessional Digital Artist
You are fabulous! I just hate dithering so much. I wish folks would take a wee bit of time just learning a little about light sources (and anatomy...) to better their artwork. It makes such a world of difference and most people pick it up so quickly - it's just a matter of trying. :nod:
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AngelInTheWoodsHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually -- it helps immensely to some degree or another for me. I look at all my old portrait art and see how unhappy I am with it now. Thanks for this! :)
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No problem! Glad it's helpful. It's an incredibly common mistake in technique with pixel art that isn't explained often for Furc folks. Once you know about it, it's easier to avoid! :heart:
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Dragongirl19Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is quite helpful, and I would love to see more! <3
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I'll work on it! :D
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Tarracakes Digital Artist
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I AGREE, MOAR! Even though I don't shade what I draw... HEHEHE
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angryoldgoatHobbyist Digital Artist
I neglect lighting and shading sources, and really should work on fixing that. at the moment about 98% of my ports are unrealistic when it comes to shading (I just slap it on) so maybe this will help.

ty. :>
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Hope it helps! One thing I started doing is only using two tones (a dark and a light one) to first block in the shadows. It's helped me focus on keeping a consistent light source, so you might try it if you're having trouble!
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OMG THE BEST TUTORIAL OF 2011! Saved. Gonna use this sometime. :D
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Ha, thanks!! Hope you find it useful. :D
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