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As long as the OSX themes are very popular, I decided to submit this pretty old one, that I used for ages before Vista Anthracite was made. Hope, you will like it too. All icons in the sample were patched by Vista Anthracite Pack.

All the images used in the logon sample were used in an alphabetical order and are copyrighted by their respectable owners.
© 2006 - 2021 Nekh-Art-Studio
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joe-buck's avatar
nice 1 .. any where i can get a yz theme though?
People are too kind, seriously.
vlad-saul's avatar
Don't this blue color hit in the eyes?
Agree:-) Never used this image as a background actually.
bachbeet's avatar
Well, since vista anthracite ruined my logins, I don't want to dL this one. And, uninstall/re-install of logon studio didn't work.
Don't worry, there is a common zip archive with the style itself, logon is a different installer, so just don't install the logon, it's all.
shanebob's avatar
Haha, the Bill Gates thing was a nice touch.
bangboombang's avatar
I agree, thanks for share and the users rocks : )
nice job! and lol @ the users

Well, as Confucius said "let all flowers blossom"...
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