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Wow that isn't cool you shouldn't give people viruses.
Congrats! You made it onto McAfee Site Advisor!

Vista_Anthracite_Pack_v1_31_L_by_Nekh_Art_Studio.exe: In our tests, this download contained programs some people would consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs.

Better clean up that mess =)

hi, my anti-virus software says that some of your deviation download-files contain viruses, and by the looks of your comments, i'm wondering if it's true? i don't know, it just seemed so odd to me. i took a screenshot
any input? ):
There is, in fact, a virus in some of his files.

Proof: [link]
Sorry for a long reply, I can't say I'm visiting deviant so often now.

What about viruses, it's common that some virus protection software is a bit paranoid about such utilities like Vista Anthracite Pack. Pay your attention, that this tool modifies a lot of system files (changing icons, BMPs, AVIs, etc), so it can seem suspicious for a virus protection software.

What to do in that situation?
I can recommend the virus total site, it isn't a 100% warranty for sure (who can give that?) but I want to believe, that it's the most comprehensive service for the moment.

Just for example, look here:
The current result is 16/41 39.02%, or (it will be better), upload your own copy of a file and re-analyze it again.

Pay your attention, that most of anti virus software reports about WFPDisabler, for sure, it is here,
no ways to change icons, pictures, etc, without turning WFP off.

Hope, its help,
yours Nekh,
Hi, all, and thank you so much for all comments, suggestions, notes you wrote here:-)

I also want to ask you, there is a minor update for the pack, nothing serious, just a corrected theme patcher for Windows XP SP3, and just a few other style improvenments.

What do you think, is it still interesting to publish it here, as long as Windows 7 was released?

Do some of you still need a Windows XP transformation pack?

Please, feel free to let us know, what do you think about?

Yours Nekh.
Nevermind I fixed it