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Guys! Help me please with the choosing of the character for cosplay ^___^

I decided to choose from:

- Akatsuki / Log horizon
Log Horizon :: Akatsuki by AsakuraShinji

- Erza Scarlet / Fairy tail
Erza Scarlet by AthenaWyrm

- Hanji Zoe / Attack on titan
Attack On Titan - Hanji Zoe by blackteakimi

- Ryuko Matoi / Kill la kill
Ryuko Matoi- Kill La Kill by tetsuok9999

- Jakuzure Nonon / Kill la kill
[kill la kill] Jakuzure Nonon by Yeale

Guys! Help me please in selecting of a new character for cosplay!

By late spring, I plan to make a couple of new photosets, but I can not choose a suitable character T_T

Write your suggestions in the comments :)

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