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ASOIAF: Oathkeeper

Painted for ASOIAF Art Exchange

Recipient: matitablu
Title: Oathkeeper
Artist: nejna
Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
...Rubies glimmered in the light. She picked the treasure up gingerly, curled her fingers around the leather grip, and slowly slid the sword free of its scabbard. Blood and black the ripples shone. A finger of reflected light ran red along the edge. "Is this Valyrian steel? I have never seen such colors."
"Nor I. There was a time that I would have given my right hand to wield a sword like that. Now it appears I have, so the blade is wasted on me. Take it." Before she could think to refuse, he went on. "A sword so fine must bear a name. It would please me if you would call this one Oathkeeper."...

Jaimie and Brienne are characters from George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire serie.

For painting Brienne I used pose reference from chonastock.
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brienne the beauty..
ChouetteEffraie's avatar
Good job, especially for Brienne, this is the best her representation.
Zireael07's avatar
This is brilliant!
UndergradAnalysis's avatar
Awsome art! I like it the most when it's different to the show. Is it ok if I use this in a upcoming video for the youtubes? Will give full credit
CosmicStarEmpress's avatar
I love your rendition of Brienne, you managed to keep her masculine looks but made her attractive as a woman. I could never honestly see Brienne as ugly, a strong woman, a healthy amazon, and that;s how you portrayed her, props.
Future Lady of the Rock perhaps :giggle:
nejna's avatar
Yes I have this problem also, I just can't imagine Brienne and Tyrion ugly...
CosmicStarEmpress's avatar
I mean I guess they're ugly when compared to Cersei and Jaime and I hardly think them attractive in the traditional sense, but in their own way, I always pictured them to be attractive.
swan-swan's avatar
Great scene. I love the rendition. And that sword is beautiful.
Very few people draw Brienne. This was very well done, and I love the rippling on Oathkeeper. It fits my image of the blade very, very well.
organicSTEEL's avatar
I love your depiction of Brienne. It is very similar to how I imagine her whenever I read the books. The only thing I might change here, would be to make her a little bigt taller than Jaime (but thats nitpicking). I really like this piece, and also appreciate the way you rendered Oathkeepers' blade. It seems like alot of people forget that the Valyrian steel blades are black. Even the company that sells replica's of Ice and Longclaw seem to have forgotten that very important detail. Anyway, very nice work.
ElitaPrime's avatar
Two of my fave characters in one of my fave scene. Squee overload.
nejna's avatar
I just loved the chapetrs with those two together... They have very unique and differnet view on the world around them and this clash of their personalities is most amusing to read.
avarhin's avatar
Jaime should have shorter hair - it can't grow back that much between the time they escape from Riverrun and the time he gives her Oathkeeper. One month at the most - that is, what, less than an inch of hair.

Brienne's right hand is way disproportionate. Too big. And she looks more like a Travestite than a huge flat-chested female :/

Other than that, good work.
nejna's avatar
First of all thank you for comment.
Shorter hair? I don't know... I'm fan of the serie but I must admit I didn't count days of their yourney nor do I really pay attention on the speed on which hair grows... I'm not a professional I paint firstly for my own pleasure and not for money, glory or anything or anyone else...
Brienne's hand is way proportional because I used reference if you didn't notice in description, there is a little thing called perspective so things in front looks a little bigger then they normaly would if they are aligned with the background...
We can agree to disagree about Brienne's looks, this is how I imagine her...
Thats my fav so far from your gallery. I also imagine Brienne as a masculine, but, well, "okay-looking" woman. Maybe we both are wrong, as those, who described as "beautiful" in the book are more likely to be just good-looking (as there are too many beauties for that time). Anyway - perfect work, and you're the only one, who remembered that Jamie had a beard that time!
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I had a problem for a very long time with imagining Brienne and Tyrion, him I still cannot paint properly. But in the end if you look in anyone for a longer period of time you'll find something beauthifull in him/her.
:hug: Thank you on compliments!
katiescarlet's avatar
I love these two characters, and the colors in this piece are fantastic.
nejna's avatar
crisurdiales's avatar
It's a very good portrait and you got a great Brienne. I always find her quite difficult to draw :)
nejna's avatar
Thank you! Yes with the description Mr Martin gave us she's no beauty, but I've grown so fond of her and I can't picture her a completly hideus.
crisurdiales's avatar
Yep, I think the same happens to me. Let's cross fingers and hope she does well in next books :P
Fr0stm0urne's avatar
Really cool, the sword is just as I imagined it. It's beautiful. Somehow for me Jaime looks a bit like Jeremy Irons xD

Brienne is... well.. Brienne... in dresses... o_O It's weird enough as it is :P
nejna's avatar
:hug: Thank you! Jeremy Irons? well that is a thought... I suppose in younger days he could pass by as Jaimie. I acctually had problem with painting Brienne, in my mind she's quite pretty, no top model kind of beauthiful, but still pretty, I had to force myself to put as much imperfections on her as possible, but I don't know if I did it enough for her to pass as canon Brienne.
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