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Birthday gift for BellaCielo



So there we are - somehow I had failed to notice this :iconbellacielo: one's birthday before yesterday (shame on me) which made cooking up anything on a more serious level a tad challenging. But to hell with that, here's an OpenVMS on a ship. -w-

Yes, I still suck at drawing. Yes, I've been screwing with gradients and the oilify filter, and yes, I totally lazed out as far as the ship itself is concerned. Still, it was fun doing, and it didn't too much time in comparison to some of my earlier works (4 hours from sketch to finish, including dinner - not including search for reference pix, however, so meh), so I regard this as a success in some manner.

In any case, the ship portrayed is the DECade (or in greek, Dekaetia, as the stumped text shows), the shark lady's private frigate (not that it's easy to see that part) and "cruise ship". So to speak. Oil'd photo in background is of Gran island outside my summer villa, taken by me this summer.

In case I get moar time/inspiration I might try doing this shade/color/background thing a bit more properly, but for now, this is it -w-; Apologies for the mediocre content, but I hope you have a good birthday regardless, Borya!

OpenVMS-tan is a personification of OpenVMS, originally created by :iconbellacielo:.
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This is FANTASTIC. <3

I'm not the best at doing reviews, but I really love VMS-tan's pose here - it's quite ambitious but I feel you've made it work nicely. I really like her expression too. The only critique I have is the construction of her jacket on the left hand side - it might have looked better if you had forgone the "curl" in the fabric or positioned it further back a bit (after all, it is getting blown by the wind), but it's a small criticism for such a lovely work.

Also, Greek ship name = :heart: