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From the countless hilarious anecdotes from the Japanese internet, there's a relatively famous one that goes as following:

862 名前: ('A`) [sage] 投稿日: 05/02/25 21:20:29

Every time I'd see some international political news (usually war-related) in my college cafeteria, I would somberly utter,
"So that's what the world has chosen...".
Then I would pretend to make a call on my cell phone, spouting off lines like, "It's me. It seems as though xxx (some president's name) is going to take us on..."
Then I would say, "Yes, I understand. It is his decision to make in the end. La jodasoh steana (made-up words of farewell)." in the most gravest of tones, and finish my meal with a lonely air about myself.
I'd always intimidate the people around me like this.

Basically, it's an anonymous forum post of a guy explaining his little routine where he kept on suggesting to eavesdroppers that he was some part of a global conspiracy just for kicks.
It's sad and hilarious, and this short anecdote has been immortalized among the many copypastas that populate the Japanese Internet.

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Date: 2009/01/24
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