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I am Iron Man

By nejinoki
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A quick and dirty rendition of Iron Man.
I failed to make the drawing show the chrome reflectiveness.

Personally, I liked the appearance of the no-nonsense Mark 2 Iron Man suit rather than the McDonalds themed color of the Mark 3 ... but that's just me.
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misos colores son espectaculares, donde consigo el molde de la espalda de iron man 2

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FAV SUIT! It look awsome.I agree with ~Amourwolf.
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I'm loving the contrast here...
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I like it! The reflective quality and the single color for the eyes is what caught my attention in the first place :)
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i also like the Mark 2 more than the next one , but Tony need to make him self visible!
great picture!
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very cool love how simple it is yet how amazing it looks nice job love the glowing eyes.
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Oh Yeah, The color of the MK. II just scremed "I'm gonna kick your ass"
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I think the grey with the blue in his eyes looks great! its simple yet awesome!
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nice work man!
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lol, "mcdonalds" coloured :XD: good point. Nice work for a quickie
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That was also the color theme for my high school.
They tried to make us say "scarlet and gold", but in the end, it was still McDonalds :D
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McDonalds XD

Did you see the trailer for 2?
Wicked... :D
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quick & dirty? XD this sh1t is awesome :p
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Thanks, but I succumbed to impatience when drawing out the finer details ... :(
Matva-The-Ysalamiri's avatar
:p It looks awesome anyway XD

(And sry for my sh1tload of comments :p)
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Thanks, and don't worry about it!

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imo i like the prototype thing as well, more industrial look rather than the colorfull one :|
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I think the whole segment of Tony Stark creating the Mark 2 from scratch was the best part of the movie!
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I loved the backflip caused by the leg boosters lol :D
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The soundtrack for that part when it all comes together gives me goosebumps :drool:
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The one i have is one from Black Sabbath "Iron man" :D its also in the movie.
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I've heard the song before, but I found for the first time it was called that when I saw the movie :)
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Maybe, however you have shown the rest of what makes Iron Man what he is. Great job! :)
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