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a continuation of this post here:…

i am going to try giving discord another shot but on a diff scale; so i've decided to do the entire opposite of what i was willing and hoping to be a safe place for myself.
here is my 'official' commission discord, you can come add me and talk to me about whatever (you could come just chat with me but i'd prefer if it was just people i owe to)
the biggest difference here is that i will have a person backing me up and micromanaging many of the inquiries i get to make it easier for me and hopefully to motivate me to keep on working.
if the idea seems better, i could create a public discord server instead but i'm not too sure how i would go about managing and sorting that out. feels odd to have a server just for my own name.

additionally, i really. really want to change my label and how my work is presented. i might be wiping my entire gallery even though its just adopts for now and on a small chance maybe change my name after i figure some things out because turns out my name is a common word in the language it comes from (people sniping usernames). i dreaded the day i would be tired of my own work but it seems like an inevitable thing and and i have no escape because i owe to people and for living in my own place. maybe i will find comfort drawing different things - but for now i must give back what i promised. i've received a variety of suggestions (and a variety of consolation - thank you so so much) on my current situation and what i should do next; i've taken many of them into consideration and i'm hoping i will properly reflect on them by making change. it was never my intent to have things turn this way, i am simply forgetful and in many cases, dumb.

i am wedged in between turning this into my fulltime work or ending it all.
bare with me, i am trying.
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I've added you on this account! <3 I've also sent you a chat on here about it but I know some people can't see chats depending on the site / app they're using

It's just a simple question about an old .blend file you might have.

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You are doing your best and thats all we can ask for. Good job!

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Having a manager to handle the messages and other small things should help make things a bit easier.

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Be careful with this too, people can be creeps!!

But GG!!

Glad to see you alive!!!