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Friendly fire

By Neizu
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Fanart for fallout 1 again -_- .
Ian and his cute little habit to shooting in the back.
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Ian's shot looks like one of the 10mm death animations, nice touch! Oddly enough, I found that Ian shot more buddies more than my Vault Dweller. Including Tycho.

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"Shoot me in the back, Ian!" I always say.
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I just started playing Fallout 1, and this is so true.
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He looks like Vinesauce Joel to me tbh and I honestly can't get the idea that he sounds like Joel out of my head
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Just don’t give Ian an SMG. It has burst shots for gods sake!
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wait that's a he?
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That's why my first move is to get out of the way. :D (Big Grin)  
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I love how casual Ian is about it and the rats reaction
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happens... way too often...
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that's it.  that's the game...
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Yeah I could NOT play Fallout 1 D: I wanted  for the backstory but the games BUGGY Jesus it crashed on me countless times and broke the game, its TIME limited and its just... ugh. Fallout 2 now I LOVED played that countless times its the polished off version. Love it. Fallout 3 was great to played that a lot and havnt been able to play New Vegas to much but it was cool to :3
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Goddammit Ian!!!
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So true, so true. Sulik killed me 10 times more then all the enemies combined. :fight:
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oh you!!!! Ian!!!!!
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This si the most Ian thing i ever seen.
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hahaha I also happened once XD
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Okay, I know it's not the focus of the painting, but...cute rat! ♥
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Оуч, этот Ян такой Ян... Выжить с ним в команде - пожалуй один из самых сложных неотмеченых квестов)
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Ian. I remember him - and every shot he took. ;__;

This is brilliant, btw. I love the blown off chunks of meat flesh on the floor. Also, his fingers flexing in reaction to pain is just amazing.
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Thank you :glomp:

>>Ian. I remember him - and every shot he took
at some point it's sounds very romantic ^_^
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