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poster sci fi

By neisbeis
This was a work for a guy how loves video games and he told me that he liked to be a super hero with a girl in his arms hahaha. I did a mix of transformes, gears of war bla bla bla. I hope you like it
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Kinda like Gears of War meets Mega man.
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Looks like a cyborg mexican bandito 
Joel-Wade's avatar
Reminds me of a old school syle conan the barbarian poster, only injected with
copious amounts of sci-fi flavoured awesome. Good work!
Demon971's avatar
This poster is so full of WIN!
MrToroTheGreat's avatar
A badass and a good ass.
RocCenere's avatar
He looks less concerned about the monsters and more delighted about the gun. The woman looks very unconcerned for the amount of armour she is wearing.

My favourite part is totally the rocks though :3
WarSphinx's avatar
Those enemies look badass although I think they should be a little slimmer and less bulky.
VoidInk's avatar
TheRedFoxSpirit's avatar
it looks like he's fighting a bunch of megatrons :D
joshicle's avatar
thats awesome, i love the robots
TheMormidon's avatar
Amusingly this has a bit of a fantasy poster,
Demons crawling around and a macho man with a frisky lady wrapping herself around his Muscular body while he completely ignore her to raise his weapon in the air, and probably give some primal scream, that's in so many fantasy promotional art.
Sabb88's avatar
yeah it's cliche but hey, this is a really cool and good image
awsum work mate wd
EvilEliot's avatar
Awesome, your a master
Kalology's avatar
Haha really cool
Sense: this picture makes none.
Delphius's avatar
fair enough, unless you infer that he's firing off an E.M.P. weapon to disrupt the overwhelming forces. after all, those baddies are mechanoids and the pair seem to be humans with little or no cybernetic modifications. i'll admit i thought the same thing at first glance, but give the artist the benefit of the doubt and open your mind! besides, it's a commissioned fantasy piece! (yes, it's sci-fi, but it's meant to indulge the fantasy of the person for whom it was commissioned.)
Elinewton's avatar
Great art Dude!!
Really amazing!!
Raydal's avatar
ahhh future...where girls care only about the size of your gun... xD mahahaha
battlereaper's avatar
Very nice. At first glance, it kind of put me in mind of Royo's style. Looking more closely, it's a totally different style and very cool. I love the mish mash of different concepts as well.
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