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This is a personal work. Is like a knight or templar I don´t know. I hope you like it:)
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Did you have  a particular emotion in mind? (I.E. what is the knight experiencing?)
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Wow, this is such an amazing piece!
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Lots Of Emotion!

Harumi <3
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holy crap this is amazing!
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this is amazing
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knight? templar? i was thinking paladin
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this is absolutly beautiful, I am a huge history nerd and the Templars are one of my favorite warriors in history, and this is by far one of the best work I have seen that reallt captures the emotion of a knight in armor
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Badass. But I also feel like being a jerk at the moment.... Knights Templar were not permitted to battle left-handed if they could avoid it...
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But still. Total badassary with awesome sauce on top.
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awesome work
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To be completly honest... this actually looks beter then the original Templars!
it's really well made :)
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Majestic work of art. He looks like the crusaders from the First Crusade though. So it fits. The contrast of the colors is genius and his expression lets you imagine the battle that he went through. Again, great job.
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Very good artwork. I like the stylizing.
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I love the blue witht the orangish-red background!!!!!!
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I really like th work. I play an online game, and I'd like to use this as the image for my character. Do you mind?
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If anything, his color scheme is more reminescent of the Knights Hospitaller.

Templars have a white-and-red scheme, most notably the red Roman cross they wear over white vests.

Otherwise, very beautiful. :+fav:
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I agree, you can't beat the white and red look that the templar's sported. I also like templar's because it is the physical embodiment of what we really are. Warriors for Christ! I am not saying I agreed with what they did though
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Symbolism and actuality are two different things. Physical embodiment requires actually acting out a belief. Symbolism is a visual cue that connects the actions with the belief system. If the actions do not follow the beliefs, then the symbol becomes corrupted and contemptible. Such happened with the Crusaders (including the Templars).
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There a lot of myths concerning the Templars though. Their treatment was unfair, their name spit upon, really. A sad story.
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