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Nuclear Russian Soldier

By neisbeis
Hi! This is free creation. I work in this 9 hours. It was an example of workshop I do the last weekend. I hope you like it.
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© 2009 - 2021 neisbeis
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Very well transferred to the spirit. Thank you.

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Oh and amazing work by the way
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Man I was looking for a cool idea for militaristic cosmonauts for a pen and paper Call of Cthulhu game I am DM for I hope you don't mind but I am totally stealing this for inspiration
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These guys feel right. I can't explain why, but it feels right.
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Everything about it is fantastic, I love it.
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It's amazing, comrade!
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this is freakin awesome!!! I'd like to see these troopers on the battlefield. :D
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Russia is a very good country with a great past, Tsar's story or USSR : every thing is good in Russia.
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yes, especially the girls :)
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Heh, Red menace 8)) Real good!
Some sort of Spagin's SMG is awesome!

Наши в городе! 8)
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Mother Russia loves you, comrade!
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This image love to use in Russia ... and so few people knew who create it :D
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I love Russia! thanks for the comment!
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Thats great! :D
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Badass yet unrealistic.
nice work, I guess.
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Epic. I like it much.
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Looks Amazing!
Кошка скоро забастовку.
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Very nicely done! :D
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Советская символика , вы нас погубили , СССP больше нет , а вы картинки про советсий союз рисуете , да как вы можете.
Шлемы больше похожи на шлем космонавта , а не солдата.
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