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Marine tutorial

By neisbeis
This is part of a tutorial did for "2dartist magazine". The idea was create a special marine who have the capacity to fight in hot planet, in the midle of the lava.
I´m inspired in to much games, specially crysis, dead space. The idea is understand how to draw a concept or sci fi armor. I hope you like it!

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Hello, my name is Renato from Brazil! I write short stories and wish to ask your permission to use this special marine image to publish a new story I just wrote!! A year ago I've asked some personal friends to search for the web for awesome images to give me inspiration and your piece of art was chosen!! You can find me in Medium as Renato Teixeira or Sofista Prateado (Silver Sophist, haha!!)

Once again very cool.👍

Looks like from planerside. Very cool
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Beautiful work! 
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Awesome work man, this is the kind of stuff that inspires me to draw. :^) Keep on being epic!
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Your work has been featured here:… :)
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Hello, your artwork has been featured in this journal . It would be great if you could drop a comment. Everyone’s opinion is needed on this.

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hoooo hohohohoh ly shit man epic
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Nice, very nice. You got to love them blue lights. But yeah I can see some crysis inspiration in there.
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damn,that looks badass XD
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Very cool! I like the leaner physique!
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I don't know their loyalty and their affiliation, but do you like this as a Marine Hymn? [link]
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I see nanosuit influences, but for some reason it yells 'forerunner' to me. Must be the helmet. Regardless, an awesome piece work that's heading straight to faves. Well done :)
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That looks so much like it would be in Mass Effect 3. Really cool.
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I see these as a Mark 2 or 3 from the Crysis nanosuit.
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emm yes, this was the idea, use famous games as reference to create a nanosuit.
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Relax, you are not alone. So any toughts about equipment carringnside, like climbing spikes, line launcher, or something like that.
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Does any one know the name for that texture used on the armor?
I wanna get one.
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